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Sep 3, 2015
This is a re-creation of my original art thread, this time with more accurate (and surviving) links, and new content to bring out. If you want to request a drawing from me, you can head over for this thread: ShineCero Draws For You. I do not do commissions, I don’t need your pennies, folks!

I have been drawing for practically all my life; have done paintings, full scale drawings, even digital artwork when my tablets was still kicking. However, as of recent years, I’ve lost the spark and haven’t produce as much content. However, my spark returned, mainly, because I want to iron out in my skills even further to improve myself, and want to honor my Dad, since he always enjoy my works. 

I’m comfortable of replicating other kind of styles—of course, it will take me some time to do so. I am planning on a comic series called Good Days, a space fantasy story, so I will dump some character designs in the future.

Any who, I will be posting my artwork exclusive on this forum (and perhaps, sometimes on Twitter whenever a Redraw challenges occurs); so, don’t ask about any other social media sties to follow—I don’t have one (and not planning on doing so). I will also post “sketches” that will be use as a guideline for the final project—think of them as rough drafts. Once I finished the final projects, I will
the early drawing and compared with the finished product. I feel like it gives users a sense of satisfaction to see the differences between two artworks.

All and all, hope you can enjoy some of my artworks! It’s not as good in comparison to other artists, but I hope it’s good enough! Thanks for stopping by. 


I drew Rosalina from Nintendo's game, Super Mario Galaxy.


I was messing around with the ideas of "What if Months were waifus?" and these were the first creations of said idea. I might end up finishing all the other months in the upcoming weeks.


Suyoi's Father was first created in a short comic, Box Samurai. Originally, I had an idea where a man, with a box on his head, goes around and killing all sorts of creatures in his world. Eventually, this idea was scrapped and tons of elements of that idea found its way to Good Days.




As you can see... I love abstract artwork!


Drawing buildings and the sort is always a weakpoint of mines, but I felt this was good enough!


Dancing is forbidden.


I drew this woman for the Life Drawing Event competition. It was very difficult to drawn from realism, but it was good practice! I hope we can do another one of these things in the near future.


The main antagonist for the story, Good Days. He's designed for absolute destruction... that is his purpose. When facing death, he will self-destruct his body to destroy the universe.
Here's some full-scale drawings I have done. I don't think I ever posted these anywhere, so this is the first time I'm showing them. My father would display them on the wall in the garage, so whenever he comes home and park his car, the first thing he would see is my artworks, which makes me feel pretty great. These are about 6 years old.







Drew Spina for Reality Vortex, an free-for-all roleplay. He is a Saiyan that comes from a universe similar to the original Dragon Ball world, but his story takes place on another planet. He's rash, brutal and has a hard time giving others a chance to get close to him. He learned ancient water-based techniques and became a protector of a water-based planet, mainly because invaders kept trying to take over.



So I'm doing some practice of drawing heads to get into the swing of things. I'm not too impressed with my artwork, so I want to do some actual practice of expanding my skills by doing back to the basics.
Nice! And do you feel like it’s working or you personally? Cuz id lose interest in drawing if I forced myself to draw the same thing over and over.
Ploep said:
Nice! And do you feel like it’s working or you personally? Cuz id lose interest in drawing if I forced myself to draw the same thing over and over.

Personally, it helped me improved at lot in terms of drawing heads.

When I attempt to do a drawing, I always look at the reference and try to replicate the best as I could. I study the structure, the pose and the movements. Yet, no matter what, it never came out how I thought it would. This is because I'm not attempting to understand it in a creative way--I'm going about it in a analytical way because the moment I spot mistakes, boom, my interest of finishing the piece just dies.

In this practice, it allows me to bypass the mistakes and instead, focusing on making the first head better. I learn the techniques, learn the shortcuts, and learned how to make better heads. I asked myself: "why is that?"

It's because, and I'll paraphrase the video I watched, I'm not understanding each different body part. If I attempt to draw an entire body without any understanding of how it works, how it used and how it goes together, it will come out sloppy. Perhaps those with natural talent won't have to worry about this, but those with brains that always look for mistakes, this is a good tool to break out of that habit AND understand those body parts.
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Nice work there Shine! I'm actually doing the same thing but I made a profile head view. I took advantage of my old sketchbooks and used them to practice. I finally got a knack for drawing profile views! I'm slowly trying to 'dissect' the profile body, making it so I draw each piece multiple times. I'm currently drawing out the chest from the side view and I'm getting an idea for it using basic shapes. I still need to practice these shapes some more but I think I'll be able to draw the profile view soon. I'm just super happy that I FINALLY got the 'side view' of a head down! Now it's super easy to do. You should post that video here, it could give people some inspiration.
Yeah, breaking it down piece by piece makes my brain absorbed the techniques at a much faster rate than simply looking at drawing tutorials on Twitter and most YouTube videos. I’ll post the video so other people can see what I learned:

Watching this video finally made my head clicked on the basic anatomy and shapes for a style that ins't just referencing some anime pics on google, but rather the methodology of how I go about these things.
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Messing around with some doodles with Carnage Hero. It's pretty light, but here his sword, gauntlet and his face.


Originally, Carnage Hero was Kaiju Man, based around a plot that involves a man who has the power of kaijus fighting against, well, giant Japanese monster. As seen below:


However, I decided to ditch that plot in favor for this one (as practice) and rebooted his design. Turned his monster arms into gauntlet that repel against magic. Made his hair longer, and his made his features more distinctive and mature to better showcase his age (he's around his 30s). I'll post a full design once I get enough practice in. :thinking:
Firstly, here an collection of all the artworks I've done for the redraw. Suyoi will be coming soon in a couple of days.







Here's something I drew today... for the story, Carnage Hero, I drew the Princess. I based her appearances of what young adults typically look in modern times. Short hair, unique dress, while maintaining an authority figure look. I don't know if I did a good job, but it's still an work in progress.
Some more doodles. I shown this to Z and Ploep a few weeks ago; I wanted to see if my practice drawing heads was getting better. Admittedly, I still need to do the left side.


The next piece is based on a sketchy doodle of what a "evolution" of Super Saiyan 4, by combining the aspects of Ultra Instinct, but layering it with primal roots. I'll perhaps finished this as a completed piece later on in the future.


Another character from my story, Carnage Hero. She is a bit of a talker, but she has strength to back it up. She wanted to join the Chosen One's team, but after a while, abandoning it after seeing that her potential was being held back (and wasn't getting the credit she deserves). Still a work in progress.


The next two pieces is a drawing I did a while back I think? Anyways, I did a drawing Z and myself. Z usually wears sunglasses, and I had a mask, mainly since I really, really despise myself, and often wish I have something to removed myself from the public. That and masks are pretty awesome. Pretty sure I had another one, but I can't seems to find it in any of my folders....



Finally, this is a piece I'm doing for the redraw. Planning on coloring it... so I wish myself luck if I can accomplished it.


Here's something I drew today... for the story, Carnage Hero, I drew the Princess. I based her appearances of what young adults typically look in modern times. Short hair, unique dress, while maintaining an authority figure look. I don't know if I did a good job, but it's still an work in progress.

Here's an updated version... not really feeling it. But I wanted to show some practice with poses:


Did a quick doodle of Battler from Umineko, after getting inspired by the shit he can do. This guy is pretty damn amazing... :wagh:


I decided to revamp my original one, because I felt the first one was a bit bland, and I wanted to reference a Suyoi drawing I did... it took a hell a long time to colored this... my right hand is pulsing like crazy :lmao:
Drew some meme drawings. Hope you guys like it.





"When a macho guy gets angry so you gotta get down on their level to see what their issue is"



"You can't lose if you don't fight."

@"Meta Knight"
Holy crap you’re on a roll  Shine! I love the meme drawings, you really captured the feeling of them memes xD great work and I hope to see more!
Thanks Ploep! I was inspired of how fast you were putting out drawings, I might as well do the same! I need to keep up with you folks :lmao:

So apparently, some of my old drawings didn't appear album when I was cleaning my computer/imgur a while back (I was removing RPG images and artwork and replacing it with new ones). Guess some of them didn't make the cut. So, here's some old artworks I have to rescan/taken from phone.





And new artwork


Based on my story, Carnage Hero. Drawing to practice different dynamic poses. You'll see more of these in a few days... so bear with me lol


Lelio from Carnage Hero. I made two attempts... still figuring out what she looks like.

Here's another meme drawing, Demi-Fiend, the main protagonist of SMT 3

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One last quick doodle tonight. The chosen one for the Carnage Hero story.
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