The Forest of Memphis

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Aquario listened silently and slowly removed his glasses, cleaning them with his sleeve. He didn't seem to say much to Magiana as she explained the situation. He cleared his throat and returned his glasses to their position. The tone in his seemed as strict as always but it had a hint of worry.

"Well... thankfully, they didn't hurt you." Aquario sighed. "As long as they don't hurt you, I wouldn't worry too much about them. They're nothing more than crazed fools who believe they have a purpose..."
Two individuals appeared and stood by the gates. Both of them had a different attire compare to the other group members and were female. They were referred as Guardian Watchers.

The rest of the group left. They were not bothered by Aquario's comments on the supposed "cowardice". However, one of them did respond.

"We don't wish to damage the body. It must remained in stable condition. What you think about our tactics means nothing. They are empty words is all--from a man who was swiftly bested by the weakness of our group." Guardian Watcher 1 explained.


"Is the preparations on course for completion?" Watcher 1 said.

"Yes..." One of the members of the group responded. "Give us until tomorrow afternoon. Has the vessel been properly secured?"

"Yes. They won't have any chance to escape. They're bound to the chains we placed upon them, in the light of our fallen." Watcher 2 responded.

"Good. Make sure you keep guard in the front... I heard that some people have been requesting a guild to check this area out. It best to readied our weapons in case they come in and disrupted our revival." The man turned to the stone, which resemblance a woman. "She would be disappointed if we fail here."
"But they hurt you, and that doesn't make it okay either," Magiana sniffled in her quiet voice. "I don't even get what these markings on us even mean. Looks like some kind of language nobody would speak anymore. Maybe they're natives to... wherever we are."

"I'm glad the wand you gave me didn't get broken though... It's grown on me even though I only had it for a few hours."
Aquario stared at the symbols on their bodies and wondered what any of this meant. He has never seen such symbols before and couldn't even imagine as to what they said. He listened to Magiana and sat down to finally take a moment of rest.

"Well, consider it a valuable weapon until you learn to cast spells without a wand." He looked weak. "We need to find a way out of here."
"You won't be escaping, so don't bother trying to think of a way out." Guardian Watcher 1 stated. "You'll die trying.. haha."
"Mister Aquario, you should get some sleep... you don't look very good, and you haven't taken a break at all to rest. Who knows how long we'll be stuck in here." Magiana whispered before turning towards the guardian watcher.

"Y-you should be a little nicer to us, since we're technically special guests..." she threatened, although in her tone it didn't seem that way for the first part of her sentence. "I heard what the others said... you'll make the lady you worship really angry with you if that happens. And you'll be especially sorry if you hurt Mr. Aquario again," Magiana ended with a scowl.
"I don't need rest, young one. I just need to focus and figure out what's going on..." Aquario sighed but it was a bit obvious that he needed some rest. He glared at the man talking and he snarled.

"Don't talk to my student, you peasant. The only one who will die here will be you if you refuse to let us go. This place is filthy and disgusting, whoever you worship must be a mutt or someone who doesn't respect being clean."
The Guardian Watcher 1 slammed his lancer upon the bars. It managed to literally shakes the bars, causing bit of rubble upon the ceiling to fall.  

"You don't care to speak the maiden's name in such talk, boy." He angrily said. "Or I'll have you gutted like a pig you are!"
Magiana flinched and had cover her ears in reponse to the sudden loud noise. She let out a startled yelp before her cheeks flushed with embarrassment. 

"We're in big trouble... really big trouble." Magiana mumbled quietly, more to herself than others. She wished to be free, but they were in no advantage as it was. One wrong move and these people might isolate them from each other-- which she found even worse a situation.
"Hmph, coward..." Aquario growled but did nothing else to start a bigger fight with a man who could kill them both. He was beyond angry but he seemed to keep an eye on Magiana and was more preoccupied with her safety. He sighed and relaxed himself, sitting down and rubbing his head while fixing his glasses.

"Well, I guess we're stuck here for a while, Magiana..."
A tall and muscular man entered the forest. He had slicked backsilver hair tied up into a low pony-tail. Though, despite his efforts the hair seemed to be just as rebellious as ever, some strands still managed to stick out of line. He was wearing a long black coat, which did little to cover his torso since he wasn't a fan of wearing shirts. Most notiable, though, was the long, large scythe he carried on his back. It was clearly a sign he wasn’t someone to be messed with.

Hadrian wandered the forest without any real destination, grass and twigs making crunchy noises as he stepped on them. He was looking rather annoyed and was muttering to himself.

“Can't that ****ing bat just get his lazy *ss to go find his goddamned stone himself? It's not my ****ing problem he dropped it…” He cursed under his breath as he walked. He suddenly noticed something from afar, it looked like an ancient building or some sort. Heck, he wasn’t an expert on the area. Then, he noticed people, which got his curiosity growing. He snuck closer and watched from behind the rocks and bushes.
"We have a visitor." Watcher 1 said.

"What? We have secure the perimeter! Where is our guards!?" Watcher 2 responded.

"Do not worry, the person won't get in our way." Watcher 1 explained. "The ritual is just about to start in a moment. Please bring the vessels here." 

"Understood. Watcher 2, if you are that worry, bring the guards with you and check the area out." Watcher 3 said. "I'll see the vessels." 

"Of course. I will gladly seek the death of the intruder..." Watcher 2 said before walking off with several men.

"I'll take my leave then." Watcher 3 walked away.
"I wanna go home..." Magiana whined. To her, she wanted to never have gotten into such a mess and simply wanted to be home in a warm cozy bed away from this horrid place.

"Wherever we are, I feel nothing but some kind of dark aura... that makes me want to be as far away as possible."
"You're right about the dark aura..." Aquario looked around, trying to find a method of escape from within their cell. "And no whining. If you wish to get stronger, you have to be able to pass through many hardships that life will throw at you."

Aquario's tone soften slightly.

"I'll try to get us out of here somehow..."
Hadrian watched the people in cloaks curiously. He wondered if they were some kind of cults. Whatever was going on surely was better than looking for some stupid rocks.
"Somehow is misleading, since you are still providing hope." Watcher 3 responded to Aquario's words as he entered. "It's more like, I would honored, to give up my body for the fallen queen." 

Watcher 3 went towards the cage. "Preparations is complete. I'm here to bring you, the vessel." Watcher 3 turned to Magiana. "And finally restored the once, great Queen of Shina Ania." 


"Where is the source of the intruder?" Watcher 2 asked one of the guard. 

"It seems to be coming from this direction over there." Watcher Guard explained. "Looks like the intruder is hiding out." 

"Then dispose of it. We don't need anyone interrupting our ceremony." 

The two Watcher Guards nodded and made their way towards the direction of Hadrian.
Magiana clasped her hands over her chest as she felt her heart rate speed up and her stomach sink. We can't even go together?... But if I resist, they might do something bad to Mr. Aquario. Her wine-colored fringe covered her eyes as she hesitated to move. Are they going to kill me to do it? I don't think so... they would have done that already... but... does this mean I'll never see Mother or Big Sister again?... Magiana grit her teeth as her lip quivered.

"Okay... I will go with you. But you have to let Mr. Aquario go." Magiana pleaded with misty eyes, standing up. "If it will work with me, then you don't need him to stay imprisoned here." She looked over her shoulder at Aquario and offered a warm smile. Even if the girl was terrified, she didn't want to show it.
"You will leave my student alone or face my wrath you disgusting peasants..." Aquario seemed to ignore Magiana's attempts to be brave and stood in front of her. He knew he wouldn't be able to take on anyone powerful in his current state but a few lowly servants like these should be no problem to him.

"I warned you not to touch my student. She will be no part of your silly fantasies or your fake God..."
"Looks like they sniffed me out." Hadrian murmured with a smirk when he saw some of the people walking toward his hiding spot. He could be wrong, maybe those guys just wanted to take a leak or something. Whatever the reason was, he moved back a little, readying himself in case his presence wasn't welcomed.
"You're in no position to speak, my dear friend. We are only interested in women, to revived the queen." Watcher 3 turns to Magiana. "We will accept your offer,  but we will not let him go until after the rituals start." 

Watcher 3 snapped his fingers, alerting the two guards to come closer. "Bring the vessel out here, so we can prepared." 

The guards grabbed onto the door. 

"Wait." Watcher 3 said. "Let me cast a spell." He waved his hands around. Aquario and Magiana's bodies felt an heavy burden fell upon them. Their movements were sluggish, and their speeches slowed.


"You here that? Something move." Watcher Guard said.

"Then let's kill it. Death to all those that tried to interrupt out rituals." The Other Watcher Guard raise it's sword up high into the air and slammed it towards the bush, that was next to Hadrian.
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