White Void

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Z frowned at the uncomfortable feeling of watching multiple futures but was finally relieved to know Shine will be spared. 

"Well... I suppose I not only decided the fate of Shine but everyone here as well~" Z said nervously as she felt a few eyes on her. "What a task I laid before myself...~ Anyway, Toadstool, was it~? Our realm will return to normal and our lives restored back in order as agreed upon~ Failure to do so will result in a cosmic crime on your end~ Do not disappoint me, Toadstool~"

Z sighed as she seemed very exhausted from the events that have happened as of late. There was no doubt Z was putting in more effort than she was ever known for and it was almost admirable. 

"So can you finish this off already~? We are all pretty tired after the battle for reality~ I wish to have Shine fix the Sisterhood while I get a well deserved nap...~
“What do you mean by this?” Khalid said. “What massive change will befall our world?”

Todasúl swiftly ignored Z’s input after that. “You remarks and comments are no longer relevant. We did not agree to anything. I simply allowed you the opportunity for Shine’s existence to continue on based on the future I saw and nothing more. Everything else will be my discretion, and not yours. Do not think yourself as a hero nor savior—you’re simply buying time. Time, I, foresee, you do not have.”
Turning to the rest, Todasúl turned to the Retcon Dragon that was slowly recovering by Slygon’s magic. “Because of the Retcon’s ability, it had shattered all barriers that I had put in place, and dark energy had now entered this world. Restoring the world is one thing but putting things back to everything as the way it was before… that will never happen. Negative’s energy had infected the world too much, and the aftermath will be sprung into existence as a result. Dark entities will attack, humans exposed to dark energy because of this event… that saved by the Queen of Fairies, Black Crystals, and the possibilities of ability beyond your imagination.”

Shine narrowed his eyes. “Because of me… I turned the world into bitterness?”

“Because of your actions, the world will never be the same. Be grateful that your life still lingers in existence.” Todasúl stated.

Shine lowered his head down, clenching his hand tightly for the damage he had caused. He turned to the rest of the people, especially Asuza and her group. He’d vividly remember images of killing a monster dog, causing him to look away in disgust of his own action.

“How you prepare to fix the broken world, that is up to you mortals. The best I can do is bring protection of this planet with my older sister’s pure energy and my energy.” Todasúl stated. “I must attest to other worlds and clean up the mess.”

Suyoi frowned. “I don’t sense any other planets… they were completely swallowed in darkness.”

“And they will be attracted to this world, a world of other energies in the sea of darkness.” Todasúl turned to the rest of them. “You will have a great battle in the future when the time comes.” His eye starts to open again. “And I foresee a battle so great, that entire worlds will be involved… in which we will cross paths one day. Until then, mortals, farewell…”

Todasúl and Suyoi’s eyes shine brightly and flat out warped reality around them. White void suddenly change into a lucid color across all direction.

Shine felt the immense pressure around his body, the feeling that everyone would felt. Similar to the eye of judgement, he felt a friction of time warping around himself. Not just futures but seeing his past selves. He lost all his colors until his body was morphing and warping all over the place.

Silence rushed over to Blazrin and Eleanor. Growing concern and didn’t know what was going to happen, especially after the dark news, he placed his arms over the two warriors. Despite his annoyance with Blazrin’s flirty behavior and Eleanor’s criminal background, anyone that joins his guild is considered family. “Hold on…!!!”

Excalik was freaking out. “What’s happening now!?” He turns to Vala and went to reach out for her. “Whatever happens, I just want you to know... I really love...!!! Adventuring with you! I'm glad to be your comrade, Vala!” As he held the wisp under his hat.

“Amazing… Vox, Asuza, Liza…, can you see it? The birth of the universe.” Bob’s eyes widened. “One of my things I want to do is see the birth of the universe with my very own eyes, and I finally got to see it.” He bore a huge smile, something he never does because of his plain-looking face. “The destructive birth of a new world!!!!”

Liza grabbed her head. “I can’t take it anymore! I just want it to end!!!

The Dragon Guardians all proceed to bow, as they were warp around.

Alice held onto Vosh’s hair tightly. “Never in my days I would’ve seen something like this!!!”

Fairy Queen grabbed onto Vosh’s arm. “They’re restoring the world, by recreating it… and if what they say is true… than it’ll be new……….”
Vox says "I agree with what your saying Bob." Vox says nicely "The worst part is over Liza and we get to watch the creation of our reality."

Vosh says to Alice "I have to agree to with that." Vosh says to the Fairy Queen "I well aware of the implications but they are not something to fear."
"Y-you two have a different idea about this than me! This is more scary than fun!" Asuza grabbed onto her group tightly with her arms, looking panicked at the sudden warping going on practically enveloping them in a group hug. "I can't even begin to comprehend this, but if we're going back home, I don't want us to be split up! Not yet! I don't want to end up on my own again..."

Vala tightly grasped Excalik's wrist and pulled him and the Wisp close to her, using her scepter to encase themselves in a bubble shield. "Me too-- I'm glad to call you my comrade. I'm sure we'll still be needed as hunters in the next world." She smiled despite the pounding of her heart in her ribcage. "But you need to know... I'm cursed. I'll explain everything later, but you must know this body's on borrowed time until I can break it. I thought becoming a hunter would show me the way to breaking it since I won't get a second life, but I've no idea what we'll come back to. It's only fair I tell you now that I know you're a literal undead, right?"

"So that's that, huh..." Okawa went into a reclined position with her familiar in her lap, closing her eyes as the reality warping took place. "Looks like we'll be coming out of our 'retirement' early, Sayer." She sighed. "I don't really mind though. It's high time for a more exciting chapter, don't you think? Can't be running a shop forever-- the idle lifestyle just isn't for me."

"You're taking this rather well," The raven crooned at her.

"I saw a lot of fun possibilities that might've energized me is all. Can't say the same for others, however..." She trailed off watching Edge Man's lament. "Some might be in need of some work."

"Hold on, everyone!" Whitney grabbed hold of Kiki, Hatty, and Agatha, holding them close to her. "I promise I won't let go!"

"Oof, ouch, okay, this feels really weird-" Eleanor felt like her body was turning to jelly, showing swirls for eyes. "Dun let me go.... I might get sucked into a black hole... where's the leak, ma'am?"
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"Not again~!" 

Z gripped on to Shine's robe as reality and time were warping around them. She did not like the sensation better than anyone else but she kept her eyes wide open to see the hundreds of other futures that might befall her. One thing she noticed was a black entity consuming her in a variety of futures. She buried herself in Shine's robes.

"This is going to be a nasty ride~!"

"W-What! Oh man, not again!" Blazrin felt Silence hold on to him and Eleanor. The bulky man quickly held on to Eleanor and Silence so they did not separate. "Hang on tight Elilinor! No throwing up on me or the Boss! If we die... I just wanted to say that I think you're the best boss ever! I also think Elilinor is kinda cute despite her rough edges! She ain't all that bad and I think she's pretty funny! Gwaaaah!"

Blazrin held on as tight as he could as time and reality messed all around them.

"Kyaaaa! Don't let go, guys!" Kiki yelled as she held on to Whitney. Hatty's little ribbon arms wrapped around Whitney and Kiki. 

"Hang in there Kiki! We're gonna get through this!" Hatty yelled out. "You too Whitney! Just don't let go!"

Kire and Evelyn wrapped their arms around each other as they felt the weirdness of time and reality messing around them. Kire seemed upset that Evelyn was whimpering in his arms and all he could do was press her head against his shoulder while they awaited their fate.

"I ain't gonna let ya' go, Evelyn!"

One future he saw constantly was of a mysterious daughter he had but Evelyn would be nowhere in those futures. He narrowed his eyes and continued to notice similar odd figures in his futures that involved a strong alien race, specifically a man who's son looked identical to him. Oddly enough, his mysterious daughter appeared to be dating the son and he couldn't help but gag at the thought.

Yeesh, thank god I ain't got kids. I'd die and come back t' life 'fore I'd let any daughter o' mine date a guy... 
All returns to nothing, the birth of a new world, new reality and new concepts. Within seconds, all turns into darkness before exploding into a new, recreated world. 

Yet, deep space, a single eye opens up in the sea of darkness. Cracks formed around it, destroying into multiple fractures.

“Ah, so it seems that my agent had finally done it. Good thing my younger brother managed to catch the attention of Todasúl and Suyoi for the moment. Hmph. You, my brethren, are no longer bound by the prison. Go and unleash mayhem… I, Viegan, commands you…”

Viegan turns to the abysmal amount of beings behind him. All of them shouting and grunting. “My little brother created you with his energy… so he isn’t so much of a useless twit after all…. Perhaps I should visit Jinaira, I haven’t seen him nor sense him for so long… but he suddenly appeared when trillions of light surges across to his little realm, Reality Vortex.” He turns around, seeing the world being form once more. “And this time, Suyoi and Todasúl will submit to my ambitions.”

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