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No More Heroes [Planning/Preview]

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Please Read the OP! This contains crucial information!
Are you sure you read the rules?
Did you actually really read the rules?
It's probably better if you read the rules!

General Rules
  • This is an Original Role-Play - Do not bring existing elements from fiction for your characters/stories.
  • This is a sequel [and soft reboot for Veteran Players] to the original No More Heroes (AF) & No More Heroes RP.
  • Specials are Humans. There are some key differences between the two, but they're humans nevertheless. 
  • Do not introduce your "new story" as an arc without approval.
  • Have an idea for a mini-arc? Discuss it with me and we'll get you set up.
  • Don't distort things that were already established within the role-play without permission.
  • Don’t try to make everything too convenient. 
  • Make sure everyone has a chance to post! The quoting system is extremely helpful if you fall too far behind.
  • If you haven't posted within a week, your character will be controlled by someone else or become idle.
  • Feedback is important! I cannot help you with your concerns of this RP if you don’t come to me
Character Creation Rules
  • You can have up to 10 OCs.
  • Your character can be a Hero-Anti-Hero, Neutral or Villain-Anti-Villain.
  • You can change the status "Hero/Villain/Neutral/Vice Versa" of your character, if you feel that they will change throughout the story.
  • If one of your character(s) dies, you can replace them with a new one. However, you need to get them approved first.
  • If your character survived the nuclear destruction of Lost City, their appearance and powers is changed/upgraded [minor/major]
  • Do not include overpowered abilities, unless he/she has a big weakness. 
  • You can only have ONE Power, for your character. The only exception is when your character(s) survived the destruction of Lost City. 
  • This will bump them up to TWO powers. However, usually these two complement one another and needs to be depowered/balance. 
  • Your character does get tired from using too much attacks/energy and stamina issues.[/color]
  • In order to reduce the rate of repeated powers, you cannot have a power that was already use two times and has to be different variations.
  • Need help figuring out your power? Check the Power Wikia!
  • Have Fun!
Repeated Powers/Overpowered Abilities
  • List of Powers not available: Enhanced Speed, Super Strength
  • Banned Powers: Omnipotent, Omnipresence and Omniscient, Absolute Immortality, High-End Reality Warping, Instant-Death, Life-Drain (Death Version), Invincibility, High-End Intangibility, High-Level Space/Time.
Retcon: For Veteran Players
  • Zeke and Dakota never existed in No More Heroes. They're never did a damn thing. Oh, and go fuck yourself, Vegeta1.
  • Ian was killed during the conclusion of Jay Arc, by taking Jay's ultimate attack, rather than Daiman. 
  • Weapons such as guns and the sort, can harm/killed Specials.
  • However, specially made weapons to combat Specials is still preferred as they're faster and hits harder.
  • Zaion is retconned to be younger than Leo by 2 years. 
  • Haruki Hayato and Kiyoshi Hayato are removed from the story.
  • Times, Dates and Locations are updated. This will bump everyone ages upward/downwards. 
  • Edward Stewart is stated to be a former member of the United Nation Special Squad
  • Eon is no longer the brother of Daiman, but rather his cousin. 
  • Mother is stated to be a former member of the United Nation Special Squad
  • The Fate of Rosalina is switch from dead to "Unknown"
  • Zaion's Form is now called Limitless Zaion

Original Premise

New kind of human beings that have appeared within our society. Humans capable to doing extraordinary feats, something that only occurred in the media of fiction. Abilities that enables to projected fire from their bodies, able to manipulate various things from a simple flick of their fingers to the extent of their will. There were many names for these kinds of “human beings” that have appeared in our world. In recent times, they’ve settled onto the term “Specials” to describe these powerful humans. Originally just occurred at rare moments in history, have becoming more and more common in the population. This led to panic across the world; the more specials that are born, the higher chance of destructive people that go on a rampage. The paranoia fuels their fears and hatred, in order to avoid being “overrun by outsiders”.

Responding to criticism and fear, the United Nation, backed with many countries’ support, decided to crack down and control the situation, in order to ease the paranoia world-wide. They’ve expected that discrimination will occurred; thus, in 1980, the construction of the largest city in United States was started and finished in 1983. It was stated to be a paradise, a place for specials to have full support from one another, while giving humanity enough time to find the middle ground between the two sides. However, it triple the rate of fear; it increased further discrimination. Specials that “hurt” humans, will be hunted down and thrown into the city. The city that once flourished with books have been lost after being cut off from the rest of the worlds by military of the United States; education, support from families, and everything of the lively hood of getting a “good life” was ceased. The first 3 years of what it seem was “paradise” was nothing more than a ploy to the eyes of specials. The world doesn’t care for them, they only wished to lock up the “monsters”. After years of abandonment from the rest of the world, residential specials have renamed the place that had succumbed to ruin state, as “Lost City”, where Specials are forced into the environment of survival of the fittest.

However, despite the gloomy and toxic environment, some specials somehow managed to escape the city. Few went towards their families, whether they returned or killed was never determined. Though a majority of them that have escaped, simply wanted to cause havoc and mayhem to let out their frustration. To counter these Specials, the UN supplied United States military around Lost City to implement tough laws for these “acts”; even punishment people in Lost City for Specials’ mayhem outside of it. This also led to the creation of the stereotype that specials are starve for destruction.

However, there is an organization within Lost City, which dedicated itself to combat against the stereotypes and bring prosperity to Specials. Its calls itself the Heroes Buster Organization; they’re determined to create a world where Specials and Humans alike can live freely in peace and harmony without violence. They tried to capture out-of-control specials to return them to their homes so they won’t get punished for their crimes.


The Strongest
No More Heroes Timeline

Lost City Arc
Year: March of 2009
Setting: Lost City
Location: Wichita, Kansas

(Lost City Arc Summary)Susie Charm, the founder of the Heroes Busters Organization, was reading a few documents with a concern face. She noticed that there was a couple of “rouge” Specials that are causing quite a havoc around Kansas for a couple of weeks. To make matters worse, the UN is placing blame of the “Heroes Busters Organization” because these Specials claimed to have ties with them.  To avoid having their name and the rest of the inhabitants of Lost City penalized for a few, Susie called upon others that joined the Organization to bring in the troublemakers to the United Nations to get them off their backs.

Selene, Lissette and Xavier Kalen were already part of the Busters and eager to give out their support to help bring in the troublemakers and clear their names. Naolyn Mango, whom entered the city was a lone special on the street. She was afraid of her own shadow; however, due to Susie’s kindness, something “new” to her, she wished to join the Busters, thinking that perhaps there’s a better future than wandering in the streets. Giovani Rodriguez and Cernia Nieves start off rather as “enemies” due to not liking each other when they first met, but decided to stick with the Busters for their reasons. Giovani wanted fame and glory while Cernia simply want a place to call “home”.

Susie used her teleportation ability, bringing them to the outskirts of Topeka, Kansas where the last activity of a man named “Zaion Bane” whom have the eyes of the “devil”. Susie urged the others that they only have a moment to search the area to see any clues regarding this mysterious man. After a long search, the man called Zaion appeared for their eyes. Susie question why he’s using their name to exploits his deeds. He simply tells them that “Specials are want to be trapped like sheep should remain as such. Unlike you, Susie, I aim to take action for Specials…” 
Thus battle erupted. Giovani went for the first blow using his fire abilities; however it seems to leave him unaffected. In fact, all the Busters attacking him didn’t do anything. Zaion reveals that his ability allows him to completely nullify any ability/power from activating; then stated that his can reverse damaged he has taken towards his enemies ten-fold with a snap of his fingers. With a snap, all the Busters fell to the ground as he smirks. He looked from afar, noticing that the United States Special Defense was coming check the situation, leaving them to get arrested. Zaion smiles and walked away, stating that “what’s the point of a peaceful movement if they still shoot us down like rabbits? Our powers is more than enough to differ us from the rest of humans, so if they wished to use violence, they’ll get it.”
Susie was the first to recover from the battle with Zaion. Didn’t want to have the Busters captured, with the exception of Xavier whom was knocked away to another area by Zaion, she managed to teleported most of them to Lost City while she let herself get taken away by the UN.

Zaion Bane and Leo have orchestrated of what they called “fireworks”, a complete and uttered destruction of Lost City. The nuclear blast have lay waste throughout the entire city and leading to the death of hundreds of thousands. Nearly 90% of the population was killed from the blast. The utter destruction of Lost City appeared before their very eyes, as buildings collapses as it unstable to withstand its own weight. People who survived the blast later died from the wounds they have suffered from the destructive showcase and energy blast from the bomb. A city that populated nearly half of million, 90% specials living in that city, leading to only having 50,000 specials in that city that survive the onslaught. Those that survive, receive some strange reaction to the radiation, changing their appearances and powers.

Illusionic Eye Arc
Year: January of 2010
Setting: Underground Tunnels
Location: Chernobyl, Ukraine

Wrath of Zaion Arc
Year: March of 2010
Setting: United Nation
Location: Brooklyn, New York

The Jay Games
Year: April of 2010
Setting: The Strip
Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

The Sounders Arc
Year: June of 2010
Setting: Underground Tunnels 
Location: Chernobyl, Ukraine

The Phase One Arc
Year: June of 2010
Setting: Mother's Sanctuary
Location: Outskirts of Călărași, Romania

The Phase Two Arc
Year: July of 2010
Setting: United Nations
Location: Augusta, Maine

Vacation Arc
Year: August of 2010
Setting: Mother's Sanctuary
Location: Outskirts of Călărași, Romania


The Strongest
Yo! I just updated the Planning/Preview Thread for No More Heroes! This is preparation for the "semi-reboot/continuation" for No More Heroes Arc! A new character thread will be created to accommodate these changes! So the new arc, The Vacation Arc, will be starting on July 11th! Be prepared!


Blue Jacket
Hi, I wanna join this role-play. Just one question tho: I have a character whose power is the sixth-sense (you know, talking to ghosts, using a ghost's skill and stuff). Is it acceptable?


The Strongest
Raditzthehairball said:
Hi, I wanna join this role-play. Just one question tho: I have a character whose power is the sixth-sense (you know, talking to ghosts, using a ghost's skill and stuff). Is it acceptable?

Yup! That's totally fine! :pimp:
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