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Sep 4, 2015
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A month has passed after Brachi, her family and friends have recovered from their comatose state caused by the Gyges Disaster and the subsequent landing in the Anomaly. After thorough scans done by the Martians confirmed that their recovery was a full 100%, thanks to the combined efforts of both the Martians themselves as well as the Hubrin, the group first spent some time in the Martian Time Chamber to at least bring their respective physical strengths back to nominal levels, which wasn't easy at first, especially for the Human fighters, but gradual training and taking it step by step eventually led to success.

Abaddon and Malia were elated to see their father Deramas again, whom they believed to have been killed when Ruthas took them away, which led to a rather unique family reunion. For the remaining Z-Fighters it showed that even demons could have loved ones, or in any case could show compassion and care towards their fellow kin. Brachi granted the three demons asylum among the Z-Fighters, given the fact that the Demon Realm was in chaos after Ruthas' demise, in turn also allowing the three demons to spend some time together and think about where they would go next. For now, the three demons have spent time on a remote, desolated location on Lunei in order to think about their next move.

For the Z-Fighters, there was another period of celebration about 20 days after their recovery. Sheila, the Z-Fighter's weapons expert and one of the usual fearless fighters to a degree, finally summoned the courage to propose to her girlfriend Lea, whom happily accepted. About 6 days later, the two married in a private ceremony, with Brachi supplying the documents which made the marriage binding and legal. Tempest and Xeno accepted their role as best man and woman, being an already happily married couple themselves. Sheila's father Simon has never seen his daughter so happy in her life before, as he, Major Sanda and other representatives of his unit of King Furry's Army attended the marriage. For now, Sheila and Lea have departed to the Tropical Islands on Earth for their honeymoon.

Now, about two months after the Gyges disaster, the Z-Fighters and their allies have returned to their everyday lives. Goles, Marron Jr. and Bulma Jr. were in school to catch up with their school work and hang out with their friends, Tempest and Xeno were tending to their house in the South-East District with help from Judy, Dielec had taken a job as a teacher in physical education, while most of the other Z-Fighters had gone to train or attend to personal business. Brachi, Celicia and Majin Bara were now in Brachi's office in Capsule Corp, with Celicia now being Head of Security, while Majin Bara was helping Brachi in her lab, with Majin Bara also keeping her headtentacle at alert, using it as an antenna to detect the approach of visitors in the lab.
Brachi smiled as she walked to her main working table in the lab, with Majin Bara standing by to assist. The Majin had adapted well to her new life on Earth and was happy to be in such a big company of friends overall. Majin Bara was currently keeping her headtentacle at attention as she received news through telepathy.

"Any news from the others?" Brachi asked as she continued to work.

"I just received a message from Tempest and Xeno, whom have returned to Mars yesterday. It appears the Martians have decided to make the planet a primary testing site for their new technology, as if wanting to give their old home a new purpose in case the planet does become uninhabitable." Majin Bara replied.

"Okay, so what is being in development?" Brachi asked.

"The Martians appear to be experimenting with their Cloaking technology, wanting to see if they can modify it so they can actually launch their weapons while cloaked and, once that has been achieved, see if it's possible to work out the flaws of the cloaking device itself." Majin Bara replied.

"Oh? I only thought we couldn't fire weapons on a cloaked starship..." Brachi asked.

"In normal cases, this is true, but the Martians may have found a way to circumvent this and are wanting to try if it's possible to actually fire weapons. They do want to make the tests first on a small scale using their main escort vessels..." Majin Bara said.

Brachi nodded as she thought about it.

"With on a slow speed to remain undetected on first sight and staying out of range of sufficiently powerful sensor probe nets, this could give them the element of surprise. But there are still the other flaws to take into account... the only ways to detect a cloaked starship is by means of surges in tachyons, neutrino emissions or detecting residual anti-protons, which could give away a cloaked ship's position... wait, didn't you say the Martians were working on that too?"

"I sure did." Majin Bara said.

"Wow... if that comes true, then our vessels would be truly invisible... coupled with the ability to fire weapons while cloaked, it could be useful to fool the enemy or catch them by surprise." Brachi said.

"Indeed. We do need to be careful to not let such technology fall into enemy hands." Majin Bara replied.
Agreed. The last thing we need is the enemy using our weapons against us." Piccolo mentioned as he walked into the room.
"Which is why we should also have security measures in case any of our vessels are getting boarded by hostile troops." Brachi said, nodding as she looked at Piccolo.
Atama and Memora walked through a dark portal to the front of Capsule Corp.

"This is it, right?" Memora asked. Atama nodded. "Should be." The two walked into the lobby.
The receptionist was working behind her desk before she looked up, seeing Atama and Memora approaching. Clearly used to the various visitors Capsule Corp. got over the years, she smiled.

"Can I help you?" She asked them.
"Yes. It's obvious that security be in place. Hostile troops don't care who you are. They'll attack without warning." Piccolo said to Brachi.
Z-Fighter said:
The receptionist was working behind her desk before she looked up, seeing Atama and Memora approaching. Clearly used to the various visitors Capsule Corp. got over the years, she smiled.

"Can I help you?" She asked them.

"Where may I find Brachi, by chance?" Atama asked.
"There are force fields present to block areas off and to prevent people from escaping the brig in case we capture enemy forces..." Brachi said, nodding.

The receptionist nodded.

"She's down with Majin Bara and Piccolo down at the lab. I'll get Celicia to take you to her." The receptionist said, nodding as she made the arrangements.
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