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Sep 4, 2015
The Netherlands
Well, I decided to post my art-thread here.

All of my work can be found on My Deviantart Page, but I'll list the more exceptional ones here.

 A Drawing of Brachi in her Xenoverse outfit.
Nice! Her outfit is pretty cool :thumbs:

Can't wait to see more of your stuff man.
Z-Fighter said:
Well, as stated before, the lion's share of my work is on DA. But here is one just for you lot:


:thonk: then add some artwork that's exclusive here.

Anyways, your artwork is pretty good though. Can't wait to see more.
That is going to be difficult, since I like to post all my stuff on DA, and whatever I don't post are stuff I am afraid people would misunderstand the reason of me posting it up there...

But thanks regardless. :)

BTW, I am still hosting an Ask My OCs thing here:


So, post your questions in the comment section of that journal and have your question answered by that character in a drawing.
When are we gonna get pictures here?!  :wagh: I barely go on DA, mostly because I forgot my password or something, I'unno. xDD

I personally like your pixel-style art. Keep it up and maybe post some pictures here for Boogaloo! I think it should love your style. :D
That looks awesome Z-Fighter! Just a heads up, you can use the imgur link or the "image button" next to the email in your code buttons box to link it, rather than setting up as an attachment.  :thumbs:
No problem man!

Ah! I never knew you had an original character, ZF! She looks adorable  :baaa:
As a bonus, here's a highlight of some of my latest (and personal best) works:


Majin Bara showing Fused Zamasu who's boss, Droopy-style.

And she's one of the about 50 DB OCs I have. Anne is an Android.
And here is an older group drawing I made, featuring the vast majority of my OCs:


I've got Humans, Saiyans, Androids, Namekians, Majins, Demons, a Frieza Race, an Appule Race, a Hera-seijin (Bojack's race), a Cui's race, a Goddess of Destruction and an Angel in my OC lineup so far. xD
Awesome drawings, ZF!  The Group drawing is pretty damn intense, lol. How long did it take you to draw that?
Yay, more drawings! I personally forgot my dA password and stuff but I can't even get my older drawings back. xDD

I love Bara, she's such a cutie, especially when she whacks Zamasu. I doubt anyone can come between her or Brachi, not even a God dude like Zamasu (I don't know much DBZ, sorry xDD) I also love Brachi's face at the end. I also love the huge picture of all the OCs having a BBQ at Brachi's(?) house. Lots of colorful characters here! I still love Bara as always. xDD I don't think I can draw a huge drawing like this, I'm actually really impressed! Then again, I don't think I have that many OCs either. 

By the way, how do you draw this? Kinda reminds me of pixel art but I am not sure. Do you have a tablet you draw on or use Photoshop or Paint?
Both group drawings took me a few weeks to finish, but it did depend on the time I had available to work on them due to personal life things and all; I've got a job and such.

And I always make a sketch on paper first, then after scanning it in, I use Gimp and Animation Shop to get to linearting/coloring and the adding of additional details and fixing the image as a whole.
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