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Sep 3, 2015
Anyone who participate in BoogaVerse are free to come in and able to placed their thoughts of what can be done to improve the quality of the section. Any suggestions is welcome!
While I don't have any current suggestions to offer at the moment on my mind, I do have my little scrapbook tumblr where I keep track of pretty much any picture I find pleasing enough to possibly use and create an OP picture of for my threads. Of course, it doesn't have to be just for Boogaverse. 

The blog I keep it all on is ufopanda!
It's nothing but pictures. I have almost all the pictures I reblog tagged to a certain category to keep things quickly and easily findable which you can do by checking out the tag directory OR just clicking on the archive button of the theme to get all the thumbnails in one place. I don't reblog gifs, so loading times shouldn't lag your browser too wildly.
Thanks! That will b great for members to use in the effort of creating their area threads. 

Another thing I would like to mention is slow down of Area Threads so it will not become bloated. Should we limit the amount areas to be created until due time? :think:

I also noticed that all the threads are not under one thread for individual members. So it should be fused together so a member can simply just add their character in one thread, rather than making 50+ threads.
If you mean the ones in the Area Box I see no reason to limit how many because of the fact most of those are still under construction/need of tweaking.

Not counting Guild threads, we have:

2 play threads for Desolate Lands
5 for empire state
4 Paradise Threads 
2 Shina Ania Threads
And 2 islands.

We have a total of 11 play threads, which for something that's supposed to be an entire world of its own, is severely limiting. So placing a limit on how many are made for these regions sounds counterintuitive if we want diversity aside from "This is a place for you to fight things that randomly appear." Because not every character made is necessarily one equipped for a combat roleplay. 

I can agree to limit the kinds of threads that are there solely for people to use as a battlefield, but overall the ones that need more diversity would be any regions that aren't Empire State, which has threads to fulfill its niche for the most part. We could use more variety in the type of threads made. Say, a trading town instead or a watering hole with healing capabilities placed in areas like Shina Ania or Desolate Lands. I'd like to see more variety in future threads besides the thread serving as mainly a place to get into PvP scuffles. We can't develop lore for the regions if there are very little threads made to serve more than just a site for fighting.

The limit I'd place at most is creation for Empire State, since there's not too much left to make threads for in order to develop the history behind that region.

MMerging character threads into one would definitely be easier for the OP to find their character info.
Yeah, that was what I'm referring that we might have too many battle threads - or Empire State is getting lots of love - rather than threads that solely dedicated to adventurous stuff. Wow, we only have 11 threads - excluding the Guilds - in total? What the fuck? I'm withdrawning my complaint because I assumed we're including all the threads - including those in construction - would be considered a lot, but the way you presented, it definitely not even scratching the surface (oops) xD
Some more exploration threads that aren't Guild mission-centered would be cool-- some locations after a Guild mission is completed can also just be left open for others to come in and check out themselves if possible. I plan to leave Grimsby Falls open after the mission there is done for some future development.

We have to prepare different niche threads depending on the region of course. Which regions have the most run-down aesthetic to them? Shina Ania and Desolate Lands? There could be plenty of 'Ruins' themed places to create; like abandoned power plants or ones that exude more unknown life forms (like radioactive goop! Goop is fun.)

Paradise is heavily centered around magic and fantasy themes, so niche threads for those can also be prepared; they just need to not appear identical.
Sounds like a well idea! I think Jaz had a character that's from Desolate Lands - and is considered an mutant due to the radiation there. So I can definitively see stuff as you mention to appear there.

I was thinking of placing a "Casino-like" place somewhere in Paradice... just need a good pic and a good name :maybe:
I should also post the generators I use to come up with names and things, too now that I'm reminded about it:
I'll pretty up this post later since I'm on my study break.
Well, I'll be damn. That's some useful resources. I'll definitively check it out and see what I can come up with xD Hopefully others will take full advantage of this and go wild with imagination :wagh:
I have an idea regarding characters: How about we have a thread where people can put up request and ask for someone to play a certain character? For example my character has a sister he is looking for, but it would be boring if I write for both him and the sister later on. So if there's a place I can put up a request for others to see, they can register the sister as one of their characters and we can play together. It helps if the characters have a family cause the player won't have to write a whole family interacting scene all alone. (sounds pretty lonely)

Edit: Perhaps We can put Boogaverse's own Canon chatacters in there so people can register as them and become more involved in the story?
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