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Yo I read that a 2nd season is confirmed! B)

:goood: :goood: :goood:

This is good. This is great. 

I was getting sick of all those click-bait articles lol, but I'm glad it was finally announced. Based on the manga, they're going to probably end around the 70th chapter. 

This is where season 2 was announced.
That's awesome, expected it soon enough. Almost done with the first season so that's a fortunately timed announcement for me at least :)
JamesYTP said:
That's awesome, expected it soon enough. Almost done with the first season so that's a fortunately timed announcement for me at least :)

Glad you're watching One-Punch Man! How are you enjoying it so far?
Like it so far, really funny stuff, that there's deadpan comedy done right.
This is not a drill, One-Punch Man fans! It has been awhile since anyone has gotten an update from the Hero’s Association, but word about Saitama dropped not too long ago. The B-class hero has been busy with Genos as the heroic duo continue to fight crime in the One-Punch Man manga. And, now, the two will soon turn their crime-fighting work to anime once more. Thanks to one netizen, an advert from Japan has been spotted which confirms production for One-Punch Man’s second season has finally kicked off.

Over on Twitter, user @KenXyro spotted a new advert from Shueisha regarding the status of the anime’s second season. In the promo, fans are shown a black-and-white image of Saitama in all his caped bald glory. The photo’s captions then confirm that production is in progress for One-Punch Man season two. No premiere date has been attached to the anime as of yet.

For now, the update gives fans hope that progress is being made on the beloved anime. Created by ONE back in 2009, One-Punch Man debuted as a viral webcomic which nabbed a manga adaptation under Weekly Shonen Jump. Madhouse then took up the series for an anime project which had its premiere in October 2015. The first season of One-Punch Man was immediately popular with fans around the world. It’s sleek action sequences and parodic humor reeled fans in faster than Saitama can land a right-hook.

Fans are already wondering when One-Punch Man may make its debut, but the comeback may take awhile. There is no word on how far ahead production is, and a one cour anime consisting of 12-13 episodes can take about six months to animate. Additional time will be needed for marketing and promotions, so it wouldn’t be surprising if One-Punch Man was held back until 2018. Of course, fans are hoping the anime will return sooner than that. If One-Punch Man had a comeback in winter 2017, fans would be more than happy to turn in.

The second season of One-Punch Man was first announced last year. The project was confirmed recently at the ‘One Punch Man Fall Festival.’

You can check out One-Punch Man’s synopsis from Viz Media below:

“Nothing about Saitama passes the eyeball test when it comes to superheroes, from his lifeless expression to his bald head to his unimpressive physique. However, this average-looking guy has a not-so-average problem—he just can’t seem to find an opponent strong enough to take on!”

OPM Season 2 is now in production  :goood:
The hype never ends!

Metal Bat got a lot of shine throughout Volume 11 and 12. So he's definitely going to get some screen-time. Murata stated that usually, animes that have more seasons, it needs to have at least 14th volumes, to create a second season (OPM is currently has 13th volumes, the latest coming out on the 4th). I never knew that :think:
I'd like to bump this thread now that the english version of the official PV came out a couple days ago... pretty sure I was shown the JPN one from December (don't remember actually watching it for some reason) but it never got put in here, so may as well.


It's... very underwhelming compared to the PV done for Mob Psycho 100's season trailer. It's kinda comparing apples to oranges, considering the different studios, but this one has really no animation to show off except for the designs and Garou's design reveal at the end, very little dialogue. It still looks nice, just a little less detail than usual, but without any action previews it's too difficult to predict what the quality of the animation will actually be before April.

They also made King look really skinny for some reason... might just be me.
Season 2 starting soon! Seen a lot of people complain about the animation studio and how it’s apparently not on schedule and the series being rushed orsth. 
And ya the main reason I liked OPM was because of the art/animation so Iwonder if this season will be good or not. XD
The first episode of One-Punch Man Season 2 had finally aired last week, with the second episode coming in a few days. For some who did not came up with the recent news regarding the animated series, J.C Staff is now animating the second season as opposed to Madhouse (though, to be more accurate, the freelancers that the director, Shingo Natsume, managed to gather to make a interesting spark that of season one). 

Now, there were rumors and reports about the production issues and troubles that the second season faced. Combined that J.C Staff had ton of other animated works and the lack of strong directorial power to get freelance artists to join the project, the animation will be off the mark or at least, not as good as the first season.

I went ahead, coping with the idea that, based on fan perception, changes in studios, different directors and production issues, it would be going to be the worst thing of all time. However, it is not as bad as I hoped it would be, but not as good as season 1.

Now, comparison aside, I have many several key problems with the production of the first episode. For starters, the episode begins immediately with Genos and Saitama walking in the city after shopping. 

This is a huge issue for me—it been three and half years since the first season aired, so a it of recap or an introduction to display the characters needed to be add in, to help newcomers and veterans of a reminder. Something like—

“It been several weeks since the events of the invasion of aliens that appeared over A City. After countless lives lost and city in uttered ruins, it managed to be rebuilt immediately thanks to the efforts of Metal Knight, an S-Class hero. The leaders of the Heroes Organization realized that the earth had been spar, but the looming threat still remains at large… prompting them to start calling on high level criminals to assist whatever threat that will appear.” 

This is where you can start the scene with the criminals in the Heroes Organization based, as it slowly transition to Genos and Saitama (after Sonic spoke about Saitama being the strongest hero—in which, King in introduced).

Composition, pacing and timing matters, but it feels like J.C Staff cut corners and simply adapt the scene 1:1 without much creativity. It works in the manga, because there isn’t a time-gap between chapters of that capacity. The anime team could have used it to their advantage, but they didn’t.

The story is fine (because that's the easiest part and they really can't fuck that up), but there is limited liberties from the anime side. There were too many awkward transitions. Like that one scene where Saitama hold the bird in King’s Apartment, then transitioned back to Genos’ fight with G4, then back to King. It was poorly timed, that it felt like an amateur amv creator did this.

The opening song is a baller, but the actual content of the opening is such a mess and all over the place. I know they attempt to capture the chaotic feel, but it feels to erratic for my taste. Thankfully, if you used the second opening and play over the first, it fits too damn well and enhanced the song even further.

It’s a damn shame that One-Punch Man is such a promising series, but the J.C. Staff had little to no endeavor to take some liberties or take chances—it feels like they simply thought they could get by from the namesake alone. Who knows, perhaps in future episodes, it might change, but until then, I stand by that belief. 

Also, Murata and ONE updated their respective manga and webcomic ( the latter being updated finally after two years!)
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