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Sep 3, 2015

Welcome to Hero City! The Biggest City on Booga! This is where the gathering of strong warriors who wished to seek and live out as professional heroes by joining the Heroes Organization. They're task as rankings and defend the city against worldly threats that Booga constantly faced. Especially since the city itself is literal eye candies for causing havoc and destruction due to being the more populated area on the planet. Due to it's popularity, the city have expanded itself to the point that it could rival a literal country. It's split into four section: ​

Heroes Organization - Where Heroes come and entered the field of Heroes and start their career to protect the city from ongoing threats. It's headquarters seems to be than flying fortress that is only accessed by crossing the rainbow road. ​
Hero Complex - Where it contains literally the biggest shopping center in the world. You will find plenty of rare items and the like; however, you might want to bring lots of money. They're stupidity expensive..​
Hero Towns - Where Heroes are assigned to towns to rest up and chilled. ​
Hero Natural Reserve - Where it's filled with wildlife, Rain forests and the like. Be careful.. it was said that they're some "extreme" monsters that lurks in the woods. It's advise to never go alone with a full fledged hero. ​

  • If you're looking for threads that are constantly against beings that threaten the entire world, this is the place for you. 
  • There are several factions that are sent on various mission once you entered the Heroes Organization. 
  • When you first joined, you'll be given a rank; you'll raise up depended on the accomplishments you've done here. The Ranks are S Class, A Class, B Class and C Class. You'll be automatically assigned to C Class and work your way up. 
A bus had stopped and drop lots of people off, with Red Bernardino stepping out. He yawned a bit and do some little stretches as he looked up the city. "Jesus.. it took nearly 8 hours for that bus to get over here.. Biggest City indeed... might as well be a country.." Red said. He pulled out a piece of paper; on it it says "Heroes For Hire. "Just need to find out where that headquarters is.. something about rainbows..?"
Lyrik was in the same bus as Red B. and hopped out, his music blasting. He hummed to himself and seemed to stare at the sky as he too held out a similar paper to that of Red B. He was looking for the same building since he too wanted to be a hero, or at least attempt it. He walked in a way that was similar to dancing, spitting a beat when he was confident enough. He just wondered where such a building could be located at.
Red overheard the loud music behind him, turning to see Lyrik dancing. "What an odd guy... maybe he's looking for the headquarters as well..?" He thought. He came towards him and lightly tapped onto his shoulders. "Excuse me.."
Lyrik turned to Red and tilted his head. He lowered the volume of his music but still didn't really seem to hear him. He stared blankly at the man before calmly saying only one word. He was monotone and Red could not see his eyes because of his dreadlocks and cap.

"You must be looking to join the Hero Organization as well, right..?" Red yawned a bit, his eyes were watery. "Have an idea where that might be? They said they would send someone when we arrive.. but it's a no show.."
Lyrik pointed to a large building that was almost impossible to miss no matter where you are in the city. He looked back to Red and nudged him to the building. He didn't know how long it would take to get there but he was willing to walk the distance. His music started to blast again.

"Walk." He said calmly.
Red turns to the direction he was pointing at and see the giant floating fortress. "Whoa.. that's where we supposed to go..? Cool.." Red yawned and followed. "Oh yeah.. what's your name?"
Lyrik didn't hear Red at first until he lowered his music. He stared at him again and finally caught on as to what Red asked him. He stared at the building and continued to walk in its direction. He took his time when he spoke.

"Lyrik." He said. There was a long pause before he spoke again. "You?"
Red didn't seem to paid much attention to Lyrik having on his headphones. Seems to be oblivious to the areas around him. Alas, as Lyrik responded to his name, he replied. "Name's Red, Red Bernardino. What brings you to become a Super Hero?"
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