Power Rangers: SwordFighters

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Sep 3, 2015

Please Read the OP! This contains crucial information!
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Did you actually really read the rules?
It's probably better if you read the rules!

Long time ago, the world was led by two powerful clans: The Sword-Fighters Clan (Leader: Jack Tachi) and The Power of Fist Clan (Leader: Ryu Ken). The leaders—who inherit the power of the Gods for saving the world from brutal darkness—upheld harmony and peace across the world. However, one day, Ryu Ken’s heart began to fall due to mysterious forces. In the pursuit of power, Ryu wanted to bent humanity under his will—and the only way to achieve such goal was to get rid of his friend, whom he considered his brother, Jack. This lead to the Great Clan Wars, lasting for many ages, resulting in senseless destruction upon the world. In the end, Ryu Ken and The Power of Fist Clan was defeated. Accepting defeat, Ryu and Power of Fist left Earth—no trace of them will ever arise.

Jack Tachi, distraught that his friend had fall into the path of darkness, realized that potential darkness could be lurking in the shadows and corrupted more people. To remedy this, Jack Tachi did several actions: Jack Tachi and his clan stepped down from having authority of the world. From there, Jack Tachi split his own power and gave it to 8 worthy individuals in order to combat the darkness—enabled them to morph into powerful—but oddly fashionable suits called Power Rangers. It was said that throughout generations, Tachi and 8 Individuals’ descendants can passed down their powers if they're deem worthy. 

One day, Jack Tachi—now as an old man—was informed by Vanessa, his great-granddaughter and current consideration for the next inheritor of his power that a child was left abandoned on his front doorstep. With no information, not even a name, Jack took the child in, named him Julius and raised him as if he was his own. Since then, he became to trained both Vanessa and Julius—when he was at the appropriate age—of sword training. He quickly saw the skills Julius honed, becoming equal to that of Vanessa and became very impressed. Jack Tachi personally told Julius that he would even considered Julius as one of the inheritors for his power and become a Power Ranger. However, as Julius grew older, Jack noticed Julius’s heart began to sink into darkness—due to jealousy towards Vanessa's sudden growth and attention. When both of them were at the age of becoming Rangers, Vanessa—much to her surprise—was chosen to be the inheritor, not Julius. 

Enraged, Julius attacked The SwordsFighter Palace, confronted against Jack Tachi—and defeated him in battle. The Silver Ranger tried to stop the attack, but fell victim to Julius' excellent swordplay and gained the ability to steal the "Spirit of Light" away from him. With this, he declared that he was going to eliminated all the Rangers and obtained all the power to show the world that he is superior. However, all the rangers, including Vanessa, banded together and attack Julius head on. In a hard-fought battle—and the fall of Red Ranger's life—Julius was defeated. Vanessa was unable to take the final blow of killing Julius, and instead, deciding to use her power to seal him away in a dimension as a eternal prison. His last words:

"Fool! My ambition is eternal! I shall returned and reclaimed my deserved right as the most powerful swordsman!"

Bearing responsibility of not taking Julius' life, Vanessa agreed to continued her Grandfather's legacy of being the Head Master of the Clan (although she promised that she will never fight again) and trained new rangers to continue fighting against the darkness—and gained Jack Tachi's eternal youth. However, mysterious darkness became to vanished completely when Julius disappeared and the Swords-Fighter Clan became to diminished as generations passes by. Only three families she has consistent contact with remained close to her as others became to drift away as the world became more modern to the present day. Nowadays, SwordsFighter Clan is considered an urban legend and Power Rangers as nothing more than mythology. 

However, the people of Earth will soon learn, that such "stories" are indeed real... The dimension, unknown to Vanessa, contained powerful monsters .. and Julius will make his return. After 500 years, Julius finally escaped. His presence alerted Vanessa, causing her to take up the defense to repel his efforts.

Vanessa now has to track down all those who inherit the power...!

General Rules
  • Original Power Rangers RP.
  • Zords do not exist in this RP. Don't like it? Tough shit.
  • Do not introduce your "new story" as an arc without approval.
  • Don't distort things that were already established within the role-play.
  • Don’t try to make everything too convenient. 
  • If popular, the entire RP will have three major arcs.
  • Make sure everyone has a chance to post! The quoting system is extremely helpful if you fall too far behind.
  • Feedback is important! I cannot help you with your concerns of this RP if you don’t come to me.
Character Creation Rules
  • You can only have 1 OC. Exception is the Game-Master. 
  • If you wish to play as some of the villains, you need permission from me first. We're work something out.
  • Powers [Elements] are already determined based on the colors, including history of where all the characters are from.
  • 6 Rangers are available. Once all 6 are used, I'll not be accepting new players until further notice.
  • All characters will lived in the same area and attend the same school.
  • In addition, ages can be between 14-17.
  • Each Ranger has a sword(s) (axe/daggers/etc) as their main weapons. No "Guns/Laser-Guns" will appeared (hence the name, SwordFighters). 
List of Rangers 
  • Spirit of Fire - Red Ranger - ShineCero
  • Spirit of Lightning - Blue Ranger - Grey Star
  • Spirit of Wind - Green Ranger - ShineCero
  • Spirit of Water - Aqua Ranger - ~ Z ~
  • Spirit of Darkness - Purple Ranger - ShineCero
  • Spirit of Light - Silver Ranger - Alzoru
  • Spirit of Ice - White Ranger - RadtiztheHairball
  • Spirit of Nature - Yellow Ranger
  • Spirit of Earth - Brown Ranger
[Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex]

A scrawny man in a ragging business suit, rubbed his chin when examining something on the computer. His eyes narrowed—it seems that he saw something.

“What’s wrong? You been staring at this for quite some time.” Another man, in a fairer appearance, asked, coming in behind. 
“Sir, take a look at this.” The scrawny man pointed at the screen. 

The well-dressed man looked at the screen—a channel that views the vast distance of space. “What are you showing me? It better not be one of those pranks again, because I’m didn’t drink coffee this morning, so I’m not in a mood for this.”

“No! Look closer! There’s something weird going out there!” The scrawny man pointed his finger onto the screen on the precise location. From his finger, it appears to be a crack in “space”. 

The well-dress man narrowed his eyes. “What bloody hell is that?” He responded. The crack began to become bigger. Fumes started spilling out of the crack. “What’s the? It’s getting bigger!”

Within moments, the area where the located was located burst wide-opened. A figure appeared out of the hole, with a smile on his face.

“After many centuries… I’m finally free.” The mysterious man chuckled. He raised his arm—holding a sword—in the air and swung it once. “The era of Julius had comes once again! And this time, I will not fail!” As he turned his sights towards Earth. “Vanessa, prepared yourself!”

Swing send shock-wave towards the planet. Although it did no major damage, it did cause a slight disturbance of electronics such as computers or mobile devices to time out for few minutes.

“Sir! Whatever that thing did, knocked out our computers and satellites! We must contact headquarters!”

“No… this is bigger than this.” The well-dress man said. “I know… someone that will responded to this problem…” He began to sweat a bit.

[Deep Forest, somewhere in Southern California] 

Vanessa opened her eyes the moment as she sensed a high level energy suddenly appeared. “So, he finally returns.” She thought to herself. “Never thought this day would come, but his heart…” Vanessa stopped herself for a moment. “I must gather … those who inherited the power.”

[Highland High School]

It was a typical day at school. Although there was newsbreak of mobile devices and computers acting erratic, everyone proceeded on their day as normal. 

“Crap! I’m going to be late for school! That’s the last time I’m pulling an all-nighter for a stupid essay!” Hayate said as he running across the campus to his classroom. He tried his best to not run into any students.
"Gosh, this is stupid. What year is this? It's like we're still in the stone age for this kind problem to still exist." One of the girls sitting in a Grade 11 classroom complained to the girls nearby.  She was frustrated by the uselessness of her smartphone. It has been switching off and on, something that never happened before. It seemed to have affected everyone's phone, even the teacher's projector was glitching.

The teacher finally managed to make the projector work properly and began teaching. She angrily put the phone aside when it refused to start for the third time. There goes her chance of surfing the internet to escape the boring math class. She then put her elbow on the desk and rested her cheek on her palm with a sigh. Someone ran past her classroom's window, distracting her for a moment.
Prax was doing his usual paying attention in class, but in the back of his head wishing he was in honors. He adjusted his coat before resuming looking towards the teacher.
Mari seemed distracted by the flickering of technology lately. Even her phone was acting up. She let out a small sigh before fiddling around with her pencil, waiting patiently for everything to patch itself together. She took this moment to draw some cute drawings in her notebook.

"I guess the technology is acting pretty weird today..." Mari said to herself. "Hope this doesn't last too long, I gotta print something out in the library."
[College-level Archaeology classroom]

Keeping to her studies, Mezzy is currently taking a test when the lights flicker. It is a scantron test, and they had been informed that the scantron machine was having trouble working today, and nobody seemed to know why. With little else to do, the mechanics tried to fix it up, but if they couldn't, the tests would have to be graded by hand.
Hayate arrived to his class. His eyes were narrowed and his face were sweaty. Damn, I was this late. Hayate thought to himself. However, he noticed that the teacher and the students were in the dark.

“Why is everyone in the dark?” Hayate asked. 

“If you haven’t noticed, there seems to be some technical issues with the electronics on the campus—possibly across the entire city, no doubt. The mechanics are trying to resolved the issue, but proven no avail.”” The teacher stated. “Good news is that, because of this, I have to delay the essay. So cheers, right? Anyways, please take a seat.” 

“Hmm…” Hayate pondered of such thought as he took his seat. “Now that I think about it, my alarm clock wasn’t working properly.” He didn’t put much thought into it.

However, after several minutes had passed, the school began to rumble, which set off the earthquake drill. This causes all the students to duck under the desk. 

“What the?” Hayate thought. “An earthquake?”
Mezura feels it too, and naturally ducks under her desk. She knew of many civilizations leveled by seismic activity!
"Oh you must be kidding me" Mackenzie whined as she and her classmates ducked under the desks. Several things fell off the walls and desks. 

Worst day... Ever... Well at least she would have something to update on her social media later... If her damn phone worked that was...
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