DB FE: Odessen


Green Jacket
Sep 4, 2015

Welcome to Odessen!

A remote world located along the outer rim of Universe 7, this luscious forest world is home to the multiverse's most wanted criminals: the Outlanders. This shadowy organization is very selective in is recruiting, so only the most well versed individuals in the multiverse can discover this fortress. A powerful energy shield protects proper sensing from those capable of feeling energy signatures from across the universe.

Any and all are welcome in the fight against the Eternal Empire.



1) No extensive combat. The world is protected from strong energy signatures from being sensed, but is not perfect. Sparring is allowed, but no extreme shows of force are allowed.
2) This is more of a leisure zone for the Fallen Empire storyline and beyond. Side plots are allowed, but any extensive stories taking place outside of the planet must be its own thread. Only planetary business here: you may do small snippets from outside worlds, however.
3) No spam posting. You are allowed only one post to respond to another, meaning your total count per player must stay at 2. Simply put, you are allowed one initial post, then one response post to another player. After you've used both, you must wait until another player posts before you are allowed to post again. However, each time I post, everyone's count resets.
4) Any and all new characters must be approved by me. This is a mostly open thread and extensive character building is not necessary. However, in order to make sure plot isn't broken on small details, I'll have to check any new characters through PMs or in the registration thread for Fallen Empire. Which can be found here.



The lone shuttle ship carrying the main cast slowly descended down within the open space of the hanger. Squads of soldiers scrambled forward and formed ranks of straight, poised lines of troops all dressed in gear from the Empire and Republic alike. With each section comprised of around 20 soldiers each, the lines of clumped soldiers stretched as far as the end of the hanger room. Three men strode down the center of the filed soldiers, holding familiar faces in the form of a Namekian clad in a heavy, large shoulder headress with a white cape flowing behind him. The human male in front of him walked forward in his boots and red leather coat, the spikes of his hair in the form of a small mohawk and three metal disks on the right side of his forehead. He raised an eyebrow, glancing over his shoulder towards the Namekian.

"Piccolo, what's the ETA on those readouts?"

Piccolo held a small, intense glare, his arms at his side while he walked next to him. His face had aged a small bit, but he looked mostly the same as he spoke.

"The team is overlooking them now, it'll keep them busy while we greet the new commanders."

The other man, a triclops, frowned a bit as he spoke up next. His age showed clearly in his creases, yet his physical physique was still in top form.

"The outside perimeter has just been secured, by the way. Perhaps we'll have to let Koth and Junior know next time to wait a little while before they bolt to the unfinished headquarters."

Piccolo nodded at Tien, his eyes turning back down on Theron Shan.

"Indeed, it's important to make a good impression."

Theron sighed, nearly rolling his eyes.

"Great, back on the haircut. You're never gonna let this go, are you?"

Piccolo nodded.

"It looks ridiculous."

Theron only grunted in reply, coming to a halt with Piccolo and Tien once they arrived at the ramp leading up into the shuttle. Leading the entire group out, Gogeta Jr. and Koth both stepped onto the hangar floor first. Koth grinned, reaching out and patting Theron on the right shoulder.

"Theron! See, what'd I tell ya? The mission went smooth as ever."

Theron stared back with a deadpan expression.

"Yeah? Usually getting stuck out in the middle of nowhere space for an entire week isn't "smooth" for a rescue op."

Koth scoffed, swatting the air in dismissal of the skepticism.

"Oh c'mon, we got the Outlanders and everyone's still alive. Besides, it gave you some extra time to get the base in order."

Theron sighed, glancing over to the group of gathered individuals while Vegetto crossed his arms, looking on.

"Welcome, Outlanders...to Odessen. Home to the last resistance left against Arcann's temper tantrum of a empire."

Solaris disembarked the shuttle, his walking punctuated by the sound of metal and crystal hitting the floor with every step. Solarian armor was not known for being quiet. He was dressed in his full armor, sans helmet. That was currently attached to the belt around his waist. As he walked down the ramp, he looked through the lines of soldiers the glowing veins of a Solarian and the striking eyes of a Saiyan. He was looking at a sight rather familiar, one he knew deeply in his mind. Stepping forward from the ship, off the ramp, and onto the hangar floor, he looked out towards the rest of the planet.

"This, this is promising." He stated in response to the greeting from Theron, vision settling for a few moments before changing subjects. He began to speak in a chilled voice, analyzing what was in front of him. "Soldiers, burned and willing to fight the Eternal Empire. A world, hidden from the glorious capital of galactic civilization that houses the organization willing to fight. An open, green, back water space covering the surface. This is very promising. I've burnt many worlds like this in conquest, the last bastion of resistance." The grey eyes of the hybrid looked over to Theron, wearing a somber expression.

"It is worlds like these that posed the greatest threat to established tyrannies that I was slaved to. I am a sword, and I will be a weapon for your resistance against Arcann. Use me as you see fit."
Jaz hopped off the ship and onto the ground. It was the first time in a while she felt like she was back home on Earth with the landscape around them. Jaz was used to living near nature, so she was no doubt excited to train with Junior. The crisp air around her, as well as the trees nearby, brought back memories. The entire experience was a little foreign to her, especially since she was trapped for 25 years. Her green eyes scanned all she could, glittering in awe at both the vast landscape and hanger before them. Jaz walked ahead, ignoring all voices as she tried her best to take in all she could. 

"Wooooowie~!" She said childishly. "This place is soooooo cool! I thought places like these existed only in the movies b-but it's actually real! This is Odessan?!"

She immediately turned to Junior.

"Hey Junior, have you been here before?! This is like... a super secret base! Except it's not in a cave or behind a waterfall! It's the whole planet! There's so much stuff I wanna do! So much stuff I can explore! I can learn so much! This is awesome! You gotta introduce me to your friends!"

Kire jumped from the ship to the hangar floor, hands in his pockets. He wasn't as open as Jaz, in fact, he seemed more held back, almost nervous. Despite being a jerk, he apparently had a hard time fitting in or getting comfortable around new people and areas. He remained quiet, watching his daughter prance and frolic within the hangar, the sight of it forced a small smile on his face. 

She's such a kid, pure and innocent, just like Evelyn... If only she were here to see how much you've grown, Jaz. She would've been so proud of you. Kire stared intently at his daughter. I'm just happy you found people you can call family... 

Kire shook his head, clearing his troubled mind. He spoke out just enough for the group to hear him.

"Well, guess we finally arrived, eh? Seems like a safe haven from Arcann and Vaylin. Wonder how they managed to stay hidden for so long?"
Mioi peered out of the ship apprehensively. She wasn't used to the new set of surroundings, so her excitement was at a minimum. "What a curious biome we've landed in..." she scanned the surroundings before cocking her head to the side.

"Is that Theron?... what is that horrid thing sitting atop his head?! He looks bad. Sad," she remarked.
On the other side of the planet a space pod crashed landed into the middle of one the dense forests. The emergency signal from the pod was going haywire until the noise finally stopped. The door from the pod opened and from the smoke appeared a saiyan wearing a tattered and distressed uniform worn by the Frieza Force.

"You have got to be kidding me." Raditz said as he emerged from the pod. "Out of all the times to malfunction it has to be this time."

The saiyan looked around the area with narrowed eyes. 

"Wherever I am it must be uninhabited. I can't seem to sense anyone's energy."

Raditz floated up in the air and looked across the horizon.

"This place looks like earth. Don't tell me the earthlings went extinct while I was gone." he grit teeth and started to fly in hopes of finding others.


On another side a ray of light appeared from the sky. From the light emerged three beings. One of them being a tall grey wolf-like person wearing Egyptian style clothing. The other two looked around the area. 



"Pardon me, Cukatail-sama but where is that you have taken us?"

The tall angel looked over at Ale and gave him a soft smile.

"This is Odessen, a planet made of up of mostly forest that is near the edge of Universe 7."

The short fish-like humanoid, Arak, continued examining the area.

"It's quite a beautiful planet." the destroyer god commented. "Very green and full of vegetation."

"That would be attributed to the lack of beings inhabiting the planet." Cukatail mused. 

Ale was stunned by the land and its beauty but also seemed to have a look of confusion.

"It's quite the spectacle but I am a little confused. Shouldn't we be examining worlds with life forms?" Ale asked.

"Your job as Hakaishin is to observe worlds and bring balance by picking out the ones that need to be eliminated." Arak answered. "That includes worlds where there is no sentient life."

"But in that case, Lord Arak, shouldn't we destroy the planets with no life seeing as there's no potential for growth?" Ale asked.

"Nonsense, young one. Every world is capable of growth, with or without mortals. We simply have to expand the potential of these worlds and cause minimal destruction as possible." Arak said with a reassuring smile. 

"Although that philosophy holds true in Universe 5, the same cannot be said for this universe." Cukatail added. "Every universe's Hakaishin works differently and they see about the destruction of worlds on their terms."

Cukatail held up his staff and light started surrounding the three again. 

"Now let's go toward what Arak and I wanted to show you. This will be a very important lesson for you."

"Yes, Cukatail-sama." Ale bowed.

The three then started to float in the air and started to head towards a place of interest.
Vegetto Jr. followed after Jaz into the hanger, glancing around with a small smile.

"Yeah...I've been out here a couple of times before. Looks like the project was finally completed though: it was mostly trees last time I was here."

He stopped at Jaz's request to be introduced, but turned his eyes at the sound of Theron's voice resuming. Theron perked his eyebrow, looking back at Solaris with a somewhat perturbed expression.

"Right...I'm sure you'll be a great help. But let's just...tone it down a bit with the intensity there, alright Sinatra?"

He then paused at Mioi's comment, his eyebrows flattening out into a dejected, annoyed glare back at the cyclops as Piccolo and Tien both stifled a small, single grunt. Both held stern, but amused expressions as they stared back at Theron, who cleared his throat audibly.

"Anyway...if we can table this small roast session for later...there's a bit of official business we need to go over. Starting first with the most important one."

Theron coughed lightly into his hand, the soldiers all straightening out and saluting the group of Outlanders all gathered together.

"This is your new alliance. From now on, all of our forces are at your disposal, Commanders."
"Commanders?" Kire quirked a brow. "Huh, that takes me back a couple years... Heh, I think it'll be nice to be called that again. I guess I should start by making a lab here as well. So many options, so little time~."

"I get to be a commander?!" Jaz gasped. "No way! Too cool! Junior, I'm a commander now, so you gotta do what I say! ( :maybe: ) Okay, my first order as a commander is that you teach me how to fly and shoot fireballs! I also want a super secret spot outside the hangar, like a tree house! Oh! I also want--"

Kire yanked at Jaz's ear, slightly annoyed at her outrageous outbursts. 

"You play too much sometimes..." Kire mumbled. "Besides, Junior ain't a slave, at least not anymore, technically, so why don't you two just stick to sparrin' and trainin', yeah?"

"Aww, but dad! I got a ton of more ideas!"

"Yeah, well, they ain't good from the sound of it. Why don't you get pointers from Junior? He's got some experience with this stuff, so you might learn a thing from him. Why don't you ask him what kept him motivated all these years?" He released Jaz's ear and smiled at her. "Just don't be reckless and play nice with Junior. No staying out past dark, no leaving the planet, and absolutely no fightin' strangers." Kire's eyes glared at Junior. "I want her back by sundown, any later and I'll kill you."

Jaz puffed her cheeks in a pout but decided to listen to her father's words. She went over to Junior's side and crossed her arms. When her father turned away, she tip-toed closer to Junior and whispered to him.

"He never said we couldn't leave after sundown, tho'... We should explore this place when we're done trainin'!"

Kire cracked his knuckles and began to think about his upcoming plan.

Well, these folk got some nifty resources that I can probably use. Maybe I can find parts for buildin' a body for Helga...

"I guess the Alliance will begin to pick out the good commanders from the great ones," Kire smirked before strolling around the hangar, examining every inch he could see. "I can name a few who aren't cut out to be a commander, primarily those who use their fists to solve their problem. You don't send a brainless brute to fight an army, after all."
Solaris's somber expression changed to one of confusion.

Who the heck is Sinatra?

That confusion quickly changed to one of shock. Solaris looked around for a moment, seeing the soldiers saluting and the fact that Vegetto was still present. He thought it over for a moment before responding.

"I'll fight for this Alliance, with both my body and my mind." He stated in confidence, but in a low volume. Trying to be less like this Sinatra fellow, eh?

I wish Jack had taught me Solarian command, Atama got that training and so did his kid, why couldn't I? I wonder if Saiyans even had a command structure for war.

Meanwhile, Kira stepped off the shuttle, right in time to be announced as a commander, and frowns at the irony, but says nothing. Seems she had redone her hair while on the shuttle and got some wrinkles out of her clothes on the way down. She looked better for wear than the fight on Zakuul.
Raditz continued to fly through the air in hopes of spotting inhabitants or sense any energies.

"I hope to god the living things here aren't burrowed underground or something." Raditz narrowed his eyes. "It's time like these where I miss being a conqueror. I'd have this place turned into an intergalactic rest stop and there'd be a Space Castle. Some sliders sound good right about now."


The ray of light struck down on the open side of the hangar. As the light the dissipated the three individuals emerged.

"That energy jamming trick was a bit tricky to navigate through but seems like we were able to find the location." Cukatail smiled.

"Thank you, Cukatail." Arak said as he scanned the area. The destroyer god turned towards the large group of people.

"Greetings from Universe 5!" Arak bowed followed by Ale and Cukatail. "I am Arak, the hakaishin of our universe. This is my attendant Cukatail."

"The pleasure is all mine." Cukatail said.

"And this large young fellow is our universe's next hakaishin." Arak looked up at the young destroyer. "Ale."

"It's an honor." Ale smiled keeping his hands behind back.

"My apologies for us trespassing on your secret facility but there are matters we were hoping to discuss. Normally we don't enjoy meddling with problems among other universes but we do have our concerns. Is there a leader or council that we may speak to?" Arak said.
"Commander, is it? Commander Mioi..." Mioi rubbed her chin in contemplation. "Has a nice ring to it. Even though I've never held a leadership position in my entire life..."The sudden title was daunting considering she came from a race of cyclops aliens who were mostly cliques with rigid social castes that never interacted with each other. "I guess since we are all commanders, it will not be TOO bad. But..." 

Mioi said nothing further because of the sudden appearance of the 3 individuals from Universe 5. Instinctively her eye widened and she took a step back from the surprise. "Two Hakaishin!? Just like Lord Beerus?" She also noted Arak's attendant bore some resemblance to Whis, although she was unaware of the fact there was even more than one Universe, let alone more than one God of Destruction. "This is a lot of surprises at once..."
"Piccolo! Tien Shinhan!" Bage lit up at the sight of their old friends. It really had been too long, he was just glad they were safe! He and Panich followed behind Zibarica, Basil, and Paprika as they exited the ship. Panich observed her surroundings a bit before nodding to the three waiting for them. After they turned their heads to the Theron at his announcement.

"Commanders?" Bage raised an eyebrow, before nodding in agreement. "We'll do our best."

The clear smirk on Panich's face was clear that this was music to her ears. But feeling familiar saiyan energy, the smirk soon faded. Someone was on their way over.

"Mom?" Basil mumbled. "is that..?"

"I'm sure we all feel it, son," Panich replied with a nod.

And what luck, more people were showing up too, and with another destroyer.
Vegetto Jr. stood with a small smile throughout it, leaning in closer to Jaz slightly and covering the side of his face as he whispered to her once Kire was done scolding her.

"Don't worry, I'll still do as you say, commander Jaz."

He then blinked with wide eyes, grinning back at Kire with a nervous tone.

"Ok ok! We'll be back by sundown, I promise!"

Vegetto Jr. sighed lightly, turning his eyes a bit at Jaz's final proposition, frowning a bit.

"You sure? What if we get caught?"


Vegetto scoffed lightly in annoyance, having slightly rolled his eyes before turning his attention to Theron.

"I was thinking the Alliance could use less commanders overall. Having all of us as leaders would be a problem: too many people trying to hold the reigns would lead to nothing getting done and constant arguing if we don't all agree."

He kept his eyes forward, but his attention seemed elsewhere.

"Some of us would be better off hiding in their laboratories, trying to build machines and gadgets to make up for their own shortcomings as a man."

Theron paused a bit, glancing in between Vegetto and Kire for a moment. He turned his head towards Piccolo, raising an eyebrow.

"Is this something they always do?"

Piccolo kept his posture still, his tone flat.

"Ask the Juniors. I've never even met them before."

Theron shrugged his shoulders, turning back to Vegetto.

"Right...anyway, you don't need to worry about that. You're not officially a commander, Vegetto."

Vegetto blinked, his right eyebrow raised as the annoyance began to mount.

"Wait what? Don't tell me you're actually listening to that pathetic worm over there?! You only need one commander, not everyone!"

Theron cleared his throat.

"The good thing about our Alliance is that it is heavily factioned; there are more than just Imperials in this base. Believe it or not...my lord-"

Theron's words dripped with sarcastic venom, prompting Vegetto to narrow his eyes a bit before the former Republic spy continued.

"Not every member in our army is convinced that following you is even a good idea, much less a perfect one. Your Empire alone is responsible for some of the destruction that ruined a lot of these solders' lives, let alone the ones you personally impacted."

Vegetto opened his mouth to speak, but Theron quickly started talking over the small noise that Vegetto let out.

"But...these men and women are here because the politics of the past don't matter. The Juniors are right: we need a strong figurehead to wage war against Arcann. The history is there: your actions single handedly changed the course of the war, and your power put the universe under your boot. The Empire worshiped you for it, and the Republic feared you unlike any other Sith to ever come before. So we do need you, now more than ever, if we're going to inspire a universe to stand against Arcann."

Piccolo crossed his arms, speaking up next.

"That's why we're needing the rest of the Outlanders to lead: they will be able to move more freely if you draw Arcann's focus away from our main operations. This also solves the problem that your image presents: while you are the necessary piece for inspiring the full war against the Eternal Throne, your leadership is only truly accepted by the Imperials. Thankfully, there are former legends from the Republic here as well. In the collection of Outlanders, we have a diverse team that can lead the splintered factions of this alliance."

Vegetto kept his strong glare, raising his right eyebrow slightly.

"So what, am I just suppose to sit on this world and do nothing until the war is over? I'm not interested in being your poster boy."

Gogeta Jr. spoke up, looking to his side at.

"No no, you're going out there as well. We just need to be careful about the missions you undertake."

Theron's eyes lifted up at the spectacle of light, immediately tensing and reaching for his blaster pistol once the Universe 5 entourage arrived. The soldiers began to break formation a bit, preparing to engage with their weapons drawn before Beerus lifted his right arm out, signaling for them to stop. He had just disembarked off the ramp of the ship, holding a small frown and speaking up.

"I heard the bit of us being commanders, so let me take charge here and order all of you to stand down. They are not hostile...at least, as of now."

Beerus narrowed his eyes a bit with his arms neatly folded behind his back, glaring back at Arak specifically after exchange glances with the others and speaking with a firm, stern tone.

"What are you doing here, Arak? This is my realm, and I don't recall ever inviting you to meddle in my affairs."
Raditz continued to fly aimlessly in hopes of finding anything.

"This is pointless. As far as I'm concerned there's no intelligent enough life to help me out."


Arak watched as he saw Beerus walk out of the ship. He looked back at Universe's 7 destroyer with a soft smile.

"Beerus, as welcoming as ever I see." 

Ale kept his composure as the other two destroyers spoke. He kept his eyes on Beerus as if he was studying him.

"Well, let's get down to business." Arak glanced over at Cukatail for one second before looking back at Beerus. "Let's go over some background behind our visit. We've been keeping tabs on other universes, not for any bad intentions, but we want to insure the safety of Universe 5. The Tournament of Power long ago introduced me to the idea that mortals were able to obtain power that was well within the realms of Hakaishin. It got me thinking about beings who possess such might but with evil purposes."

Arak looked over at Cukatail who nodded back at the destroyer and held out his staff. An image appeared above it showing Arcann. 

"Such malevolent characters are more than capable of being threats to multiple universes even if they are unaware that there are 12 in total. We don't want these so called universal pests to come invade our universe." Arak placed his hands to his side as he continued to look at Beerus intently. "Now, I know you're not a fan of interference but we were hoping to be of assistance. Call it a sort of entente between Universe 5 and 7. Cukatail?"

Cukatail walked forward a bit as he started to speak up.

"We were hoping that you would take in our Hakaishin trainee, Ale, into your resistance."

Ale looked over at the angel, his face full of confusion.

"Pardon m-"

"As a part of Ale's next millennium of training we were actually taking him across a tour of all 12 universes in order to see how different Hakaishin work as well as being familiar with the sibling universes. But we also wanted to test him a bit. Thankfully, no universal threats have come to Universe 5 for quite some time but we do need Ale to know how to deal with such threats. With all of the stuff going on in Universe 7 we thought this would be a great place to take him!" the Angel mused. "Besides, this universe is home to some of the strongest fighters across the multiverse. The Saiyans specifically come to mind."

"We want Ale to be a part of your group, let him spar with some of your warriors." Arak continued. "In return he will aid you in your resistance and all we ask is peace between our universes. He is a powerful deity and we know you lot need as much firepower as you can get."

Ale continued to stay silent watching over as everyone continued to speak.
"Aww, c'mon Junior! You gotta be a rebel sometimes!" Jaz whispered back, giggling. "Don't worry tho', I got your back if dad gets mad. He won't hurt you when I'm around."

Just as Jaz was about to give Junior a playful shove, the bright light immediately caught her attention. The newcomers no doubt sparked the girl's interest. There was a moment that she didn't say anything, however, when she turned to face Junior, her face spelled glee and trouble. Before he had a chance to stop her, Jaz had already dashed off to the God of Destruction and his accomplices. 

"Junior! More aliens!" Jaz said shoving Beerus out of the way and moving up close to the new God of Destruction. "You guys are from another universe?! That's so cool! You got the same clothes as Mr. Beery too! Are you his brother?! Have you come to save this universe?!"

Jaz couldn't contain her excitement and began to circle Arak and his assistant, her curiosity getting the best of her. She poked at Arak's biceps and meddled with Cuckatail's robe. An innocent laugh would occasionally escape her lips until her eyes trailed to Ale and she paused everything she was doing. The little one walked towards the giant wolfman and her eyes began to glitter with amazement.

"You're one big pupper," Jaz held out her hand in her attempts to pet Ale. "Is it okay if I pet your head? You're not gonna bite me, right?"

"My, my, how easily egos are bruised," Kire chuckled upon hearing Vegetto's retorts. "But hey, I agree with sending the brute as a decoy to take the hits while the rest of us find a stop to this war. However, ignoring the baboon for a moment, I actually have experience in war since I was a commander a long time ago. I can help you guys in your plans and what moves to make. Besides, war tactics don't change, it's the technology used in it, and that is where I shine, just ask Koth."

Kire took a step forward and held out his palm to create a hologram all the information he's gathered about Arcann and Vaylin, the Alliance, Valkorian, and the enemy in general, some being as recent as an hour ago. He purposely expanded the hologram hide Vegetto from view.

"See, I got many ears and many sources. I know a lot more than I should, which is why I don't need to use brute strength to win. Information is power, and ain't anyone got as much info as I do. However, I ain't here to flex my ego, I'm here to help. I won't bother you guys unless you need me, but I do ask for three lil' things." Kire wiggled three fingers. "I want a lab here, I want a small ship at my disposal, and I want complete access to any and all technology you own. I can build weapons from it as well as upgrade current ones. Grant me these three lil' favors and I'll make sure the Alliance has the upper hand in this war."

Kire made a cocky smirk, jabbing a thumb to point at Vegetto.

"Even if it means workin' with that guy. But I'm pretty sure he won't be a problem for me regardless of how big his mistakes will undoubtedly be."
Zibarica, Basil and Paprika were a bit surprised at the arrival of another god of destruction arriving on the scene, but with Beerus handling this they decided it was in good hands. Panich, on the other hand, was tired of this bickering about Vegetto's role in this whole deal and was ready to get down to the meat of the situation.

"If we're done discussing this frivolous matter of importance, fill us in on the main operations." The princess chimed in. "Poster boy or not, I doubt we have the time to argue it over."
Mioi cleared her throat uncomfortably with the sudden awkward tension created. "Please, do not mind them, those two have been like this since they met. Something trivial about patriarchal rivalry," she said to Theron before adding her piece on the matter. 

"Still, Lady Panich is right. We have more pressing matters to focus on beyond just Lord Vegetto posing as Arcann's main distraction. What are the most urgent matters at the moment that need attending to?" Mioi wasn't used to any leadership position, but she suddenly felt determined to prove herself capable of being a contributory leader. Usually she would act dismissive and leave it up to someone else, but this wasn't a situation she felt right shying away from anymore. But there was little they could do without any pertinent information that's come up since they were frozen in carbonite.
Kira moved from the back of the group to closer than the forefront, ending up by Vegetto Jr., her face looking to Piccolo.

"Jr. here fought with the Republic and Mioi had vestigial ties to what remained of the Jedi decades ago." She stated. "I'm not sure what Jaz's story is but these three are the warriors you want representing the Republic to keep everyone fighting the same enemy. They'll be much more convincing than an old failed Jedi Commander could ever me." She then looked over to Vegetto but still speaking to Piccolo. "Funnily enough the old Sith Emperor taught me of my failures as a commander. Still these three are what you'll want. Any Jedi would respect them more than they would respect me."

- - - -

Solaris walked over to Arak and bowed out of condition, body subservient, even the Saiyan tail bending downwards, eyes closed.

"Welcome to this universe, my lord." He stated, half out of respect, half out of conditioning. With the formality finished, he stood back up and walked backwards to get out of the way between the two Destroyers. Though he seemed to be interested in Ale judging by how he kept glancing towards the wolf.

Another discipline of a destroyer, sent to learn from the Z-Fighters as well? That's a coincidence that I don't like. I don't smell any magic at least, so they're probably unaware of my old slaver. Hopefully.

Solaris took another look around, taking into account everyone around.

The Z-Fighters, surrounded by factions of this galaxy, both old and new members reunited, crossing the gap between multiple universes, all to be here. This situation will at least answer the question burning in my mind. What made this group so terrifying to the Black Kaiser?
Beerus narrowed his eyes a bit, rubbing his chin and turning his attention to Ale after Arak's explanation.

"Hmph...I see. Very well, I suppose it wouldn't do any harm to-"

Beerus yelped, nearly toppling over and stumbling to the side. His eyes instantly widened in immense rage, running back up and yanking Jaz back by her hair and loudly yelling in her ear.


Vegetto Jr. quickly ran up to the two, pulling Jaz back with his arms wrapped around her waist, sheepishly grinning back at Beerus with a nervous laugh.

"I'm so sorry, Lord Beerus! Please forgive us, we won't disturb you anymore!"

His arms tensed and locked tightly around Jaz, his eyes turning down to her with a frown and speaking in a hushed whisper.

"Leave them alone Jaz! He could kill you easily; don't be so stupid!"


Theron narrowed his eyes a bit at Kire, perking his head a bit and dodging Kire's demands.

"That reminds me, where is Koth?"

Gogeta Jr. nodded back to the ship.

"He's working on something with the new ship. Said he needed to take care of HK having too much control, he'll catch up in a bit."

Theron nodded, turning back to the others.

"Right. Well, anyway...uhh..."

He turned his eyes back to Kire for a moment, frowning.

"I honestly don't remember seeing your file in any of our databases, but I'm sure we can work something out later if you're as good as you say you are.-"

Vegetto's smirk instantly returned, stifling a small amused chuckle at the lack of recognition while Theron turned back to the others.

"Let's go meet the rest of the team. It's important you all are aware of how this alliance functions first before you lead it."

Theron turned on his heel, leading the group with Tien and Piccolo out of the hanger.



In the back right corner of the room, four figures all stood in front of the holo table depicting an image of a large, mechanical space station. The first man to speak was a green humanoid male, clad in Republic battle armor from head to toe in an orange and white color scheme. The markings on his shoulder were scratched off, however, as he raised his familiar voice with a small scowl.

"A squadron run like that won't work unless we have detailed schematics. We need hangar positions, the defensive capabilities, and how to disrupt the power core."

Zamasu turned his glare down to the second green humanoid figure, crossing his arms.

"You're the scientist here, you're supposed to give us the information on how to blast this thing to bits."

Cheelai shook her head, her white bowl cut of hair swaying from the shake as she buried her hands into her white lab coat's pockets.

"I cannot divine such information, nor pray to the gods of science to uncover this mystery."

Her eyes tilted to the side, a hopeful smile forming on her face as she nodded towards the graying-haired scoundrel leaning up against the wall with his arms crossed.

"Unleeeeess...a certain someone could extract that data in...secret? Eh?"

Clad in a rouge's outfit of a space jacket and pants, Yamcha shrugged his shoulders and remained firmly planted with his back to the wall.

"Hey, don't look at me. I've broken into some crazy places...but these stations are on a whole other level entirely."

All three ceased their conversation, and perked their heads up as Theron slowly escorted the group of Outlanders into the main command room of the base. He turned his head to the group, cocking his right eyebrow.

"I see everyone's making extensive progress on the Star Fortresses. Are we still pushing hard to make it off square one?"

Cheelai smiled back, nodding her head and speaking up for the others.

"We're almost there."

Her eyes perked a bit, leaning to the side slightly to look over Theron's shoulders.

"So those are the Outlanders, huh? Wow...Koth's plan actually worked."

Theron nodded to Cheelai, turning around to face the group and stepping to the side to continue.

"As you saw out there, we're building a pretty healthy alliance but it's not enough. The Core Worlds, as well as the remaining universes are still under threat of Arcann's considerable reach. Meaning we won't be able to openly wage war and inspire the universe against him yet: there are a lot of covert details we need to handle."

He nodded towards the four gathered at the holotable, smiling.

"I've assembled a small team of specialists to help you tackle the big questions and help find potential recruits. They'll handle a lot of the day to day operations, but it will be up to you to guide them in the direction we need to win this war."

Zamasu kept a stern stare, his eyes glaring at Vegetto for a brief moment before being the first to speak up.

"Admiral Zamasu, former leader of the esteemed Havoc Squad. Discharged from the Republic, but still ready and able to fight. I'll be leading the troops and fighter squadrons, come to me when you need boots on the ground."

Cheelai spoke up next, bowing slightly.

"Forgive the admiral here, he's not much of a fan of the former Sith Emperor. I am the universally renowned astrophysicist Doctor Cheelai Oggurobb. I admit, I'm not exactly a biologist, but I am thoroughly fascinated by the effects of long term carbonite poisoning on your mental faculties. I also am working on a very secret project that I could use some strong fighters for intensive study. Come to me if you have any questions."

Yamcha smirked, unfolding his arms and lifting up his right hand with his thumb pointed to himself.

"I'm Yamcha, sure you've heard of me. Broke the toughest blockade in galactic history while personally throwing the middle finger to Arcann himself. I'm the Republic's greatest outlaw hero, basically."

He stood silently, the rest of the group watching on without much of a reaction, before dropping his shoulders and letting out a heavy sigh.

"Fine...just...let me know if you need something smuggled dammit."

The fourth figure that stood with the three at the table finally spoke up next, clad in a light and simple red and black robe. A grey alien who was significantly taller and larger than the others, his bald head was uncovered as he slowly removed his hood, his black eyes glancing between the group as he spoke with a heavy, but flat tone.

"Your visage surfaced in my trials. I am the mystic Jiren...I will assist you. Come to me if you seek power and strength."

Theron turned back to the others.

"And there you have them. Chipper bunch."

Vegetto perked his head, raising an eyebrow.

"And just what problems are you looking to solve, exactly?"

Theron kept his same expression.

"Exactly all of them. Logistics, intelligence, military, technology...don't get me started on the Force and energy."

He then sighed, placing his hands on his hips.

"So...that's the team. Any questions?"​
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