What household chore do you hate the most?


The Strongest
Sep 3, 2015
Let's be honest, whether or not we live on our own or lived with our parents, roommates, etc, there has to be one chore that you dislike doing at some point of your day. So, what are they? :maybe:
Vacuuming and cleaning my shower.

Vacuuming, because I'm a total wimp with our heavy ass vacuum cleaner, and it takes a while for it to vacuum all the hair that's somehow on my room's floor. I shed like a damn dog for no reason, so I have to do it tomorrow. And I have to vacuum my bathroom counter too since each time I dry my hair, random strands will fly off and accumulate around. As with the floor and other places.

Cleaning my shower isn't as bad until I end up soaking half of my shirt trying to rinse the cleaner out. And no matter whether I turn the air vent and open the doors or not, the fumes accumulate and make my head/nose ache. I've had to use a broom before to clean the soap scum off my shower floor (some soaps are weird about how stubbornly they stick)
I hate doing dishes most. Mostly because it hurts my back for some reason.
I actually dislike cleaning the windows mainly because it such a tedious job when you have a big ass house, you know what I'm saying? And the dust get collected rather easily... :wagh:
I personally hate doing the dishes because we usually have so many to do. The worst part about cleaning it is the mushy food that you feel on your fingers, it's so gross! I also hate the fact that I get food under my nails. Ew.
Shine ain't got chill :kek: there's also scrapin the food off into the trash can. Unless someone ain't eatin everything on their plate B| then it'll cost em

But I don't ever clean my windows. :maybe: Though cleaning my mirrors are a real bitch since I have a huge one in my bathroom.
ShineCero said:
Isn't that what the Dish Washer for? :kat:

I don't have a dishwasher, you know this. xDD

Besides, you wanna get the dishes cleaned right, you gotta wash 'em with your HANDS.
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