One-Punch Man TV

The episode got taken down. XD

It was stated to start on October 4th, though it doesn't state how many episodes they're going to be.
Hate when that happens. B(

Ah well. Guess I'll stick the PV in there instead. XD

Given that Genos appears in the second episode most likely it'll hopefully be a good 26 episodes for the 1st season if it gets greenlit for multiple seasons.

I just am crossing my fingers that it isn't just 11 episodes (or worse, 8). Those short series don't always do a good job....
I think it'll go up to 24 episodes. I think they might add a bit of filler here and there like they did with the first episode.
Yeah, I was wondering about the star thing. I also like the nice touch of how they place the disasters levels as Tiger, Demon, Dragon and God.

Also, today episode was pretty damn awesome. Fluid animation as always and comedic values on the mark.
I want the green elephant gardening can. B|

Genos was awesome here. It was a great episode! And they even had a screen with Watchdogman, Metal Bat, and another hero in the House of Evolution's screens too!

Kinda bummed there's no chibi style ending. So I'm gonna draw it. B| XD
My husband and I just started this yesterday. I knew it was pretty funny but it still caught me off guard how funny it is. Also wasn't expecting so much gore! :exclamation:
It's just too awesome to put down, I'm sure you will love it. The story itself is very deep.
Saitama's training regime was intense. (albeit not the secret training Genos was hoping for)No wonder he lost his hair. xD
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