DBZ: Dominion War

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"I... I'm not." Anne said, blushing before Gina came to take Anne away for a bit to chat, at which Dielec came up to Rad'sha.

"You may not know this, but Anne is a highly sensitive person," she said, "she has a tendency to take things literally and is hurt easily. You didn't hurt her, mind you; just giving you a heads up."
It was then that a Martian hailed the group.

"I am detecting signatures of ships traveling through this area of space. They appear to be of Planet Trade Origin." The Martian said.

"Are they from the enemy side?!" Tempest asked.

"Negative," The Martian replied, "they appear to be a separate part of the Organization as a whole, they are heading for what appears to be the territory of that co-operation."

"Can you hail them to see who they are?" Xeno asked.

"Negative, they're not responding to our hails." The Martian said.

"Red alert, have all weapons ready, but do NOT engage until they have fired the first shot!" Tempest replied.
"Get yourself ready Rad'sha." Piccolo mentioned.

"I know what to do. You don't have to remind me." Rad'sha said to Piccolo.
As the Tenochi-01 got ready to engage, accompanied by the Martian Fleet stationed close by, the Z-Fighters all watched as the Planet Trade vessels passed them by... yet they made no single move to attack! It was as if the Planet Trade completely ignored the Martian Fleet, which also puzzled Samui.

"This is weird; they would normally have made a move..." Brachi said.

"Maybe they're heading for their corrupted comrades?" Gina asked.

"That is a good possibility," A Martian replied, "scans show that they're headed directly for the Tyrian Sector, which must be where the enemy must have their base of operations. In fact, they may be headed for Ixmucane."

"Ixmucane?! The planet where the technology in regards to the Sun Project was activated?!" Tempest asked, bewildered.

"Yes. It appears that the Planet Trade Soldiers have largely abandoned the planet after the whole Sun Project debacle, leaving only a skeleton staff around to operate whatever facilities they deemed necessary to keep around." The Martian said.

"Sun Project?" Samui asked.

"That was some kind of ancient alien technology, unknown to even Martian levels, which was specifically designed to convert a planet into a star, thus making it a Sun." Tempest said.

"Say what? Ixmucane held some form of terraforming technology?" Samui asked.

"Yes. We managed to put a stop to it fortunately, even though we were fewer in numbers as two hostile powerhouses were duking it out on the surface of the planet..." Tempest said.
Piccolo and Rad'sha were puzzled by the non - hostile action of the Planet Trade vessels.
"I'm surprised that they didn't attack us." Piccolo mentioned.
"Maybe they share our enemy and chose to ignore us?" Anne asked.

"That is possible, so this could be an attempt to begin a pre-emptive strike. Only time will tell whether this succeeds or not." Tatsu said.
"This could give us some extra time to fully prepare for the enemy in case they do would make a move." Samui said.

"This is true, but we shouldn't get dangerous. Remember that a cornered fox is more dangerous than a jackal, so we should use that time to find some more allies and bolster our numbers as well as gather as much intelligence as we can." Brachi said.
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