The Forest of Memphis

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"Magiana!" Aquario screamed. He was too weak to move thanks to the spell performed on him. "Heed this spell at once! Do not test my temperament!"

With all his might, Aquario reached for a hidden wand on the inside of his large sleeves. He used all his strength to flick his wrist and fire a small jolt of electricity at one of the Watchers. However, this proved to be too much for Aquario to handle since he fell on his knees.
Hadrian looked at the sword that had just stabbed through the bushes. It was close and sudden but he was only startled slightly. He had been in worse situation in his mercenary years.

"Good to see people so hospitable these days." He teased as he rolled out of the bush and quickly pushed himself to stand up. He could probably run his way back and avoid this all together, but he was also quite bored. So perhaps messing with these guys would be fun.
One of the Watcher Guard jumped in front of Watcher 3, taking the blast for him. Although Aquario felled to his knees, the blast proved to be effective against him. The Guard fell to the floor, passed out.

"Stubborn fool." Watcher 3 said. "Why resist? You're just making it harder for the queen to be revived." He opened the cage and grabbed hold onto Magiana's right arm, pulling her towards him. "Don't you know, that if you give yourself to the queen, you will be bless?" 


"Is that the inturder?" Watcher Guard asked.

"Yes, it seems that this life form is the one that dare to step in the holy grounds. Should we kill it?" The other asked.

"Quite. Or maybe we should take him in and used him as a vessel? Our queen definitely needs all she can in order to waged wars on Shina Ania and take place her rightful throne." Watcher Guard said. He turns to Hadrian, pointing the giant sword at him. "State your purposes here."
"You're all cowards for taking the girl!" Aquario tried his hardest to move but his body was unable thanks to the spell. "Fight me like a true mage or are you all too scared?! My magic skills far surpass your foolish queen... Once I make my way out, I'll hunt her down myself and present her bloody head to Master Z... You all should be eradicated!"
"If I tell you mofos I'm just a tourist would you let me leave?" Hadrian shrugged. He looked at the serious men and the sword pointing to his face with little sign of nervousness. "Yeah, didn't think so."
Watcher Guards closed the cage, and proceeded to follow Watcher 3. Watcher 3 stopped and turned around. 

"Threats is nothing, compare to the greatness of our queen." You two, stay there and keep an eye out on this sinful being. I shall escort this woman to the chambers myself. She won't be a problem. Watcher 3 lifted Magiana's chin. "Right?" His eyes narrowed. He lick his lips with his tongue. The color was bright red, but the texture was riddled with cracks. "Let's get going." Watcher 3 escorted Magiana towards the chambers. Each step, a chant is heard.

"Revival of the Queen!" is repeated. 


"Mofos? What is that?" Watcher Guard turned to the other.

"He speaks of the foul tongue from Empire State. He's an sinful person. Let's kill it." The other said.

The Watcher Guard with the sword turned his head to the man. "You have disrespected our land. How dare you use such foul language from the sinful lands? Are you mad? Are you drunk? Are you hear to stop the resurrection of the queen?"
"You'd be even madder thinking you can kill me." Hadrian rolled his eyes. These people sounded like they have been living under a rock. "I don't even know what this queen you speak of. But I bet she is hot. Now, if you'd excuse me." He used afinger to push the sword's tip away from his face. "I'll be on my way now."
Watcher 3 licked the saliva off of his face. His eyes rolled upward, as he breathe heavily. "Oh, beautiful. You touched me so. The sweet texture of the saliva, I can taste the potential of you becoming the perfect candidate! A perfect vessel!" Watcher 3 laughed heavily, like a screeching hyena. "Come! Come!" His eyes looked like it about to pop out of his head, as he placed his left cheek next to her right one. "Let's witness the birth of the queen!" Watcher 3 increased his pace towards the chamber. The ominous chant continues.


The Watcher Guard was angered by his comments. "You dare speaking such insolence?!" He swung the sword towards Hadrian by aiming him for the left side of his torso.
Aquario watched the men take off with Magiana and he instantly grew rage within his eyes. He forcefully rose to his feet but even then, he could barely keep himself up. Gripping his wand tightly, he muttered a spell, almost a chant.

"By the energy stored in me..." He grew weaker and weaker. "My aura, energy, mind, and spirit will bring the one...I...pick. Drown" He was unable to finish his chant and finally fell on his knees and dropped to the floor. He didn't have enough energy to do his spell. He gasped in pain as he hit the ground and only reached out for Magiana.
A single tear streaked down Magiana's cheek as she was dragged away. Mr. Aquario.... I'll come back for you. I promise.

She could only feel fear and a knot form in her stomach as they approached the chamber. She could only hope whatever they would do wouldn't work. But judging by how he spoke to her, that possibility was only dwindling.
Hadrian raised his forearm. The attack was too close so the sword managed to stab through the arm. Yet the man didn't show any expression of pain however. It was as if he didn't even feel it. He put one hand on the blade, tensed his muscle and yanked his arm away from it. Blood started flowing out. He didn't even look.

"Can't even take a ****ing compliment?" He grunted in annoyance. The blood flow slowed and eventually stopped completely. The wound was still there, but it had stopped bleeding all on its own. "Shall I return the favor?" He moved his other hand to his back, taking hold of his beloved scythe.
Watcher 3 arrived at the door. He slowly opened it and pulled Magiana inside. The ominous chants grew louder and louder. There were multiple persons in the room. All of them had specialized outfits, different from the Watcher Trio and the Watcher Guards. 



In the middle, stand a figure who's robe is white as snow. Watcher 3 forced Magiana on her knees, in a position to bow, as the white-robed man turned around. "Master of the Watcher Cult, Envy. Please, I have brought forth the vessel."

"Very good, Watcher 3. You have done great work to please this cult. You were such a naughty child before joining here. It took eons to whipped you into shape, my boy, but you eventually get it. You will taste the lust of the revival of our queen." Envy preached. He walked  very slow towards Magiana, kneeling down to observed her body. He touched her face and her hair. "Look at you, you are perfect. Veerrrrrrry perfect, my darling. Are you excited of what's coming, sweetheart?"


"What is this?" Watcher Guard asked. "What is this?"

"He's a sinner. An sinner here to oppose our wrath." Another Guard stated.

Watcher 2 came from behind. "Why are you still fooling around? Have you found the intruder?" He turns and noticed the man wielding the scythe. "Who're you?" Watcher 2 began to brace himself, noticing the murderous intent emitting from all sides.​
Magiana refused to give a direct answer, not meeting Envy's eyes until she felt forced to look him directly in the eyes. 

"Don't waste time. You don't want to make her wait." She answered in a flat tone.
"It doesn't matter who I am. You look like their boss. Why don't you tell these mother****ers to back down before a massacre happens?" Hadrian smirked. The wound on his arm was shrinking, healing itself.
Envy smiled. "Oh, such sass! I wished I can dot he same! I wish I can smile ill! But I can't! I can't!" Envy grabbed her face, squishing both of her cheeks together. "You're such a wonderful girl are you!?" Envy's spit is seen to splattered over Magiana's face. "A wonderful girl for our rich and glorious queen!" Envy grabbed Magiana by the arm and head towards the center of the room.

"And that's why... the ritual must activate now!" All around the room, there were multiple women scattered on the floor. All the bodies looked like husk as if their life force were drained out. "All these women." Envy turns to Magiana. "You see, they are not fit to become the perfect vessel for our queen. But you, you can achieved this. I sense that unlimited potential with you! Are you excited!?" 

Envy turned to the rest of the members. "Brothers! Come together! It is time." 


"I suggested you watch your tone. You are on our property. Disappeared, or I'll take you own personally myself." Wacther 2 noticed the strange occurrence about Hadrian's body. "
Magiana used a free hand to wipe her face. "My heart is racing a mile a minute, if that means anything..." In reality she was mortified. If she failed them, she would end up like these poor girls, never to see daylight again.
"I would. But since I'm here, maybe I should take a look at this 'queen' you people have been rambling on about." He said challengingly, with little care about the threat. No one had been able to defeat him before since he became 'immortal'.
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