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Sep 7, 2015


Boogaverse Story:
        Located in between Hero City and North Brailzo, Prince Edwards' Island stands a a beacon of light for the old world and its lovely people, from local farms, and small towns, to nice beaches and plenty of fishing area, PEI is where you should go on vacation this year!      -PEI bureau of publicity and tourism pamphlet

       This small island cluster is lightly populated and absolutely plastered with nice beach fronts, and was a great tourist destination via the massive bridge connecting it to the mainland of Hero City. Eventually though a military research facility located on the island had a breakthrough, that then broke through the test chamber and broke into their bodies. The project was deemed a success as well as a massive failure when it had begun a island wide epidemic of zombification.  The local military attempted to suppress the incident by setting up checkpoints and quarantine zones in what was refered to as 'Operation Maple strike'. Inevitably the operation was also a failure and many of the uninfected inhabitants evacuated the island as the military detonated the bridge connecting the Island to the rest of civilization on their way out.

The island cluster holds a Prison in the center island, 3 small and separate cities on the main island which is shaped like a crescent around the prison island, and 4 completely disconnected islands just off the shore line, one of which is connected via a small bridge and holds a small military facility. The main island also has one large military base consisting of two large garages and 3 personnel barracks with 4 lookout towers and a battered perimeter wall containing multiple collapsed sections. There is a fair sized airport far from anything and multiple farms dotted thought the area. Also, Bananas cost $49.99 on the island.

Even with government interaction by external countries, there has been no successful attempts at reversing the zombie virus or cleaning up the island. The zombies don't stay dead no matter what, and the virus is transmitted via bacterial infection, most people's immune systems can suppress the infection long enough to clear it out but over exposure to the bacteria will eventually result in a... lesser fate.
NOTE: This story is based a fair bit on the original game (Unturned), though the game itself doesn't explicitly state any story.
The full moon in Unturned is a nighttime event where zombies are faster, stronger, and literally infinite. Plus red glow-y eyes.
                                                             Unturned: Full Moon
        I woke up, that same dream. Its getting worse, more common, more vivid. The only part I can remember is those bright red eyes glowing under the Full Moon.
        Yesterday I cough a bunch of trout under the bridge, I saw a salmon but it broke the line. The zombies nearby at our campgrounds are getting louder, they seem to be restless. I keep hearing an incredibly deep groan coming from a ways past the campsite, deep in the woods.

    I want to keep making these entries more often, maybe even with more people should they still be alive.
(Hopefully I do this right since I've mever RP'd this type of format.)

I had to make a break for it again. They snuck up on us in the night when we least expected it. We should have been more careful. We should have gone for higher ground. Now it's just me and Terry. She limped since she twisted her ankle while we ran from the horde.

"Joey, how much more do we need to walk?" Terry asked me.

"Until we get to higher ground upstream. It's just us now. We can't afford to screw up again." I say.
-Works for me, do you plan on playing both characters and where are they are on the map? I remotely updated the main post to make characters clearer-

Jax makes a campfire from a nearby tree and sits down next to it. He cooks the trout from the previous day. The campfire billows smoke into the sky. Thankfully zombies always look down.
(Yeh I plan to play the both of them. Where I have them placed is in the forest down the stream of the bridge Jax was on)

"Joey, look there!" Terry says, pointing at the smoke up in the sky.

"Someone must be nearby then. Let's check it out. Try not to attract any zombies around." Joey whispers.
Jax began to start daydreaming of what the camping trip would have been like if the zombies hadn't come.
Terry and Joey follow the smoke, seeing Jax there. They slowed their pacing cautiously.

"Uh, h-hello..." Terry said quietly. Her voice was very low, and her being nervous to approach others made her quieter.
Jax snapped back to reality.
He jumped to his feet and grabbed a burning stick from the fire, it nimbly burned him ans he dropped it.

"Sorry, just a bit skittish. Are you hostile?"
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"Oh..." Jax took a deep breath, He lifted one of his trout and offers it.
"I got some fish here if you want some of it"
Joey and Terry exchanged glances before both of their stomachs rumbled.

"We can't turn down food... we've been hiking for days straight." Terry said sheepishly.

"You have a camp nearby?" Joey asked.
"Um... This... This is my camp actually..."

Jax looks slightly disappointed and a little annoyed with himself.

"I have some extra sleeping bags I may be able to get for you if you'd like"
"You're all alone...? Out here...?" Terry asked. She phrased it with a tone of worry for him.

"Name's Joey. She's Terry." Joey said. "Figure it'd be rude to not introduce ourselves to a stranger offering us so much."
"Yea, I was camping with my family just over that hill when the s**t hit the fan, I was alone in the farthest tent so when I heard the commotion I grabbed my stuff and ran, they're all zombies now so I was just trying to survive."

Jax's eyes wobbled as he looked twords his old camp holding back a tear...

"But yea, I was almost to the point of assuming I would just be alone forever out here. Its nice to meet you both and please I have plenty to offer for you."
"We had our own group not too long ago." Terry said with a mouthful of fish.

"But the walkers snuck up on us. Forced us to move out too." Joey said. He bowed his head. "We're grateful for your offerings. How can we repay you?"
"I insist, theres no need to repay me"

Jax grinned a bit

"We have almost hit nightfall, probably a good time to grab those sleeping bags you can sty here while i go get em' and i have a few medical supplies over there if you need them"

Jax pointed to the underside of the bridge an began to walk down the road in the other direction.
Jax shouted back from o few yards away

"I dont have a real one, but you should be able to fashion one from that piece of scrap and timber, there tape there too if you need it"
"Ill be back in just a sec with those sleeping bags"

Jax sprinted down the road and out of sight...
(Assume hes back by my next post)
I got one green, and one orange; Take yer pick.

Jax had a new blood stain climbing up from the edge of his sleeves.
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