The Reality Vortex: Doom Saga

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Sep 3, 2015

A strange world where the impossible happens. Eons ago, a celestial object called daffodil star produced three seeds into the Abyss of Darkness. By absorbing the Dark Energy around them, they would grow into Cosmic Plants and create their respective worlds. However, a war broke out between them for sole domination.

In reaction, the daffodil star produced a fourth seed, Jinaira, into the Abyss of Darkness to discourage in-fighting. However, upon completion, Jinaira didn’t participate in the war and created his own world instead, leaving the fate of those worlds to their destruction from the war.

Jinaira was more interested in creating his ideal world than some squabbles between Cosmic Plants. Since his creation was supposed to disrupt in-fighting, he was not granted the ability to create life. Thus, Jinaira designed his world to do the impossible: bring all beings from other worlds into Reality Vortex.

Thus, the birth of Reality Vortex was born. It was a world supposedly where all beings erased from existence gathered. There is no sense of time, scientific laws nor physics, no logical reasoning; it’s all a jumbled mess. It is the last destination before permanent, true death. Once someone enters Reality Vortex, they cannot leave under any circumstances regardless of battle power or ability. To drive further home, Reality Vortex is enclosed by a powerful barrier that prevents anyone from leaving the world itself. It also protects the world from the endless sea of Dark Energy; otherwise known as the Abyss of Darkness and a creature that lurks within.

Reality Vortex Rules
  • Death is not impossible. After their bodies are destroyed, they’ll re-spawn in a different location.
  • You are only allowed up to 4 characters to play at once.
  • There was no passage of time.
  • A barrier enclosed Reality Vortex: it is impossible to break through the barrier regardless of battle power or ability.
  • If, by chance, someone managed to escape Reality Vortex, they will be violently erased from existence upon entering the Abyss of Darkness.
  • Only one character has the power to erased beings. Check the end of the story to find out who wield this power.
  • Be courteous to other players; do not metagame, make your characters have extensive knowledge, etc.
Rules are subject to change in the future
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Appearing suddenly in the middle of an empty street, a sudden bright light slowly diminished around a humanoid figure. The small, yellow earrings and his baggy gi flowed slightly in the wind, Vegetto's narrowed eyes turning to the sky and glancing around in confusion.

"What the...where am I?"
A strange, masculine voice ringed in Vegetto's head. "Well, well! Looks like another person appeared in this world of impossibilities!"
Cuki, a mysterious tailed human was walking around while holding a map upside-down. She eyed it with a confused face and it was no doubt that she was lost. Grumbling at what she thought was a wrong turn, she wasn't paying attention to road in front of her and she felt a vein pop on the side of her head.

"Arrgh! Can't a girl just find a nice place to eat?!" Cuki sighed. "I think I should've taken a left at that shoe store..."
Vegetto perked his head up slightly, his eyes still narrowed.

"What the...who is speaking?"
"Ah, don't be scared, newcomer!" The strange voice assured the man. "My identity... serves little importance. Let's just say that I'm the person that will guide you in this world. A tour guide! I believe that's far more interesting, hmm?" After sounds of throat being cleared, the strange voice continued. "Now, I'm sure you have lots of questions that needs some answers."
As Cuki continued to walk around, lost, her scowl became more apparent. She kept her gaze on her upside down map and still refused to pay attention to where she was going. She continued her merry way and heard her stomach growl. As she scanned the buildings she felt herself bump on to the new man. She looked up and saw Vegetto. Her tail whipped behind her to show her annoyance.

"Hey, watch where you're standin!" Cuki grumbled.
A echoic voice rang out.

The fusion? Here? My calculations must be off. It's before his time... Or is it after? I can never be sure with equations that have the answer inside of them.
Vegetto narrowed his eyes, standing in silence for a moment after the voice in his head finished. He glanced around at the nearly empty city street he stood in, his head turning back to the sky before he spoke openly.

"Alright, for starters, where am I-"

He huffed, stumbling forward slightly from the sudden impact. His glare turned to Cuki, scoffing in response.

"You're the one that needs to watch where you're going!"
"What did'ja say?!" Cuki was very small, just barely reaching up to Vegetto's chest. 

Her tail and energy was oddly familiar. Cuki pulled up her short sleeve, bracing herself for a fight but her nose twitched. She lifted her head in the air to get a better whiff before taking a sniff at Vegetto's arm. Her eyes widen.

"You got the same energy as I do!" She tilted her head, quick to forget her reason for getting angry. "That, or you didn't shower... Bah, I bet it's just a coincidence that you smell familiar."
"Ah!" The voice was surprised that Cuki arrived on this street. "Now Cuki, you cannot be rude to the newcomer of the Reality Vortex! I was just in the middle of giving him the details about this realm." He paused for a moment and observed the two. "Well, this is a rare right. Two people of the same race had appeared in the same area. Could it be fate to bring your Vegetable people here? I wonder where the others..."
Vegetto cocked an eyebrow at Cuki's questioning, glancing up at the sky with the voice's explanation for a moment before turning back to her with a confused expression.

"Two vegetable..."

His eyebrow dropped.

"Are you a Saiyan too?"
"Perhaps you could call this rare sight a 'miracle' of an occurrence, then?"

Somewhere nearby, a young woman with long purple hair and a set of lifeless purple eyes was sitting at a cafe table on an upside-down street drinking tea, watching from afar. "This is good. Maybe it will bring some entertainment to this dull section of the Vortex. It's been unbearably quiet as of late... boring." The fact she was upside down didn't seem to bother her.
"Sai...yan?" Cuki rolled her eyes at the question, obviously having no idea what he meant. "What the hell is a Say-Yam? I don't know what this Say-Yam is but you smell like fightin' spirit. Hmph, you don't look all that tough. You look like a total shrimp!" She was one to speak.

Cuki looked at her map, sideways this time, and sighed at how lost she was.

"Look, I'll go look if a restaurant has these Say-Yams. They sound like an exotic vegetable, is that what it is?"
Vegetto stared back at Cuki with a stone faced expression, his narrowed eyes following her as she questioned him. He then inhaled deeply though his nose, his chest rising up and down before turning away from Cuki and walking around.

"Alright...I think I've had enough of you."

He glanced up to the sky.

"So, strange voice, how do I get out of here? I need to get back home soon."
The voice ringed in the young woman's head as well. It seems that his voice is able to transcendence through all minds without fail. "Perhaps! Maybe we can spice up some entertainment with these newcomers in the masses? Bernkastel, you might even feel enjoyment and participate?" Before continuing conversating with Bernkastel, the voice burst into a loud laughter at Vegetto's statements. 

"Return? I'm afraid that you should get rid of those feelings of ever returning to that world you came from, Vegetable Man." The voice's words, despite his cheerful tone, were harsh. "Once anyone being summoned, created, born, or anything of the sort into this realm, they remained here forever. Reality Vortex is your new home for now on." 

The voice chuckled once more at Cuki's confusion. "And please forgive Cukumbrah, unlike you, she came from the world where her history was hidden from her." The voice enters Cuki's head. "Your map is a little distorted, young one! You should be looking at the map this way..."
"Hey! Don't you go ignorin' me Cactus-head!" Cuki growled, her sparky temper getting the best of her. "I'm not some sort of kid y'know! You can't just ignore me like that you jerk! Hmph, I was even offerin' to find you that Say-Yam food you wanted. Well, you can kiss that goodbye now!"

Cuki grumbled to herself before turning her back to Vegetto, her tail whipping behind her. She glanced back at her map until the voice rang in her head. Fixing her map, she finally realized where she was and the restaurant wasn't too far from where she was. The voice was familiar to her since it was the only thing she remembers when she first came to this land.

"Thanks lil' voice-in-my-head dude. You saved me from hunger again." Cuki said out loud. "Wonder if this restaurant has Say-Yams..."
Snow seemed to be falling through the sky, looking at the city as he fell. "No no no no no!!!!!" Just then a loud crash was heard in the distance and snow got up from the crater he made "Ouch. That hurt like hell. Now, Where the hell am I?" This Snow was different from his former alternate, now deceased versions. He had a few scars on his face, one over his left eye and along his right cheek, as well as numerous ones along his arms and legs. he looked around and was confused as he remembered fighting Slayer, an evil dragon.
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