Prince Edwards' Island

Joey and Terry exchanged glances before both of their stomachs rumbled.

"We can't turn down food... we've been hiking for days straight." Terry said sheepishly.

"You have a camp nearby?" Joey asked.
"Um... This... This is my camp actually..."

Jax looks slightly disappointed and a little annoyed with himself.

"I have some extra sleeping bags I may be able to get for you if you'd like"
"You're all alone...? Out here...?" Terry asked. She phrased it with a tone of worry for him.

"Name's Joey. She's Terry." Joey said. "Figure it'd be rude to not introduce ourselves to a stranger offering us so much."
"Yea, I was camping with my family just over that hill when the s**t hit the fan, I was alone in the farthest tent so when I heard the commotion I grabbed my stuff and ran, they're all zombies now so I was just trying to survive."

Jax's eyes wobbled as he looked twords his old camp holding back a tear...

"But yea, I was almost to the point of assuming I would just be alone forever out here. Its nice to meet you both and please I have plenty to offer for you."
"We had our own group not too long ago." Terry said with a mouthful of fish.

"But the walkers snuck up on us. Forced us to move out too." Joey said. He bowed his head. "We're grateful for your offerings. How can we repay you?"
"I insist, theres no need to repay me"

Jax grinned a bit

"We have almost hit nightfall, probably a good time to grab those sleeping bags you can sty here while i go get em' and i have a few medical supplies over there if you need them"

Jax pointed to the underside of the bridge an began to walk down the road in the other direction.
Jax shouted back from o few yards away

"I dont have a real one, but you should be able to fashion one from that piece of scrap and timber, there tape there too if you need it"
"Ill be back in just a sec with those sleeping bags"

Jax sprinted down the road and out of sight...
(Assume hes back by my next post)
I got one green, and one orange; Take yer pick.

Jax had a new blood stain climbing up from the edge of his sleeves.
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