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The Strongest
Sep 3, 2015
What are the things that you're super attentive to or currently obsessed with doing that you must do on the daily basis?

I always, always clean my room up before going to bed; otherwise I won't be able to sleep properly or feel comfortable knowing that my room is a messed. Organization is another thing. I like to keep my stuff in a organized matter so it make sense to me. If it's scatter, I'll end up losing stuff in my room because they're not put away in a organized fashion. 

What about you?
I'm severely bothered by my corner of the bed not having all the plushies there correctly aligned so I take a few minutes everyday to do it.

I also have an obsession with the organization of small objects in clusters. I see clusters of small items and need to put them in some kind of container or bowl pr else it feels messy. So parts of my room are messy but others aren't? It's weird.

But I think my primary obsession is a skin picking disorder because I hate the texture of rough/unevenness so I'm always picking my lips or the heel of my foot because they feel rough. On top of needing to have something in my hands to touch or fiddle with.
Before I go to bed, I always make sure my clothes for the next day are out so I'm not rushing to find something to wear in the morning. The clothes don't have to match (they rarely do), but I have to have something prepared.

I don't do anything without proper planning. For me, whims and spark of the moment plans are detrimental and a waste of my time.
I keep my room clean all the time and I have a habit of getting my clothes ready for next day as well.
I always have to keep my school stuff on my night stand or else I WILL leave without it. I also have to leave my clothes ready for the next day or else I'll take forever deciding what to wear depending on the weather. I also have to call Shine religiously because I get too worried and my blood pressure begins to drop by how nervous I get. I cannot go one day without calling him.
Yeah, I'm in agreement of putting out my clothes to wear for the next day. Make things easier instead of rushing out in the morning to go some where xD
I have to always be on time (unless I purposely want to be late or I don't care) or else I fear that I will miss something super important or that I will be mocked/kicked out/etc. Blame my middle school years for that.
I always obsessively check my watch for the time, especially when I'm going out somewhere.
I always have to make my bed after I wake up. Used to not care about that. It feels messy otherwise. Since my cat, Rosie, likes to be wherever I am; I always have to check if she's under my feet or where I need to go. I can't tell you how many times she's purposely tripped me. It's like a losing battle even when you're so aware of her. She'll sometimes bite and hold you with her claws, if you're not aware either. For some reason, I also feel like I should always be the one to get the mail and sort it. I don't know why I feel this way, but when someone else does it, I get annoyed. I usually make a to-do list for the next day the night before. Feels good to cross out things as I go. Always have to have music when go on walks by myself. Otherwise I just won't walk far, feel awkward, it's too quiet, etc. I always wear earplugs when I go to bed. Rosie likes to scratch on furniture after she's done with the litter box at night, and my parent snores. Plus, since there's a 3-way stop just outside our house (you literally walk out of our driveway, and it's right there), and my room is the closest to it, I can hear traffic no matter what hour it is. There might be weather noises as well. I always check to see if doors are locked at night, and just before/after going out.
I am totally obsessed with collecting Pokemon related items such as the games and the cards. Even if I find no use for it, I still want to get it and collect it. I LOVE Pokemon and I just wanna have everything I can dealing with Pokemon. A personal thing I always do is write down my memos on my mini white board or some sticky notes. I forget things EASILY unless it's REALLY important.
I've been obsessively checking my mouth and throat for things like food getting stuck in places they shouldn't be and flossing obsessively now. Ever since I found out I have tonsil pockets in my mouth. ._.
Speaking of mouth, ever since the tooth on the right side of my mouth healed, I've been sticking my tongue to rub the "wound". Don't know why. It doesn't feel good nor does it hurt, but for some reason, I continue to rubbed it atleast once xD
I've recently had an obsession to make everything perfect and spot clean. I don't even want to see a speck of dust in the house.
The last week or so I've been attentive to my teeth to a somewhat worrying degree. Maybe it's because I get scared about my impending need to arrange an appointment with an oral surgeon regarding my wisdom teeth, but I've also been obsessively checking my teeth for enamel loss. Idk why I'm suddenly obsessed with my teeth... it's more debilitating than a good thing because something as insignificant as whether or not my bite has changed will bother me several times during the day. It's kind of scary. Lol
Arranging my video games ,books,dvds by brand,as well movies ,and blankets,and pillows need to be angled a certain way((extremely ocd so yea o.o)) I rearrange things and get rid of things to goodwill a lot that I don't need.
Lately I've been kinda obsessed about trying to figure out mathematical equations involving Z-scores and several step problems. I just love it because it takes my mind off things and it gives me something to do.
Lately I've been obsessed with getting rid of clutter. Like old emails, that one subscription letter I don't open or read but don't hit the unsub button because I might need it "someday" but that day never comes,

I deleted an entire folder's worth of documents because every time I looked at them I can only think about how miserable and stressed out I was at those times. I don't really know why I kept them for so many years. I did not open them on purpose, and it wasn't like I could truly forget about that time of my life in total. But one day I was very upset and came to realize I do not want to continue ruminating on things that bring me negative feelings. I was already taught a lesson by these feelings when they first appeared to me. They have nothing new to show me. And it would be better for my outlook on life if even the times I found to be terrible had some things to feel happy about. It's not escapism so much as it forces me to confront that part of my past and why I stubbornly chose to keep reminders that only upset me yet turn my eyes away from them. And then I feel good about permanently deleting and trashing those things knowing they will never be within reach again. I felt much lighter closing such old chapters in the road of my life. There's still clutter to get through but I do it when a piece of free time appears to me.
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