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Waifu-Husbando Event

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I went with Sanji after all, here's my drawing! 


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I may not be able to upload something in time but, if I find the time I do have someone I'd like to go with in the contest

Party Hardy, Black Cat.



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Reminder: The Waifu/Husbando Event will end next Saturday! It's the final push! get those drawings in and make the best out of your Waifu/Husbando!  :toocool:


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Here it is, Holo, drawn by a hobo.


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my first pick is Loopy, then ShineCero, then Ploep
For ShineCero: I hope you don't mind the criticism but I would have picked yours first if you had colors on. I think you did great with the POV and the details with Pharah.

Loopy's was great too, the effects were what got me the most. She really has a good grasp at lighting and colors too

Ploep's is okay. She just needs to be more confident with color choices!

I thought Z's was fine but I feel like she could venture into adding something in the background. Like not full on BGs but maybe something like what Loopy, you and Ploep did: little hearts or sparkles in the bg, just to at least make the image stand out more!

I think Nick could do with brushing up on his anatomy! I also felt like he didn't exactly follow the theme of the competition. Like it's about showing love to your fave characters! I felt like he only just gave us a picture of Holo and that's it

Z-Fighter's work is also good but like Nick he could use some more practice with anatomy, and also could use the same things Z needs -- a little bit more in the background. I'm just kind of not feeling the mood that was established in it.

Ploep: All-in-all, everything looks good. The background is an especially nice touch, and the proportions look good. What I’m not a fan of, however, are the fingers. They feel too.. Angular, I suppose. Not very natural. I’m not too familiar with the art style of OP, however, so it could just be me. (2nd pick)

~Z~: Very fair drawing. While there is no background, the inclusion of the Omnipencil drawing a heart made for a rather humorous touch. While I don’t know much about Bernkastel as a character, what little I do know seems to match with her reaction. The right sleeve seems a tad small in comparison to the left, but that could just be a perspective issue.  (3rd pick)

Nick: Very fair drawing for a newbie. I would suggest work on the eyes though. They look either a) demonic or b) extremely bloodshot. The proportion on the hands also seem really off. They look like baby hands. The tail also looks like it’s just sticking out, something I would attribute to a cat rather than a wolf.

Z-Fighter: The background adds a nice romantic touch, and the hair rather fits the style of DBZ from what I can recall from it. Just like Ploep, however, there are some parts that seem a little angular. I would perhaps suggest adding a small amount of blur to those lines to make them less jagged and appear more organic.

LoopyPanda: Honestly the best hair of all the other entries (not to discourage the other contestants, as all of the entries were good). The linework around the shoulders is a tad jagged looking, but not very noticeable. The background is pretty awesome but I especially love the inclusion of gifts in the foreground. Hibiki’s expression is absolutely priceless though, it really helps to match the valentines theme, especially with the colors and gifts. (1st pick)

ShineCero: As with the others, the inclusion of hearts and gifts are a plus. Pharah’s hand feels a little off with the way she has it over her heart. It looks pretty painful on the wrist. The use of more angular shapes can be forgiven due to the fact that she’s wearing armor that, in and of itself, is angular. A solid drawing, and definitely props for using pencil on it.

The results are in!
The contestant who won the majority vote from the judges' panel is...​


:superkat: Congratulations on winning the Waifu-Husbando Event! :superkat: 
Wear Your Badge with Honor and Glory!

I hope all the entrants enjoyed this Competition, all the entries were wonderful! :D
If you didn't win this competition, don't get discouraged! We will have future Bob Ross competitions! Stay tuned.
As always, I thank you all for your participation!
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