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Sep 5, 2015
Appelsider_ <------ my Insta for a better overview!

I wanted to make an art thread since the beginning, but was too lazy. Since I finally switched imageshosting site and using my laptop after a hundred years I decided to make it now. :D

BEWARE the pics might be big in size and most drawings will be those 3/4 side profile generic doodles that often miss one eye because I can't draw them evenly.  :shutdown:

there's no chronological order right now, though that'll change when I start posting drawings I make from now on.

OC.. tho ive changed everything about him so actually.. its a random drawing now.

other 2yr old stuff:



oh and two gifs/animations i made:

Tried drawing Alma from DGM:

Practiced poses once:

I'll stop with the older art bc then i'd have too many images...

In the next post I'll post the more recent ones.
Last half year stuff:

Painting an eye


Some more doodles under one spoiler:







Ok ok in the last post I'll add the recent digital drawings I've done and then I'll stop spamming. xD
2 orange bois


One Piece chara's: 

And yesterday I drew Link, but couldnt decide on his face so here are 2 normal ones:


And here are the totally serious alternatives xD



I commend u if u were able to go through these drawings xD 
This was the spam for now so until next time!
You've improved so much since I've last seen your art! I  can't draw guys for my life without drawing the same one over and over  :argh:

My favorite of the alternatives is Buck teef Link
Dang, I think this is the first time I ever saw your artwork! Looks pretty damn good I may say! Cyclops Link made me LEL
Thanks guys! Glad to see you think I'm improving bc i feel like ive got so much more to improve :katcry:

Heres the drawing for the Art Comp: 
I basically started this on my old tablet, but almost redid everything after getting the new tablet where you can draw on screen haha such a pain, I hope I can draw neater lines someday and color better!

And heres some sketches so I can get used to the tablet:
well hello here i am again  :kat:

still suck at digital art, especially coloring so god pls help me idk what to do to improve  :katcry:

anyways heres 2 doodles recently made:

wanted to try drawing Sora, then I remembered I cant art to save my life so I bet this will never be finished. xD


and this one I made today.. still stuck as to find a drawing/coloring style that fits me and my art... so I didnt go all out coloring

tips would be greatly appreciated.. gotta look for some tutorials myself again I guess
i did add a filter to it on insta and it made the drawing look a bit better..maybe i need to start using more filters xD
Ooh, I like the sketch in your last post and your Sanji pic!

To be fair, Sora's design (and arguably many KH designs) are really detailed and probably require multiple drawings just to get used to it... Syn makes it look easy XD so maybe Syn could give you tips on drawing Nomura OCs :lmao:

If you want to work on your coloring and getting used to digital brushes, why don't you try your hand at coloring manga pages? I typically do it by coloring it as usual, but I set my color layers to "multiply" with the manga page as the base layer. You can also play with the layer settings since they can also be used to act like filters in their own way. It's a simple method for if you don't feel like drawing out your own picture just to color it yet.

What program do you use to draw? If it's Painttool SAI I could probably give you way more specific tips  :sweats: Also, if you own a Wacom tablet, I highly suggest you go into your tablet pen's settings and disable "Double Tap" features by turning it off or at zero, since having it on would inexplicably leave weird 'tails' going off the main line I drew as opposed to a clean straight stroke.
Thanks Loopy!

Well I keep switching between Sai and Medibang and I think I prefer medibang for my doodles. So i'll stick with that for now haha. With coloring I think o just need to practice it till i get the hang of it.. but I never get to that point because i scrap all my drawings xD

For now i have this small doodle since it touched my tablet after a 100 years

And of course the broly drawing for the comp:
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