To Be Or Not To Be?

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Sep 4, 2015
Death's Door - Beyond the Gate
Preview / Planning



1. No god mod, mary sue, etc. Standard practices people.
2. For all intents and purposes, lust is the one sin that is barred in this RP. Yes, it is about demons, no, I don't want it getting smut up in here.
3. All demon characters have to be corrupted versions of themselves that have gained darker characteristics. They don't have to be evil, just a bit darker compared to their previous self.
4. No characters playing both sides.
5. Don't make the story too convenient.
6. As a general rule, there can only be half as many investigators as there are demons in this RP. This does not count my characters for numbers purposes. Investigators are going to be antagonists, not the main cast.
7. Kill offs are fine, so long as you are killing your own character and not someone else's.


In the countryside a collection of demons were present. The demons were meeting in a cave, which was barren rock excluding a fire set in the center, that light up the cave and cast shadows upon the walls. Balnazzar stood proud and began to speak.

"Though there are not many of us here, in fact, there is only three of us, we are still here. Though our corruptions and the method we obtained them in vary, we all are demons. And demons must stick together to survive in a world which detests and hates them. That is why we are gathered here today."
Zonrir spoke up, "Your speech sounds really nice. You are very of form today," He gave a smirk.
Balnazzar nodded in reply to Zonrir.

"Do you trust me Zonrir? Trust me to keep you safe and protected from those who would do you harm? Those who cannot use compassion and see our plight?"
"I feel like I can trust you enough!" He gave a genuine smile. He clearly wasn't just trying to inflate Balnazzar's ego this time... though he wouldn't complain if it DID inflate his friend's ego a little... he was hungry.
"You sense something? All I sense is my sudden craving for potato chips." Zonrir joked.
"Yes. Someone who threatens our very existence. But it is of no consequence, we will be fine." Jacen replied. "Though, if you see any white haired women running around, be cautious."
"We should keep our guards up! I wonder if this woman has a big ego?" He quietly licked his lips
"No, she doesn't." Jacen replied.

"Are you referring to?" Balnazzar asked.

"Indeed, I am." Jacen said his voice beginning to have both fury and fear.

"Then we will be safer in the city than in this countryside." Balnazzar replied.
"What kind of backwards logic is that?! It's much easier to hide in the wilderness than in a city!"
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