Anime/Manga You're Watching/Reading?

2004 Fullmetal Alchemist and Death Note
Decided to reread Smokin' Parade after reading news that it's apparently finishing its last arc of writing... and I came to find out more chapters were released in english, so I'm bingeing it...

Also reading Umineko EP2 manga, finished Higurashi massacre arc... bruh...

I'm currently watching Yu Yu Hakusho (dubbed for the sake of my multitasking), Tokyo Ghoul, and Dragonball all on Hulu. When I can anyway. And for nights I'm bored, I put on the Higurashi anime but so far Hulu only has the episodes by DEEN. So I'm watching the worst one! But it's nice to keep my brain fresh while I'm peeping the VNs for extra info that wasn't in the manga.
Started reading Platinum End per Ploep's suggestion, and my god, what have you done to me... 14 chapters in and I'm dreading the slog :sob:

Boring plot, boring characters except for one and everything is just awful. I never read a lick of Death Note nor watched any of the clips, but if this is the best they can... oof.
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