No More Heroes Anarchy - Prologue

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The Strongest
Sep 3, 2015

"Powers can be both a blessing and a curse."
"It can solved problems, but create more."
"It can save many lives but it can destroy plenty more."
"It can change the world for the better, but it can make things absolutely worse."
"Funny, isn't it? The complexity of the mind."
"Power, no matter the source, no matter the cause, shows no bias or favoritism for one side or the other."

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~ Prologue ~

Brief History: The Busters Organization gained a following on social media over the past few years. All over social media websites, many users shared activities that the Busters have done for the public, including food drives, small-scale concerts, delivering services and the sort. The Busters’ famous case that gained the most traction and positive opinion in the eyes of the public is their role at handling the Mr. Sound incident. The turning point of the organization was their adamant stance against the construction of the Specials Rehabilitation Center. Susie Charm, founder and leader of the Busters, declared that the center reinforced the negative stigma of Specials and limits their agency in society. 

The Busters organization accepted any request, within their power and legal means, to “bust” any kind of problems. Since 2015, from anonymous tips and other alerts, they have solved over 200 different cases—most were resolved through non-violent means.


Premise: On a particular day, Susie Charm was going through her email inbox to see what kind of tips they have gotten today. Some tips were silly, threats and non-issues that does not fit the standard of what the Busters need to involve itself in, so she usually tosses them aside as the lowest of priority or flat out not take them. For most important tips, she put them in a special pile so they can attend to it effectively.

However, there was an unusual tip that caught Susie’s eye; a tip about the Specials Rehabilitation Center. There was no name presented on the tip nor any indication that they would want to meet in person or found out.

“Please come to the Specials Rehabilitation Center and investigate this place. It’s a train wreck of misery in here. Most of us are not awful people and I know you, Susie Charm, can see through this baloney. We are getting medicated against our wills, forced to do trials and become cage like animals. We just want to live normal lives and better ourselves… but this place… does not provide such idea. It is a farce in order to set abuse upon us and they are getting away with it.”

Susie Charm tried to get in contact with the Center for months after this tip, but at no avail. The headmaster of the institution, Morisa Theresa, refused repeatedly of granting them permission to search the premise. She believes that the Busters are going to whitewash the nature of the Center and downplay their significance of stirring the Specials on the right path.

Suddenly, Morisa Theresa accepted their request and allowed the Busters to have a tour of the place after their little meeting, once they followed her terms. Susie did not question the sudden change; it was an opportunity to finally check out the inside of the center, something that was rarely done or seen small amounts. She informed Nessa and the others to keep their eyes peeled for anything out of place once they entered this notorious center.


The Busters said:
As a member of the Busters, you joined Susie and Nessa Tova, the second-in charge of the organization, on the journey to the Specials Rehabilitation Center. Upon arrival, you saw Morisa Theresa at the front, waving you and the group with a smile. This is the first sign of something is off—that smile of hers, it could tell many stories, stories that stand for something sinister underneath.

After you exchange gestures, Morisa led you to the room where presentation is going to take place. The first thing you noticed is the atmosphere. You can feel the dreaded feeling that looms around the area. Next thing you noticed is the lack of Specials walking around—it seems that most of them are regulated to their sessions; if they are not, they are just hanging around on the side of buildings, trying to avoid eye-contact with you. No matter your attempt to give them a smile or greeting, they turned their backs on you. You would think that the Busters would be welcome with acceptance, but it is nothing with rejection.

Afterwards, Morisa led you to the room where you can set up the presentations. It is in the auditorium of the educational department. Nessa Tova nudges you on the shoulder to stay sharp and watch for anything-she thinks the tip that Susie provided was drastically underestimating the depravity of the situation from the looks of it.


The Specials in the Center said:
You, as Specials in the Rehabilitation Center, are invited to the Busters Organization Event, under request by Morisa Theresa. You cannot refuse to skip out on this event, or you will face “consequences”. Upon entering the auditorium, you noticed the Busters are setting their foundation up for their speech. Susie slightly turned her head, trying to give out a small wave to you, but Morisa step in front of you before you have the chance to react so. She was tall—perhaps not as tall as Nessa, but she was considering taller than most people in the Center. She bends down so her face is mere inches from yours and bored a gleeful smile. Her teeth were white as snow and her eyes were blue as the ocean.
Name: Special Rehabilitation Center
Location: Nowhere, Kansas
Time: Noon

Events are an rare occurrence at the Special Rehabilitation center, since Morisa views it as a distraction for the Specials on their path for rehabilitation, but her reasoning to invite the Busters, of all people, as the special event remains uncertain.

Confusions came about in reaction of Morisa's sudden order of an select amount of specials to come to the event as a requirement. No reasons were offered for why she requests selected individuals to attend; thus the feeling of concern is at an all-time high. All sessions were suspended until the event is over, so most Specials not invited can chose to lurk around or attend the event themselves.

In front of the seats, there was a podium with a large red curtain. Nessa noticed that Susie was messing around with the microphone erratically. She knew that she was nervous, since she was not used to this kind of thing. Nessa places her hand on her shoulders to give her out of it.

“Nervous?” Nessa said.

Susie turned her head slightly, then took a deep breath before exhaling. “Just a bit, Nessa. I’m just concerned about Morisa’s sudden agreement of allowing us in here. I have been sending her messages for months and she rejected it. Why all the sudden now?” Susie checked her notecards repeatedly. “Then, she placed all sorts of pointless restriction on our speech—like avoiding things that are offensive, but never went to details on those what she meant by that.”

Nessa nodded. “Yeah, it is strange that she finally accepted the request.” She looks around. “And the atmosphere in this place is weird… it’s very differently from the written reports I read from about the Center. None of the Specials greeted us—which should be a sign of grief, but they aren’t happy either…” She looks towards the audience, seeing Morisa greeting them one by one. “Something is definitely off here, but, as long things goes right, this should shouldn't be that difficult to pull off..." She faced Nessa once again, both of them nodding after that.

Susie turns to the audience and took noticed of a short young woman [Naolyn] who looked like she been through hell. “Something off is an understatement. I want to check every nook of this place to see if this place is supposedly helping these people out.” 

“Well, nevertheless, you got a speech to do. Let’s get this over with so we can prepare our next step.” Nessa went back to her seat next to Ray on the podium. “Make sure you get a good look around… the anonymous person probably won’t out themselves like that, but let’s observed their reactions after the speech is done.”

Susie tapped on the mic, which ranged loudly across the room before subsiding. “H-hello… my name is Susie Charm… and we’re the Busters Organization…!” She was speaking softly to test out the mic before doing the actual speech.


Morisa was personally greeting each Special that was coming through with a smile. The smile wasn’t anything positive, but inside, a smile of someone who looks down on someone. She spotted key ones that appeared, including Naolyn, Marlene and Giovani. “Make sure you are on your best behavior, especially you…” She stares at Naolyn, Marlene and Giovani with her dead eyes before greeting the next person in.
Naolyn was careful with her steps, shivering when she entered the building. Her eyes had black circles and small bags, but her pupils were dashing back and forth, catching every movement within her vision and occasionally twitching. She constantly had a look of fear on her face while she twiddles her thumbs. Naolyn continued to walk in the building and stared at Morisa. When she spoke to Naolyn, the young psychic began to breathe a little heavier, getting nervous and anxious. 

She's the one who causes all the pain! A voice spoke within Naolyn's head. Watch out for her snake tongue.

"Y-Yes. I'll be good..."

Naolyn rushed inside, moving away from Morisa and hurried to find a seat. She took a seat near the front, pulling one leg to her chest, hugging it as she paid more attention to the people moving around her. Even from a normal angle, she looked terrified, however, Naolyn took a deep breath to compose herself.

"Everything is going to be okay... Just relax Naolyn..."
Gio walked into the building where the meeting was occuring. He looked around and went to go a sit at a section that had no one around it. He helped himself to an empty seat and waited.

Let’s just get this over with. Gio thought to himself. The look face on his face showed he really didn’t wanna be there.
When Marlene's turn came to step through the entryway and take her seat, she was stopped by Morisa. Her eyes stared straight ahead, the expression on her face being hard to read other than her lips pursed to form a grimace. Compared to most of the more anxious-looking Specials, Marlene looked neither emotionally vacant nor very excited about the event going on. As Morisa gave her subtle warning with that phony saccharine tone of hers, Marlene's eyes slowly drifted to her face.

"...Mm," was all she said, a slight tilt in her direction for a nod before making a beeline for a seat. Marlene headed toward the section of seats that bordered between the middle and back so that if she fell asleep, it wouldn't be too noticeable. Nothing about her looked too out of the ordinary besides the fact her arms were covered in an array of scars that she made no effort to hide, including the one on her cheek. Staring off into space, she took one of the longer strands of hair and began to fiddle with it between her fingers. Reminds me of lecture back in college, she thought as she waited.
Ray is on guard but dos not show it. Ray nods and thinks "Good I not the only one that feels something is wrong."
Nix was quite agreeable about the entire situation -- although a bit nervous considering there were a lot of people (some of them not very friendly-looking, either), he merely nodded to Morisa, with a smile on his face. "Thank ye kindly, miss," he said, taking a seat next to the blond person that went before him. 

There's a lot more of these folks than I thought they'd be, he thought. He started to adjust his hair, taking the black hairband off and loosened his hair, smoothing it briefly before tying it into a messy bun. 

He decided to strike a conversation with the person next to him. "So, ye got invited 'ere too?"
Susie Charm cleared her throat when the auditorium was packed to the brim. She was getting stage fright due to the amount of people—which is not a lot in comparison to social media, but it offers a different field when presenting to a large audience. She remembered Morisa’s reasoning to limit their speech to inoffensive contents, whatever that means. It caused her eyes to squint a bit and sweat drops formed around her head. She turned around towards Nessa and Ray for some encouragement before turning back and faced the audience again.

“Hello everyone, this may be odd, considering that we, of all people, are here.” Susie started her introduction. “Our position on this place is clear—we think hording all Specials here in this area does nothing for them and continues the stereotypes. But.” Susie opened her arms wide. It took her a second to utter those words out. “We are the Busters Organization, and we bust all sort of problems, no matter small nor big. And we want to help all kind of specials, and that includes you lots!”


Nessa observed the audience as Susie was doing her speech, but nothing noticeable pop out. She nudged Ray. “I thought something would pop up, but nothing out of the ordinary shown in the audience… other than the usual, depressing atmosphere.” She whispered. “Though, that Morisa is quite a character… she is sitting in the back, watching everything like a hawk and then place those restrictions of what we can do and say… what’s the point of even inviting us?” 


Susie picked up a large box. “We brought tons of goodies and food, because I heard from a rumor…” Susie stopped herself midway through the sentence. “Excuse me, I figured, that you guys would appreciate this kind of stuff… to establish a connection between us.” After correcting herself, Susie continued. “I know that Specials completed their program here have different options to take, but if you don’t have any desire for those, you can always join the Busters. We need more people like you to help inspired others to become greater. Your limitations here… you can expand so much more, I think.”

Susie stops for a moment. “And if you have any issues, you should never be afraid to tell us. We are the Busters, we seek out the solution for any problems you may have.” 


The person next to Naolyn suddenly woke up. He was yawning, on the verge of falling asleep. “Man... this was a waste of time. I had to skip my therapy section for this?” He stood up. “You guys sound like a bunch of wannabe X-men, but without the cool factor.” He chuckled. “You said you got goods, right? Bring out the free stuff!” He shouted over Naolyn's ears.
Ray nods to the white hair man.

Ray says to Nessa "Simple Morisa dos not want us to see her skeletons and/or make people she "reforming" worried."
Naolyn instantly got startled when the man began to yell at the Busters and she hugged her knee harder. Her eyes trailed to the man and her body shook slightly from uncertainty and the loudness of his voice. The girl cringed slightly, almost as if he was too loud for her. She spoke out very softly, her voice drowned out by the man screaming.

"I-I think we s-should respect them... Morisa is watching us..."
Marlene listened to Susie's speech pensively before pursing her lips in thought. Any problems, huh? I wonder if... she ran her fingers along her inner arm absentmindedly before shaking her head. I doubt they'd believe me. There was so much Marlene had to say, and bottled it up for so long, but she was still afraid of being found out and punished if she decided to talk about it. This might be my only chance though...

The sudden outburst made her snap out of it, redirecting her attention. She scowled and crossed her arms to see what would happen next, since it just made this awkward meeting even more awkward.
Great, I’m guessing these guys are some sort of reject entertainers. Gio thought. Maybe I’ll get some stupid hero alias too. Free sh*t is always nice though.

Gio stayed silent waiting to hear more.
[Greetings everyone, sorry for the delay. I had to think about this next post, so it doesn’t seem like I’m rushing through things. I also want to make sure everyone can respond accordingly without having to feel like their post do not matter or post for the sake of posting. So, I went ahead and adjust my posts, including the OP massively to shift the narrative a bit here. It is not a huge change in terms of posting but look at them and adjust your post that you see fit if needed.]

“That makes sense.” Nessa rubbed her chin. “Though finding those skeletons, if the tip is right, won’t be an easy task. We have no evidences other than one word of the person.” She noticed that Susie had finished her speech, but it seems that someone in the audience was making a scene. “Great…”


A shroud of silence clouded the auditorium after the sudden outburst of the man in the audience. He was bored of the introduction and uninterested of the preaching nature of her speech. At the same time, Morisa covered her mouth, trying to keep herself from chuckling too loud of about what had transparent.

“Well…” She clears her throat. “We are giving out goods after questions you guys have about us, so you have to wait until after that. We just want to give everyone the reassurance of our stance as an organization and provide an extra lane for your future.” Susie mustered enough courage to speak to the loud one.

“No one cares about that!” The man waved his hand in motion to shows his disapproval. “This is boring! You came in here and started throwing exposition about your organization, sounding like a PR spokesperson.” He noticed that Naolyn tried to speak to him, but he refused. “Shut it, nutcase.”

He pointed his finger towards Susie, Nessa and Ray. “If questions are something you want from us, then let go straight to the point: what can you possibly do for us, specifically? Do you have the power to get us out of here?”

Susie was taken back by his questionings. “Uh… we can’t exactly promise you that…”

“Right. Can’t promise us that….” He chuckled. “Then this is a pointless meeting, eh? What’s the point of dragging everyone here if you’re just going to say “sorry, we can’t do anything”? Might as well let us go.” He sat back down. “I’m not the only one who think this, right?” He turns to Marlene, Nix and Giovani. “You guys think this is stupid right? Either they put up the good shit or don’t bother, I say.” 

Susie attempted to finish her point. “But just because we can’t technically get you out, legally, doesn’t mean we can’t offer other assistance. We are to help your problems, problems that this center doesn’t addressed. We truly want to help…!”
Ray says "We shooed be reedy for anything. We need to remind our self that desperate people don't make the wisest of choices and who set this up."
Ray thinks "Well played chuckles (Morisa) for setting up us."
Marlene kept a scowl and briefly stared at the man. She wasn't sure what to say next, especially now that her wish to leave the center were all but snuffed out (despite being certain she stopped clinging to that hope). But that didn't mean there was no way to make living here at least a little more bearable, only there was no way to ask such a question now within Morisa's earshot. Marlene figured to wait until the end of the meeting and try to approach them while they're passing out the items, but with Morisa watching her every move... and there was the fact that everyone else was tuned in to hear their answers. "Doesn't matter. I'm in no rush to be anywhere," Marlene said. 

Her line of sight accidentally moved toward Susie who spoke up again. This whole place causes nothing BUT problems! Nothing here is okay! I purposely didn't take my shitty medication this morning just so I wouldn't be totally drugged out for once! I bet half of us are drugged out this very minute because of that wretched crone! 

But Marlene held that mess of angry thoughts back just enough to manage a question. "... What kind of problems?" A simple question, but she could at least be recognized later when she tries to talk to them alone. She couldn't display too much self-awareness yet, it might draw too much attention.
Naolyn narrowed her eyes at the man making a scene and let out a small hiss of detest. She hugged her knee harder, her hands gripping tightly at her sleeves, digging deeper the louder and more chaotic things got. The girl didn't say a word to the loud man, trying her best to stay calm and ignore all the bad things that were being said. Naolyn wished to get out of the Rehabilitation Center because of all the experiments they were doing on her and a few others, so, in a way, she wanted to tell the Busters what was really happening. 

M-Maybe I should tell the Busters... They need to know the truth!! B-But what will happen? A battle? War?! Social Media?! What do we do?!

Naolyn began to take deep breaths, taking every second she can to compose herself and not worry about. Luckily, she composed herself, her grip loosening up against her arm sleeve.

"Okay, okay..." Naolyn said to herself. "It's gonna be okay. Maybe I should talk to them... in private. Yeah, I should do that when this is over."
“I like the way you think, hermano.” Gio said as he stood up. He looked up at the Busters. “I appreciate y’all wasting my time. Now if you excuse me I’ll head back to my cell.”

Gio pulled out a cigarrette and lit it by blowing a small flame from his breath. He started to head toward the exit
“Well, look at that, someone here understand that this is a waste of time.” The man places his feet on the edge of the chair where Nix was sitting. “Maybe we should follow his lead…”

Susie narrowed her eyes when Giovani stood up and headed towards the exit, and it seems that the rest of the audience are either conflicted or perhaps, feeling the same as the other. Technically, Susie has no idea about the place, aside from occasional rumors, and when she got the tip about the place, she jumped in head first without thinking. Susie places her thumb near the edge of her lips, trying to maintain her composure about the scenario. She’d look up, seeing Morisa in the back—the grandmaster’s expression reveals a satisfied look. If she doesn’t turn this around, it would be all for naught and they won’t have another opportunity like this again.

Then it hit her—Giovani’s comment about going to his cell alarmed her. “Cell…? You mean your rooms? This isn’t a prison, there shouldn’t be any cells in here.” Susie jumped down from the podium and ran straight towards Giovani before he reaches the exit. “Like he said, let’s get down to business on the nitty gritty. You are being abused or degraded in this center?” Her eyes were stern, serious and determined when she places her hand on his shoulders. She turned around to face the rest of the audience. “The same goes for all of you… Tell us your stories, and we will do everything we can.”

Morisa squinted her eyes when Giovani described his room as a “cell”. She was about to make a move but decided against it. Instead, she stares around the room intensely, focusing on Naolyn majority of the time, before cracking out a smile. “You lots… at least give these people a chance.” She finally spoke out. “They came all the way down here to show their support for you, and you can’t even give them the time of day to answer some things? I mean, it's not like you have anything else better to do, right?” Morisa chuckled. “Perhaps the center is made for you…” 

Nessa narrows her eyes. “You might be on the money, Ray. I’m starting to think this is a set-up as well.”
Ray says to Nessa "Its time to turn this set up on it's head and be ready for violence."

Ray heads over to the podium and says "I think we do need a free form Q&A section and form what I take your comments Morisa you are willing to have us speak those that are willing despite earlier trying to stop us form speaking to others." Ray is arming to reinforce Susie's point and to give the more timid people a chance to speak out as well. Ray thinks "So far there a little girl(Naolyn) and young lady (Maralene) were the other two that Morisa made special note of. What the man(Gio) hinted at they are ones she fears as well."
Gio was slightly taken aback when Susie placed a hand on his shoulder. He grabbed it and gently put it down.

"Hands off, sweetheart." Gio said. "Unless you're trying to come back with me." he chuckled.

Gio's face of amusement then instantly became serious as he looked at Susie again. The cigarette in his mouth burst into flames and he put it out with his whole hand.

"Isn't the job of the Busters to bust down problems for us specials or some sh*t. I'm surprised you're just hearing about our so called "rooms." 

Gio then slightly cuffed the right side leg on his jeans revealing an an ankle monitor.

"According to the dogs that run this place I'm a danger to myself and society. The walls in my cell are impenetrable so I can't melt through them. Believe me, I've tried." he smirked.
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