Sometimes You Still Lose

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"If you wanted to talk, you start talking." Doom retorted. 

"But you are full aware of how this chat is going to end, right Kaiser?" Doom chuckled. "You bidding for time will always sway in my favor."
"Apolo-" Doom burst out laughing.

"Oh man, you are certainly a trooper, Kaiser. If I have any regrets in this scenario, is not realizing how much of a comedian you truly are." Doom remained seated. 

"You might as well finished off the job. You have nothing to gain here. Maybe the next mook you find might be fool of your manipulative tactics. Or maybe not. Or maybe you might meets your dues by another mere mortal." Doom continued to chuckled. "If you got nothing else to see, as evident of your bored expression, I believe that we're done here." Doom took a look at his hands, seeing something.. changed about him. His eyes narrowed upon the realization before turning back to Kaiser. He is quite amused for some reason.
"Alas, a great king has fallen." Doom uttered as he was fading away.

"But don't let your guard down, Kaiser. This is just the beginning of something, rather beautiful. Our paths will cross again one day. And when that day happens..." Doom narrowed his eyes as he felt his heart slowing down, grabbing his mask. "Will open doors for I beyond you can comprehend. Farewell, Kaiser."
The Black Kaiser sighed with Doom gone. The demon Death Lord from before reappeared.

"Balnazzar, ensure safeguards on that one." He ordered.

"He scared you dosen't he?" The Death Lord asked.

"He may convince a demon to free him yet. As such, I want to prevent anything of the sort."
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