DB FE: Odessen

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"Alright let's go," Zibarica shook his head to get himself under control. "I apologize in advance for the bumpy ride!" The namekian quickly led Kire outside before sweeping him off his feet and into the air toward the surging power. 

"AY! WHERE YA ALL GOIN'?" Panich shouted toward the bar exit. "We're not done here! Who the fuck's cuttin' in on my downtime..." 

The princess then shot upright and grumbling to herself, knocking over the jugs and glasses left behind by the few who left. Paprika and Basil turned to each other with panicked and worried glances. Basil rushed forward cutting his mother off from the door.

"Hey, Hey! Mom, why don't you take a nap? Dad's got it under control." He grabbed hold of her arm and swiftly turned her around toward the bar again. 

"I ain't a toddler!" Panich scoffed but thankfully didn't resist. "Don't need no nap! YOUR MAMA'S GONNA KICK SOME ASS!"


Bage's eyes widened at the figures, seeing Vegetto jr. within their grasp. "You got me... But it looks like they need help. We should go."
The Reaper's head had followed Jaz's entire movement set perfectly through her attack, the slashes on his arms visibly radiating. However, the cuts themselves sealed up easily as if Jaz's slashes had only swung through smoke. The closest Reaper to the main figure turned towards the incoming blast from above, its arm waving upward as if wiping away a stain. Raditz's blast evaporated in response, disappearing completely into smoke similar to Vegetto Jr's transformation.

The figures remained still, the ominous energy and presence still present once Mioi's laser fire phased through the group of the creatures, fire erupting upward underneath them once she struck the ground. The main Reaper extended its free arm out, snuffing the flames and fire that resulted in one clench of its fist to disperse the resulting damage. Its head turned, glancing between Jaz and Mioi specifically with a low tone.

"The̛ ͠pr̢e͡s̀en͠c̕e.̸.́.i͞t͏'͏s ͘w̨ithin҉ bót͏h ̧o̷f̧ ̕the҉sè cr҉e̛atureş."

The closest Reaper then turned its head up, its focus on Gogeta Jr. before turning to Brachi and Xenest.

"The̷se t̀hre̵e͟ as w̡ell.͝.͘.̛b̀ut̵ ̕V̨a͡lk̀o͡r͝i̕a̕ǹ h̵i̶m͢s͠e͡lf ̡is͜ ͢ab͘s̕ent͟."

The main Reaper relinquished its grip on Vegetto Jr.'s neck, tossing him to the floor. Its head turned towards the other fighters, turning its back to Jaz in ignoring her as its dark voice resonated loud enough for them to hear.

"W̹̞͈̘͇̘e̶͙̯'̹̱̗̺̱v̷̙̼̠͓̯e̡͕ ̘̺̻̙͚̰͜c̰̠͉̯͓̘ͅo͓m̺͈͚͜ẹ̬̞͇̥̫̺ ̘̱f͈̣̮̰̩̻ơ̗̜̤̦̩r͓͉ ͏̰̖͎̣t͉he͈̙̭͖̠̩ ̡̰̬Ḭ͔̲͇͇͓m̬̹͜m̛o͇͔͍r͏̻̻͓t̤̮͍̳̜̘͜a͙̻̙̞͚͓͉͝l͖̬͔̫̥̭̞͘ ̭̯͔E̠͔m̬͘p̨̯͙̩e̼̳̜̹͉̟r̲̝̫̫̞o̳r̟͢.̸̙̤̼̮̦̗ ̻͔̱̟̙͖̗R͟e̴̪̝̹̻l̹̺̻̫̱̬į̠ͅn̸q̥̜̹̘̰͇͘ṷ̲̺̖͙͖̟͘i̻̬s̡̳͍̭ḥ͚ ̼̦̟̘̯͝hiͅs̮̗̳͍̕ s̪͔p̟̱̯̭i͏̞r̪͎̼͓̫͡i̩̻̦ͅt̟ ́n̰̮͖͓͎̥ó̲̭͙̥̹̦̟w͉̥͎̫͓̳̼̕,͈̙ ̥̘͚̀or ̦̻̤̼̺be̬͓̝̪̜͠ ҉͎͚̻͙d͘e̳̱͘s̤͎̺̫̀t̼̱̰̬͖͈̜͜r̮̙̠̭̮o̭̦̺̮̝̖y̝̹̲̹̣͎̗e̮͍̩̥̦͠ḓ̨.̛̫̝͖̖̻"
Jaz felt cold as the being was completely unharmed by her attack. As the Reaper spoke, she felt her skin creep with goosebumps and her body tremble at the thought of what he meant. She knew they meant Valkorian but she kept the Emperor's words close, refusing to speak about him. When the others arrived, she felt no relief, fearing for their lives upon realizing how easily one handled Junior.

"What are these things..? I... I didn't mean to call them here," Jaz whispered to herself. "I just wanted to spend time with Junior and show him a trick..."

Once Junior was released and dropped to the floor, Jaz was quick to rush to his direction and as she approached him, she jumped over him and stopped a couple of feet from him. Her body slowed down until it was apparently that Jaz struggled to move her body. Something was slowing her down and controlling her movements. Her confusion and fear heard from her rapid breathing, even from under her visor. Her body turned around to face the Reapers, taking a few steps towards them before stopping with one foot on top of Junior, almost pinning him to the floor. Jaz's arms dropped and her stance appeared more nonchalant, free of any tremors despite Jaz's hushed struggle. Her blade was only a few inches from Junior's face, just barely snipping away at a few strands of hair from his bangs.

"W-What's going on? I can't control my body..! Is this another trick from those beings?"

No, it's me. Red Mist's voice echoed through Jaz's head, digging her heel on Junior's body. I told you I had control. I think it's about time I play a little bit, don't you think Jazzy?

"N-No! You're just going to kill everyone!"

As much as I want to play with your little friends, there are more important things at hand. Red Mist took a deep breath and stretched Jaz's body. 

"You're going to lose! These guys are too strong!"

I know, but that's what makes it so fun...

As Jaz pleaded with Red Mist, to the others, it looked as if she was talking to herself and arguing with a being not there. She continued to dig her foot on Junior's chest before walking slowly towards the Reapers with no hesitation from Jaz's side. Her stride was relaxed, almost loose as Red Mist tested the control of the body. She stood a couple of feet away from the Reapers, specifically the one that seems to have targeted her. Finally, Jaz spoke but her voice and tone was not the same one the others know.

"The man you seek is dead, cowering in fear from your presence. I'll fight with you for a while since that Valkorian fool bothered me with his irritating babble."

Kire kept a tight grip on Zibarica, not being a fan of flying in the open and unprotected. He was determined to get to Jaz and Junior, hoping that he would make it before anything drastic happened. 

"Hurry up! My daughter is in the middle of that mess!"
Ale continued to watch keeping eye on the reapers. 

Immortal Emperor?

Raditz now landed near the group and faced towards the reapers.

"Blew that away like nothing!" he exclaimed. Raditz let out a battle cry as electricity started to crackle from his increased aura turning into Super Saiyan 2. He then took another look at the reapers before looking back at everyone else.

"So we gonna go ahead and fight?"
"What we ought to do is stand down instead, warmonger." Mioi warned, excluding the Reapers from her telepathic range. The ghoulish creatures were making her adrenaline rush override the effect of the booze that was hampering her judgement. "There is no way we can physically harm them; they released the Lord's son voluntarily because these things do not see any of us as a threat. These things are here for our incorporeal 'friend', but their intent feels malicious."

She turned her gaze towards Gogeta Jr. and the others. "We will have to convince them not to destroy us instead of revealing what little we know about our incorporeal 'friend'." Mioi was sweating profusely under the imposing aura the Reapers exerted over her, but she still cracked a joke. "We were not exactly known across the galaxy for our skills with diplomacy though..."
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