DB FE: Odessen

Panich was now downing her second glass as well, giving a satisfying sigh after and setting the cup down. 

"Looks like this has become a competition for our lives." Bage sighed as he watched Beerus start drinking with the rest of them.

"Well then we can't afford to lose then!" Zibarica replied before taking up another glass, following behind the others with his second drink.
Brachi was watching all of this with a bit of contempt on her face.

"Playing a drinking game while there are more pressing matters at hand... like playing a card game while an alien invasion is at hand." She softly quipped.

"Must be a form of distraction for them." Xenest mused, also watching this, although he was more curious who would come out on top.
Ale lifted his glass when he saw Beerus was participating. 

"How wonderful!" he said as his first glass was downed instantly. "Never been fond of Sangria really, too light." Ale was now onto his second glass along with the others. "I think the bartender should start bringing out the heavier stuff."


Raditz dropped from the cliff and started to fly. 

The energy output from Super Saiyan should definitely be enough for someone to sense me from far out in space. If I'm truly alone then I'll have to find some way to fix that damn space pod.
Vegetto Jr. glanced down, his eyes on the floor after Jaz finished her explanation. He nodded his head, his eyes still on the floor and still hanging on his thoughts before he promptly nodded his head once more.

"Yeah...yeah, Koth used to talk about the old days. About life on that planet before Arcann took over...how perfect their world used to be. If anyone's going to know how to fix this mess, then it's the guy that shaped that entire world to what it was."

He nodded once more to Jaz, perking his right eyebrow.

"Can you...call him or something? How does that work?"

Gogeta Jr. scoffed lightly, having heard Brachi and Xenest.

"Don't worry, I'm watching them. Maybe cutting loose a little bit won't be such a bad thing for them.

Meanwhile, Theron happily snored audibly on the table he had passed out on, tightly shutting his eyes in the slumber.

Beerus eyed his glass, sniffing it a couple of times. He turned his attention up slightly at the others identifying the drink, his eyes turning to Ale specifically once he mentioned how light it was. He scoffed lightly, rapidly downing the first shot in one gulp before bringing his purple hand onto the counter.

"Yes...this drink is...light."

Beerus leaned his head forward a bit, blinking a couple of times in a small, nearly unnoticeable daze. He swayed a little in his seat, inhaling deeply through his nose and extensively attempting to control his eyes from spacing out while he waged his glass at the bartender.

"Hey! You...get out the stronker...driinks. This stuph is too lifee."
"Ehh, I don't know, to be honest." Jaz scratched her head. "I've never tried calling Valkorian before... He just kinda appears in our heads."

Jaz tapped her foot, trying to think of a way to summon Valkorian. With a snap of her fingers, the young girl held out an open palm facing the open forest before them. She looked like she was bracing herself.

"I'm going to try something, so just prepare yourself if he does show up or something, alright?"

Jaz took several deep breaths and thought as hard as she could about the Dread Saiyan and her memories of him. She slowly pulled her arm back until rapidly thrusting it forward dramatically. She held that pose, hoping something came out of it.

"I summon thee! Valkorian!"

Kire glanced at Beerus, slowly blinking at his slurred speech. He held his glass at a distance, trying not to get enticed by the smell of the drink and taking note that he should stop drinking before he ends up losing his wits. He stayed around, curious to have a conversation with Mioi and see how Beerus and the others would end up after the drinking competition. He looked around the bar, noticing Jaz wasn't in the area. His little smile turned to a frown with his eyes trailing to the floor. He looked inside the glass to notice a small amount of liquid left before letting out a sigh. 

I guess she rather be with Junior or Vegetto than me... Kire bit his lip. If I had just... stayed around, maybe Jaz would be here with me... Maybe Vegetto's right...

He swished the little liquid that remained, thinking about the bond between Jaz and himself. He shook his head, trying his best to get rid of those thoughts and not show his emotions around the others. He pulled his act together, trying to give the others something to laugh about.

"Heh, looks like lil' Beerus is about to knock out like Theron soon." Kire forced a chuckle. "Guess we found Theron number 2."
"IT WAS THAT EASY?!" Zibarica coughed, nearly choking on his new drink.

"Ohh, the poor thing's never had a lick of alcohol in his life." Panich gave a hardy chuckle before casually downing another glass. 

Bage sighed slightly, watching the contest go on, wondering just how his wife would be if she would even get drunk. She was always so determined like her brother, especially with contests. Would she be a happy drunk? A sad one? Maybe she was more on the shy side, or maybe she was even more dangerous than she usually is sober. If that was the case then he would have to stay right there and keep her from causing any harm. But then, his thoughts were interrupted by a spark of energy flaring faintly. The energy seemed farn but it was there. He looked back at his wife for a moment then stood from his seat and walked over to notify Gogeta Jr. 

"You sense that energy, don't you? Is that another of the outlanders?"
Ale chuckled as he looked over at Beerus and his increasing drunkenness more so from Kire's comment to him.

"Didn't know mortals in this universe could speak so casually toward their hakaishin." the destroyer said amused as he downed another glass.

Ale held out his glass motioning it toward the bartender.

"You heard him, bring out the heavier stuff. Dark liquor should suffice unless you lot are interested in uping the ante."


Raditz closed his eyes and let out a deep sigh. He concentrated his senses and tried again to see if he could feel at least a weak signal.

"Hmm, I think I'm getting something. It's faint but it's definitely a large group of people."

The saiyan opened his eyes and started to fly in the direction of the base.

"Best case scenario I get a decent meal from a group of friendly locals. Worst case I get some slight exercise from a group of savages... and then steal their food!" Raditz laughed as he continued flying.
"Perhaps we should just move onto the dark liquors and cut to where the real fun is!" Mioi grinned in amusement before looking at the drink list. "How about... rum? Never heard of it but it sounds like the kind of drink that just might knock Lord Beerus out of this round," she cackled. Gingerly, she asked for a bottle of 80 proof rum and filled her glass with it before passing it around to all at the drinking table. "And if it's good, we can finish off the whole bottle to see who's still standing!"

Mioi held up the glass to her nose and sniffed it, tilting her head at the scent before downing her serving. It thankfully wasn't the horrid drink that smelled like the antiseptic liquid someone like Doctor Cheelai would keep in her medical cabinet. But it definitely made her body temperature rise quite a bit compared to the first round. She exhaled loudly through her mouth with a laugh.

"Hoo-whee, it is strong! Do not fret, for those whose tongues lack the experience of alcohol, a secondary beverage like juice may be employed to ferry it down without resistance. I believe it is called a chaser?" She commented cheerfully seeing Zibarica struggle with his own drink. "It would be a shame if one's gastrointestinal tract would display an upset from a strong drink like this one! You absolutely would need it for the colorless one... vud-kuh, is it?" She was slighrly tipsy already, so any indication of someone else's energy signature completely went over her head unchecked. Heck, she figured it was just part of her head starting to feel floaty!
The setting sky of the planet remained mostly unchanged, the sun beginning to disappear behind the tree line as night approached. The gentle breeze flowed through the field Jaz and Junior stood in, the sound of Jaz's voice being the only sound that rung out for a few moments. Vegetto Jr. chuckled to himself, staring Jaz down with an amused look.

"Ha...nice pose."

His eyebrows perked at the sudden rush of wind billowing through the plain. He lost his smirk, staring up in confusion while the setting sunlight above began to dissipate away quicker than before. A growing pressure began to mount upon the entire planet itself, albeit it minor, while Valkorian's strict and stern voice rung out in Jaz's head.

"Listen very carefully. Do not mention my name ever again and never call it to the heavens. You will be judged, and you will be suspicious to the forces that come..."

Vegetto Jr. turned his eyes up, his attention catching on the violent surge of bright, white lightning high above in the now cloudy sky hanging over them both while Valkorian paused briefly before continuing.

"If they have any reason to believe you are harboring my spirit, they will kill you along with this entire planet. You were just a pawn in my game that I used to escape death and you have no idea where I have gone, understand?"

Valkorian did not wait for an answer, the signature of his presence clear in Jaz's mind during the explanation but it soon vanished into nothing as the clouds above began to shift. Vegetto Jr. crossed his arms, his expression indifferent due to blissfully being unaware of the warning Jaz received.

"Well...he does like to make an entrance."

The clouds above began to swirl, the funnels forming into miniature tornadoes that slowly spiraled down towards the ground. Despite their violent vortexs whirling at fierce speeds, the treelines and grass below only shifted lightly under the force of the wind itself as four tornadoes touched down all around Jaz and Junior. Vegetto Jr. formed a small frown, uncrossing his arms as the quick math of multiple tornadoes instead of just one began to indicate something else was coming. The blasting whirlwinds suddenly exploded outwards, the wind torrents harmlessly blasting the two. In their place, four ghostly apparitions stood upright. All four figures were clearly made of some intense, dark power that clearly radiated so intensely, any being capable of sensory input could feel the heavy weight. The black smoke clouding the figures was what the creatures themselves were comprised off, the lines of their figures formed by the flowing black air into the form of a heavily cloaked humanoid clad in tattered and torn robes like a grim reaper. Each figure wore the same outfit, a dark hood covering their head. The face of each figure formed the unmistakable lines of the Dread Masters themselves, the black smoke lines perfectly traced like the golden metal skull-like design of their masks underneath the hood.

Three of the figures began to circle Jaz and Junior, the latter instantly powering up in a strong display of energy. One of the Reapers floated up to Jaz, undeterred by Vegetto Jr's massive display of power. The Reaper stared down at Jaz with an ominous, low gurgle emitting from what appeared to be its head. The dark energy itself pressed upon the planet strong enough to where each individual could feel their raw life energy being drawn to the four creatures themselves. The main figure looming over Jaz spoke, its voice distorted and heavy in its delivery.

"R͏̲̪el͙̮͕̲̮̣̫in̸q͍̖͕̳u̮͝i̡̩͇s͓̦̝̹̱͟h҉͎̱͓̯ ͈̹t̜̞͖͎h̟̮̮͎͓̦e̴ s̯̬̕p̨̞͍̰i̵͙̣̲̠̰r̸̙̹̞̟̭̙͚it̕ͅ ͇̥͝ọ̠̺̗̖̣f͈̠̮̘ ̨̦̪͕̩̰̗̬t͏̪̣ͅhę̫͎ ͓I̷m͇̭̻̬̤̫ͅm̥̟̟̙͙͉o̖͙͈̞̝r̀t̛̥a̖͙̺͓̱l̴ ̲E͕̯̖̱̯̩̻͝m̢̼̦̰͔̘̜̖p̫ͅe̺̕r̗̤͔͇̯̺̕ͅor͏̭̫̗̭͔͕̫."

Beerus angrily flailed his arm, unintentionally hurling his drinking glass across the room due to losing his grip while whirling around to angrily yell at Kire.

"I amf ine! I am destroyargh...I...unngh..."

He swayed a bit in his seat for a moment, his eyes fluttering a bit. However, the sudden rumble from the lightning outside the base erupted so fiercely, the entire base shook like a small earthquake. Beerus suddenly toppled forward, his head slamming into the bar before he crumpled down to the floor, completely passed out from the drink.

Gogeta Jr. had turned his eyes to Bage, but quickly lost his light hearted expression at the rumble. He frowned, glancing down and lightly running his hand over his chest at the strange sensation of his own vitality being pulled from his body, glancing up in the direction where the new dark power completely dwarfed Radtiz's energy signature.

"No...that's definitely not ours. C'mon, we need to go investigate at once."

He took off in a small jog, quickly heading to the nearest exit to exit the base and fly towards the power emitting from Jaz and Junior's location.
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