The Forest of Memphis

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The Pegasus arrived the moment Olivia whistled. It landed elegantly as it flap its wings to clear off any debris that was in the area from their previous battles. It went towards Olivia and simply bow, in respect, waiting for her to get on.
The Dark Gunner gave a bow, his abnormally tall form almost touching the ground in his sign of subservience, the feathered wings on his back temporarily visible before he resumed his upright stance.

"Yes, yes after everything I've caused it's more than fair I provide at least passage way on the next step of your journey. One way tickets." He replied, waving a hand to his side. A portal opened up from the ground, swirling and twisting, large enough for the group to pass through.

"On the other side of that portal is the van containing the deactivated Mecha-Samurai and that trespasser mage that was with you. The driver will take any of you to to any location on the surface of Booga, roughly. Don't mind any small deviations in location. The teleporter technology used by my guild is a little inaccurate for precision purposes. Highly accurate though, don't conflate the two." He explained before lowering his arm, the portal remaining up. The indigo electronic optics that burned underneath his cowl seemed to be full of self-loathing more than anything else.

- - - - -

On the other side of the portal was an area near the initial entry of where this whole mess started, a nondescript black van was sitting in park, the side opened to reveal Aquario and Mecha-Samurai inside, with a driver in a Meeting merc uniform looking at some sort of control panel on the center of the vehicle's dashboard and readying some numbers.

"You're the lot the Leader completely screwed over, right? I'm your ride." He shouted the moment anyone stepped through.
"Aww, don't beat yourself up! Everyone makes mistakes! ...Maybe not as big as yours, but it's nothing to feel bad about!" Blazrin slammed his palm against Gunner's back roughly, forgetting the nature of his brute strength. "Nice of you to lend us your vans, Gunner-Dude. Elilinor gets seasick pretty easy and doesn't like the ocean."

Blazrin eyed the portal and then the Dark Gunner.

"Whelp, time to head to that Sisterhood place. I heard they got all sorts of weird spells and stuff. C'mon Elilinor, we should get out of here quick, it's giving me the creeps..." Blazrin turned to Olivia, giving her a toothy smile. "You better be careful along the way, Hazel Eyes, we might run into you again someday. Be a real shame if a cutie like you got hurt. Bah, I'm sure you'll be fine! Stop by the Clan of Sword when you got some free time, that's where you'll find us!"

Blazrin walked over to Eleanor and gently pulled Magiana up and cradled her in his large arms. He then made his way to the portal and hopped inside, staring at the van with his brother inside. His smile turned to a small frown as he took a deep breath and hurried along to his brother's side.
Olivia hoisted herself up onto Pegasus' back, looking back at Blazrin and Eleanor with a smile. "I'm sure we'll cross paths again someday. Though, if I need anything, I'll be sure to ask for you guys. Merry parting!"

[Olivia departed to Johannes Palace with Pegasus.]


Eleanor took in a deep breath and sighed now that she didn't need to carry Magiana anymore. She went through the portal and immediately took the first seat in the van she saw. "Phew! My arms were gonna fall off any second. Off to the Sisterhood, right? I wonder if they sell special magic booze there. I could use a drink or two right about now!" Eleanor yawned. "Maybe a nap too, but I only nap after my work's all done."

Magiana didn't stir besides fidgeting in her sleep and then returning to a very still sleeping position. She mumbled something incoherent before falling silent again.

"Gee..." Eleanor watched her movements. "What a mess it is, pickin a lil' girl for something so awful." She stared at the vehicle floor. "... at least a few of them got to escape that hell and rest now."
The Dark Gunner tensed up his arm for a moment, closing the portal after the group had gone through. He glanced at where the portal had been moments before, and sighed, glancing upwards.

"I never really was good at this kind of stuff." He remarked to himself before vanishing in a puff of black smoke, returning to his lair.

[The Dark Gunner has returned to the Meeting Opera House in Paris, Desolate Lands.]

- - - - -

"Close the door and buckle up, we're off for the Sisterhood of Magic, Paradise Region." The driver replied before punching something into the central console on the van and starting to drive forward, the van slipping out of real space and reappearing somewhere else, specifically, the Sisterhood of Magic in Paradise region.

[Aquario, Blazrin, Megiana, Eleanor, Mecha-Samurai, and the nondescript Meeting van have all teleported to somewhere near the Sisterhood of Magic.]
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