One-Punch Man TV

Yeah. Everyone was calling bullshit of his "secret" of regular training. It's actually a sort of playoff of how shonen heroes get strong from merely training xD
I guess Licenseless Rider was too long so they kept Mumen Rider? Idk. Hopefully they'll keep the other names from being changed needlessly. But they made Mumen Rider climb up a tree to get a balloon AW
The lastest episode of OPM... I already sense the Tumblr 'fangirls' getting pissed off at Genos when they realize he has no penis.
The thirst they have for him is terrifying.

For those of you who may have the LINE app on your device, they have released OPM stickers for the anime promotion. Link to the product here

Preview image

Technically you can crop these to your liking if they're visible enough.

[align=center]Man, I'm loving this animation. The Death Punch was VERY WELL DONE. Sends chills as I anticipated. ​

Those stickers look super awesome XD lol at Clapping Genos​
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