DB FE: Odessen

"Oh wow, I actually managed to summon him..?" Jaz said while she stared at the sudden change in the environment. "But something feels...off."

Jaz's eyes widen upon hearing Valkorian echo within her head. She remained speechless, listening to his warning and the rapidly warping area around them. Jaz took a step back towards Junior, knowing that this was not Valkorian's doing. As Valkorian's voice faded, Red Mist spoke up from the depths, a low chuckle coming from her voice.

Oh my, scared even in death... is this the great Valkorian people grew to respect and fear? I heard nothing but a man whimpering in the shadows... 

Jaz shook her head to rid the voice of Mist and Valkorian before witnessing the newly formed figures surrounding her and Junior. Within that moment, KABS lit up before engulfing Jaz's body in the protective suit when it sensed a high energy signature. The core blinked several times, trying to figure out the enemy and their power. From the inside of the visor, it rapidly traced over the ghostly figures in a blinking red outline, desperately trying to identify the enemy. There was a pressure felt within Jaz's chest as if her very life was being sucked away by the new beings before them. KABS's core stopped blinking before speaking out to Jaz.

Lady Jaz, this is a powerful enemy! My sensors indicate that their power is beyond that of even Vaylin!


You must leave now!

Jaz noticed one of the figures approach her and she instinctively released her blades, standing in front of Junior protectively. She trembled slightly, never having sensed or faced this type of energy or power before. Her chest was tight but she tried her best to remain calm and braced herself for whatever might happen. When the figure was close enough to Jaz, she not only heard his gargled words but felt an intense gripping feeling of death. Although not visible from her KABS visor, the expression on her face was fear.

"I don't think they'll let us go so easily. Somethin' about the Immortal Emperor," Jaz said to KABS. She turned to Junior. "Junior, what are these things? They don't look... friendly. I've never felt anything so draining..."

Kire glanced over at Beerus as he angrily babbled nonsense to him. All he did was offer a cocky smirk to Beerus, humored by his drunk status. When Beerus passed out on the floor, he laughed loudly.

"He bonked his head and passed out like an idiot, so much for bein' an all powerful God of destroyin' of somethin'." Kire chuckled until he felt the earthquake and the sinister feeling from an unknown source. He gasped, placing his hand over his chest for a moment and stared at the others. He wasn't as powerful as them, so he assumed they didn't feel it. He glanced towards Gogeta Jr. and knew that he wasn't the only one to feel it. He stood up and took a step back from the others, holding out his hand to show a map of the nearby area. The redhead began to type on a holographic keyboard before it showed four large glowing dots, indicating the beings that appeared. A small indicator appeared around the dots flashing the words 'Danger' and 'Critical.'

So that's where it's comin' from. Yeesh, that looks nastier than Vaylin's, ain't no joke. So... where's Jaz and Junior?

With a few more keystrokes, two smaller dots appeared directly above the four dangerous ones, no doubt showing the location of Jaz and Junior. His skin turned pale and his eyes widen in sheer panic. Kire backed up before tripping over a chair, the hologram closing as he landed on the floor. He pulled himself up, staring at the others with eyes full of terror.

"J-Jaz... and Junior! T-They're in trouble!" Kire said, nearly speechless. "You gotta take me to them!"
Ale continued to laugh as he was enjoying the time with these new people and Beerus's drunken state. His ears perked up a bit when he felt the huge surge of dark energy.

"We should probably see to that then."

The destroyer took a huge swig of from the bottle of rum that was opened. He let out a loud burp and shook his head.

"Ah, there we go now we're feeling something." Ale laughed as he floated in the air towards the exit and flew to Jaz and Junior's location as well.


Raditz stopped mid-flight taking notice the changes in the sky's horizon and the multiple energies that just exploded.

Now that's some power. Seems these local savages won't be as easy as I thought.

He instantly turned the other direction and went toward Jaz and Junior's location.

Why do I feel like I'm getting the worse type of deja vu somehow...
Bage nodded, his face getting a serious and focued expression. He followed Gogeta Jr. And on his way stopped by his children who had been sitting off watching the drinking contest. "Watch your mother and keep her here. Something is going on and she'll need time to clear her head."

"Yes sir... Be careful, Dad!" Paprika nodded, Basil also nodding in confirmation before watching their father hurry to catch Gogeta Jr.

"Thats one down and out!" Zibarica chuckled as he raised his glass before downing it. "Don't count me out yet Cyclops! Im still in this thing!"

"AHAHA! thats the Spirit! Bring on the strong stuff!" Panich laugh rather loudly before taking the bottle of rum and drinking it down. After nearly finishing, she stopped herself abruptly at the energy that was too large to ignore.​

"Hey save some for the rest of us ya hog-" the namekian's train of thought was cut off by Kire's sudden outburst of fear. He immediately put down the glass, trying to get a hold of himself. Sober up, sober up! Things were getting serious now. "What the hell is goin on? Where are they?"

"Ugh... What now? Can't I get a fuckin' break!?" Panich puffed out a loud sigh, falling back onto the bar counter. "Whoever's doin that'z gonna get their ASS KICKED!"
Mioi was about to open another bottle until the unknown pulse of energy completely threw her off guard; it almost made her sober up instantly. Almost. She looked at the rum bottle and scratched her head, a grimace evident on her face. "Hunh?" Mioi grunted. "I do not recall that being part of the drinking experience."

But her attention was caught by Kire's voice of alarm, along with the immediate action of Gogeta Jr. and co. She bore her big shark-like teeth in fury at the mention of who was in danger, slamming her fists on the bar table so hard it made the empty glasses around her shake. "Someone's crashing our drinking merriment AND attacking our crew who are out of position!? Unforgivable!" Mioi stood up gruffly despite sounding mildly intoxicated. She opened up the bottle and chugged about half of it down before hissing at how strong it was. "Blech! This is not rum! Oh well, it should be sufficient fuel for me to perform the whooping of ass! There is no time to cower, computerized father unit, we have the ass-kicking to do!" Mioi gruffly said before taking off from the bar on foot, yelling at the top of her lungs with a war cry that probably was fueled solely by alcohol. She wasn't drunk enough to trip over Beerus at least...
Vegetto Jr. glanced a bit towards Jaz, tensing up and sweating with an agitated stare.

"How am I suppose to know? You're the one that called these things here."

He stepped forward, his arms still pulled back. Raising his voice, he spoke first towards the floating entities.

"We don't know of any Immortal Emperor here. This is a peaceful worl-"

Vegetto Jr.'s speech was instantly cut off, his body lifting in the air on its own as he hacked violently. His hands clawed at his throat, seemingly choking on an unseen force. The main Reaper had its left arm extended out, his fingers contorted in a gripping motion while he lifted his right arm slowly. The figure waved his hand lightly, and suddenly, Vegetto Jr.'s aura dissipated away in the Saiyan's reversion back to his normal state.

The Reaper floated forward a bit closer, its empty and menacing stare locked on Jaz.

"Valkor͘i҉a͠n͞.́..thȩ b͘ơd̀y ste͟al̷er͟. Hi̵s so͝ul ͢l͏i͟v́e͟s̢ on in͠ y̕oų..͞.̨re͜linq̡uis̡h̨ ̨įt ̛no̴w͜, ̛or̶ be ̴des̵t̴roy͘éd͡."

A few meters away, Gogeta Jr. flew out above the clearing, blinking on at the sight of the two gathered there. He paused, unsure on how to proceed in watching the development.

"What the hell are those things?"
"Junior!" Jaz gasped upon seeing Junior float in the air and revert back to his base form. "What are you doing to him?! Let him go!"

Jaz narrowed her eyes from behind her visor, taking a nervous step away from the Reaper that approached her with hands balled into fists. She had a feeling that these beings were not any pushovers, especially if they easily handled Junior. When the being spoke about Valkorian, she couldn't help but shudder at the name, feeling this was somehow her fault. With Junior's life on the line, Jaz didn't ask questions or even wait to explain the entire situation once Gogeta Jr. finally arrived.

"Gogeta, help Junior while I take these guys on myself!"

Lady Jaz! I highly advise against this! These creatures are beyond our level! Please reconsider!

"I won't sit here while they hurt Junior! You better help me out KABS or I'm doing this without you!" Jaz's green eyes shifted to the Reapers. "I... I don't know what you're talking about! That loser Valkorian has been dead forever! Get with the times!"

Jaz parted her feet before rushing towards the closest Reaper with her blades poised to strike. Her body shifted from left to right as she tried to psyche the Reaper out with her quick movements until she suddenly appeared behind the Reaper. Seconds later, cuts and slashes were visible all over the Reaper, primarily the arm aimed towards Junior. None of the cuts were deep or fatal, they were just aimed for the sole purpose of stunning the Reaper; Jaz did not have the will to kill, despite their actions towards them.

Let me fight them... you'll only die struggling.

Back off Mist! I got this!

Kire rushed to Zibarica, grabbing his shirt and shaking him slightly. It was very apparent Kire was filled with panic, this being the first time he acted in such a way in front of the group. He trembled with anticipation and fear as his skin grew pale.

"Listen, I can't fly so ya' need to take me to that weird energy signature. Junior and Jaz are in huge trouble," Kire's grip tighten on Zibarica's shirt. "Please, take me to Jaz!"
Raditz floated above in the air now watching the scene unfold.

"What the hell is-" he paused as he looked at two familiar faces. "Is that Vegetto and Gogeta?" he blinked making sure he wasn't seeing things. "And there's an earthling woman fighting with them." Raditz started floating downward towards the fight as he waved towards the group

"HEY!" the saiyan yelled out. "NEED SOME HELP?"

Raditz's aura spiked as purple energy emitted from his hand and he threw out a large energy blast at one of the reapers.

Now Ale was in tow. He floated near the group and landed stumbling a bit.

“Not a very graceful landing.” the destroyer chuckled. “Definitely very tipsy right now.” He watched the scene go on. “But from what that girl said the mortals should take a crack at it.”
Mioi, charging through the clearing at full speed by following those who were flying overhead to the scene, was also trying to focus in on the source of the energy pulses. She could feel the presence of something foreign, but the pressure was indescribably heavy... it was an oppressive force of malevolence that made her break out into a cold sweat.

Soon, the overhead of the field came into her view and she saw the four cloaked figures closing in on Junior and Jaz. 

"What the-" Mioi let out a gasp when she felt the pressure even more-- these things were the source of the strange pulse of dark power. They were clearly enemies, but she couldn't understand what they were, why they were there, nor whether they were part of Vaylin's personal army. Mioi wasn't sober enough to even stop and consider everything that was going on around her, but there was something those creatures did that was just barely keeping her from being fully intoxicated, so she operated by complete instinct to act in a split second.

Gritting her teeth, she lunged forward with a grunt as her body tensed up, eye glowing a bright green. From Mioi's eye flew multiple laser bolts towards the Reapers that weren't in close enough range to harm her allies, but she made it a point to sear a beam across the ground in an attempt to force distance on part of the Reapers.
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