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GTA San Andreas: Special Vehicles Guide


Red Jacket
As you may have noticed, I recently have begun playing GTA San Andreas again and have increased my Special Vehicle Collection, with a total of 65 vehicles in my current finished playthrough.

So, in commemmoration of that, here's another trick that I've discovered that helps in storing as many special vehicles as possible early in the game. And this trick is the ability to use the Doherty Garage Early trick.

The Doherty Garage, which is normally unreachable until the events of 'The Green Sabre', is actually available to use and store vehicles in from the very start of the game, however, if one were to enter the area of Flint County before the events of 'The Green Sabre', you'd get normally slapped with a 4-Star Wanted level. However, there are a few moments where one can safely cross and explore the area without getting a wanted level and without the use of cheats!

For example, in the mission Just Business, during the shoot-out scene against the Russians outside the Atrium, wanted levels as well as regular traffic are disabled, which means you can take down only a few Russians and then bail out of the area and head to the nearby gas station where a parked Broadway is present there. In fact, the ONLY vehicles that will spawn in the area are the ones parked in parking lots and other 'scripted' areas as well as your garages. From there, you can use the Broadway to drive to a garage, pick up any fast bike you've stored (PCJ-600, BF-400, FCR-900 and NRG-500 for example), and drive towards the Santa Maria Beach area (but avoid the area where Big Smoke has his shootout with the Russians!), towards the bridge leading into Flint County.

Drive with high speed on the bike over the area between the crash barrier with traffic light and the bridge post, and this will land you safely into Flint County, with NO wanted level to speak of! Now you can drive all the way to the Doherty Garage, store the bike there and then return to Los Santos to either continue the mission or pick-up the next bike if you so choose.


Red Jacket
This post will explain how to obtain an All-Proof Glendale car from the mission 'Los Desperados'. All-proof means that the car can't be damaged by bullets, collisions, fire, explosives and melee weapons.

How to obtain this car:

What is needed:
  • Storage space in the Verdant Bluffs/El Corona Safehouse
  • Body Armor
  • Assault Rifle like the AK-47/M4 Carbine or Submachine gun like MP5
  • Minigun or Sawn-off Shotgun with sufficient ammo
  • Tow Truck (optional).
The steps:
  1. Play the mission 'Los Desperados' until you come to the shootout in the alley, where Sunny brings out a Rocket Launcher to help in the fight against the Vagos.
  2. Move past the battlefield to obtain a Blade (should be parked in the street close to the El Corona Safehouse) or fetch a Tow Truck (preferrably parked in the garage of your safehouse) and drive around the battlefield back to the area behind it, and use the car to run Sunny over (which fails the mission).
  3. Now either use the Tow Truck to hook onto the car and drag it to the El Corona Safehouse, or use the Sawn-off Shotgun or Minigun to 'push' it to the El Corona safehouse instead.
  4. Push the Glendale into the Garage, release it (in case you've used the Tow Truck) and confirm the Glendale next.
  5. Save the game.
  6. You now have an All-Proof Glendale at your disposal to use at anytime.


Red Jacket
This post will explain how to obtain the extremely rare S.W.A.T. Tank from the mission 'End of the Line'. This SWAT Tank is also Bullet- and Fireproof.
How to obtain this car:

What is needed:
  • Storage space in any big garage (Johnson House, Doherty Garage, Verdant Meadows)
  • Body Armor
The steps:
  1. Play the mission 'End of the Line' until you're tasked to steal the SWAT Tank.
  2. Steal the SWAT Tank as prompted, but instead of driving to Big Smoke's Crack Palace, drive the vehicle to Glen Park and carefully drive it into the water, until you get a message that the mission has failed due to the APC being 'destroyed'.
  3. Get out of the APC and push it out of the water, at least enough to where you can enter the APC and reverse it out of the water.
  4. Drive the SWAT Tank to any garage big enough to store it in.
  5. Confirm the SWAT Tank in the garage, then save the game.


Red Jacket
This post will explain how to obtain the All-Proof Feltzer from the mission 'End of the Line'. All-Proof meaning that the vehicle is Bullet/Damage/Explosion/Fire and Melee-proof. gallery900.jpg
How to obtain this car:

What is needed:
  • Storage space in the Johnson House garage.
  • Body Armor
  • Any Assault Rifle, Sawn-off Shotgun and/or Minigun to deal with any opposition within Big Smoke's Crack Palace
The steps:
  1. Play the mission 'End of the Line' until you have to chase Tenpenny in the Feltzer that you'll automatically get into.
  2. Chase Tenpenny down until you arrive at Glen Park.
  3. Where Tenpenny turns left, you go straight ahead to the Pond of Glen Park and dump the car into the water. This will Fail the mission.
  4. Push the Feltzer out of the water (by either pushing against it, use the Sawn-off Shotgun or the Minigun, as long as you don't flip the car over).
  5. Once the Feltzer is out of the water, step in the car and drive to the Johnson House garage.
  6. Park the Feltzer into the garage, confirm it and then save the game.
Note that, should you fail this attempt, you can immediately try it again as any subsequent attempt at the mission 'End of the Line' will start directly with chasing Tenpenny down if you've succeeded in killing Big Smoke but failed to keep chasing Tenpenny to save Sweet.


Red Jacket
This post will explain how to obtain an Unique Black Maverick Helicopter from the mission 'Interdiction'.
How to obtain this helicopter:

What is needed:
  • Access to Verdant Meadows.
  • Body Armor
  • Minigun
  • Tow Truck
The steps:
  1. Play the mission 'Interdiction' as normal: arrive at Toreno's Ranch using the Tow Truck and proceed to the first destination at Las Brujas.
  2. Do NOT pick up the Rocket Launcher or use any of the vehicles presented to you (Quad, Sanchez or Bandito)! Use the Tow Truck to drive up the mountain!
  3. Stop BEFORE entering the marker and exit the Tow Truck.
  4. Enter the marker to set up the flare for the Leviathan chopper to come in. This is where the Black Mavericks come to try and shoot the Leviathan down.
  5. Use the Minigun to fire at the Black Mavericks in short bursts! If done right, the helicopters should fall down WITHOUT exploding! This is very important! Best way to make this happen is with the Black Maverick that hovers to bring down the agents with AK-47s.
  6. Once the Leviathan has moved to drop the contraband, enter the Tow Truck!
  7. If you see one of the Black Mavericks still intact on the ground and stationary, reverse CAREFULLY in front of the Maverick so the nose of the helicopter will attach to the crane of the tow truck when lowered.
  8. Raise the crane once the Maverick is attached to it and carefully drive down the mountain path and CONTINUE THE MISSION! Make sure you keep the Tow Truck WITH the Maverick attached to it with you at all times, do NOT stray too far away from it!
  9. When the mission is completed by delivering the contraband to Las Brujas as instructed, drive the Tow Truck with the Maverick attached to it carefully back to Toreno's Ranch to start the mission 'Verdant Meadows'. Be careful of the traffic; the Maverick is very vulnerable at this time and the slighest hard collission wil make it explode!
  10. Start the mission 'Verdant Meadows' and drive the Tow Truck with the Maverick STILL attached to it towards the Verdant Meadows Aircraft Graveyard.
  11. Purchase the property. Now you can drive the Tow Truck with the Black Maverick into the large hangar big enough to store the helicopter in.
  12. Release the Maverick from the Tow Truck's crane and and exit the hangar. KEEP THE MAVERICK IN SIGHT AT ALL TIMES EVEN AS THE HANGAR CLOSES! This will 'confirm' the Maverick and does NOT make it despawn.
  13. Once the Hangar doors are closed, approach it again to open it up. If done right, a fully restored Black Maverick is there for you to use.


Red Jacket
This post will explain how you can give some vehicles unique modifications and unique colors, even though these vehicles can normally NOT be modified in ANY shop from TransFender! This is more practically known as a Exclusive Color/Exclusive Color Conversion, and this is all done without the use of any cheats. For my example here, I've modified a Hotring Racer car and a NRG-500 bike, but you can choose to do this up to FOUR vehicles maximum.
Modded Hotring Racer (Yellow and Green body color, Off-Road wheels, Nitro)
Modded NRG-500 (Twist Wheels, Red and Green body color)

How to obtain this:

What is needed:
  • Any of the vehicles you wish to modify stored in the Johnson House Garage. Make sure these are NOT reversed into the garage, or else these vehicles will disappear as you've accidentally 'left' the garage with them.
  • Body Armor
  • Any conventional weapon to deal with most opposition encountered, Minigun, Sawn-off Shotgun and/or AK-47/M4 Carbine recommended
The steps:
  1. Play the mission 'Home Coming' like normal, make sure that you take out the Ballas first BEFORE taking on the Dealers.
  2. When attacking the Crack Dealers, drive a vehicle up to one of the Dealers and bump against him to make him fall over, but do NOT kill him! Instead, when the dealer is knocked over, drive the vehicle gently over it to keep the dealer 'pinned down', so he won't get up.
  3. Take out the rest of the dealers, then move into a different vehicle with Sweet and drive to TransFender at Temple and enter it. This will automatically finish the mission, but you will find yourself in 'Black Hell' given the surroundings.
  4. Enter the Johnson House garage (marked by the dollar sign). You'll know you've entered it when the camera switches to an 'isometric' view.
  5. Enter the vehicles you wish to modify (this will make CJ disappear and the mod menu appear).
  6. Use the Accelerate button to select the color option from the menu. This will make the screen turn black, but will keep the mod menu active.
  7. Now select whatever modifications you want to add to the vehicle you're in, exit the vehicle and proceed to the next and repeat the process. Keep in mind that the screen is still black, so you will be doing this blindly, but you'll see the name of the vehicle appear once you've entered it.
    IMPORTANT! Certain modifications will NOT work on ALL vehicles! Selecting Nitro or Hydraulics on a bike like the NRG-500 for example causes the game to crash! Selecting these options on for example the Hotring Racer however does NOT crash the game!
  8. Once you're done with the modifications, exit TransFender fully. You'll be appearing with your latest modded vehicle from the TransFender garage.
  9. Enter the modded car and drive it to any safehouse of your choosing (provided you have room for them) or just the Johnson House to store them.
  10. Once the vehicles are stored and confirmed, save the game.