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Anime/Manga You're Watching/Reading?


Black Jacket
What series are you currently reading or watching? B)

For me I'm watching Michiko and Hatchin (and One Punch Man)

Reading: Akira, Higurashi, Gangsta.


Blue Jacket
finished watching Owari no Seraph and started reading it. I haven't caught up with the Tokyo Ghoul anime but caught up with the manga. Haikyuu and Durarara, drrr I'm not caught up with either but still far in the anime and not in the manga

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
Currently reading: One Punch Man, Prison School, Gangsta.

Watching: (Kinda) One Punch Man.


Blue Jacket
hmm just now a lot one piece and naruto and bleach and assassination classroom among them just now:)


Blue Jacket
Anime: OPM, GATE, Charlotte and (soon) Date A Live: Mayuri Judgement
Manga: Fate/Prisma Illya, Akame Ga Kill and Attack on Titan
Light Novels: Date A Live and Highschool DxD (LNs don't get enough love around here XD)


The Strongest
Watching: Prison School, Food Wars, OPM
Reading: Prison School, OPM, Real Account, Niskeoi, Attack on Titan, Watamote, Boku no Hero Academia, Assassination Classroom


Green Jacket
Watching: World Trigger, Arslan Senki, Charlotte, Gangsta, God Eater and Gintama' to name a few
Reading: One Piece, Bleach, Shingeki no Kyojin, D.Gray-Man and some more haha

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
Reading: Assassination Classroom, Prison school, One Punch Man, Gangsta
Watching: One Punch Man, Gangsta.