Anime/Manga You're Watching/Reading?

Currently reading Tomie by Junji Ito, Levius by Naruhisa Nakata, and Parasite in Love (forget the authors' names)

Finished Kimi ni Koisuru Satsujinki yesterday. Ended in the lamest way imaginable but there's suspicions it got canned last-minute. Don't waste your time w/ it, I read it because the art was pretty and I got curious seeing caps of it on tumblr. It was an entertaining trainwreck I'll admit, I was just pissed off that the final chapter had next to no real payoff in terms of catharsis.

In terms of life-ruining trainwreck slice of life stories, I much much prefer No Longer Human by Junji Ito and the modernized adaptation made by Usamaru Furuya.
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