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Sep 4, 2015
Hey guys! Remaking this thread here, and starting off with my most recent creation:


Yay for Photoshop! Anyways, let me know what y'all think! :)
Very good sig, I like the effects...
I don't really liek the text it isn;t very readable...
And the render needs more blending specially around the hair...
but good job it turned out nicely...
Yeah, I was planning on making this a bit more unified with the colors. But I didn't like how the hair of the transformation would be less recognizable, and wanted to make sure this was a sig dedicated to my new RPG form for the fusions. The text, however, is just my usual failing at getting that down correctly haha xD

Thanks for the feedback guys! Really appreciate all the comments :)
I wouldn't say it was a failure. I kinda like the text placement. I also like that radial effect of sorts. It looks like a massive amount of energy is being sent out from the sheer power of the form.
Nice stuff, Vegetto! :D

Always super jealous at how cool you make your DBZ signatures. I wish I can edit and make cool stuff like you! D:
Yeah man, post more of your content :maybe: It's pretty flippin amazing, bruh.
Hahah, thanks guys!

I would upload more of the old works, but I think it's best to leave those where they belong. But don't worry, I'm working on something at the moment and will post it here when it's finished! :)
Dat radial effect   :twitch:

Nice complimenting colors and effects to match the saiyan might. Only thing it lacks is that extra blending but you already explained that. #TeamHair all the way   :salute:

WE. WANT. MORE.   :cool:
Hehe, thanks guys! I actually ended up scrapping the plan I was currently working on. Couldn't really find the right stock image ^^;

But I do have another signature I ended up making a few minutes ago! Got a little rush on the fanfic I'm writing and made a cool little signature for the series' main protagonist, SSGSS Vegetto :)


Didn't really work too much on this one, nor did anything complex with the effects haha. Let me know what you guys think! :D
LoopyPanda said:
I like it! Has a nice watercolor wash look to it, kind of like he was in an ocean but glowing. *3*

Feels cinematic in a way.

Thanks Loopy! :D

Yeah, looking back on it, I can see the oceanic like feel to it. I was honestly going for the mystic glow in the dark depths of space, but it feels more like he's underwater with the kind of flow the effects and background create with the stock xD

I really enjoy that you got the more professional feel from it. One of the goals I was hoping to do was take the original stock and make it look like it could be a promotion for some sort of movie. Glad to hear that it paid off! :D
Ahh yes! Its good to see this again! Youre so awesome at making banners and signatures! I hope it would be okay if i ask you to make one for me one of these days! ;)
Panich said:
Ahh yes! Its good to see this again! Youre so awesome at making banners and signatures! I hope it would be okay if i ask you to make one for me one of these days! ;)

Hehe, thanks Panich! :D

I'll think about requests for a bit. One of the problems I always had was never getting into the ideas people pitched me. I always want to give a good job for people, but it does end up draining me in the end. So I might just do on and off "request months" or something in the near future to make up for that :)
Hey guys! So I went ahead and whipped up a little signature for the competition, using the space theme.


Personally, I absolutely love how this one came out. First time practicing the splatter technique using vector masks in photoshop, and I really enjoyed finally scratching one of the creative itches I always get when I make signatures and can't figure out how to do a certain effect haha.

Let me know what you guys think!
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