GTA San Andreas: Special Vehicles Guide


Green Jacket
This post will detail the steps needed to obtain up to two All-Proof HPV1000 Police Bikes from the mission 'Small Town Bank'.

All-Proof means that the bike is Bullet/Damage/Explosion/Fire AND Melee-proof, the only ways it can be destroyed is by e.g. hitting the bike while wearing a parachute or dump it in the water.

How to obtain these bikes:

What is needed:
  • Storage space in the Palomino Creek Safehouse
The steps:
  1. Start the mission 'Small Town Bank', which can be started after doing either 'First Date', 'First Base', 'Gone Courting' or 'Made in Heaven', depending on which of the robbery missions is done with Catalina.
  2. Proceed with the mission until the cutscene has played of the two Police Bikes entering the alley during the backalley shootout.
  3. Shoot Catalina down to kill her, which fails the mission.
  4. Now get on either one of the police bikes if you want to have just one and take it to the Palomino Creek Safehouse, but beware of the Wanted Level that you still have. If you want the other Police Bike too, get off of the first one after getting on it and step onto the other, this prevents it from despawning for a while, just enough for you to retrieve it still if you're fast and skillfull enough.
  5. Save your game after storing either one or both police bikes, which will clear the wanted level.
  6. You now have two invincible Police Bikes at your disposal, which can come in handy in case you wish to tackle the Vigilante side mission.


Green Jacket
This post will detail the steps needed to obtain a BP/EP/FP/MP Patriot from the mission 'Big Smoke's Cash'.

Notorious for being one of the harder missions to do and comes up at random on Monday and Friday in-game between the missions 'King in Exile' up until the mission 'Yay Ka-Boom-Boom', with its counterpart mission being the 'Loco Syndicate Drug Courier' which is triggered every Wednesday and Saturday. Note that this mission itself is NOT required to do in order to achieve 100% completion, thus making it completely optional and can be skipped when desired.

Keep in mind that while this Patriot is Bullet/Explosion/Fire AND Melee-proof, it is NOT damage proof, so it will take damage from collisions!

How to obtain this truck:

What is needed:
  • Storage space in either the Johnson House or the Doherty Garage
  • Tow Truck (Optional)
  • Sawn-off Shotgun (Optional)
The steps:

There are at least two ways to obtain the Patriot, provided you do not toss it off a bridge and into the water.

Option 1:
  1. Use a Tow Truck and intercept the Patriot while on its way to San Fierro. As it is making use of regular roads, this shouldn't be much of an issue, just watch the traffic along the way.
  2. Hit the Patriot to make it lose its cash, pick that up if desired.
  3. Once all the cash boxes have been ejected, keep hitting the Patriot until the driver moves out, provided the Patriot does NOT get destroyed even though it is NOT Damage Proof.
  4. Move the Tow Truck in front of the Patriot while keeping it on screen so it will NOT despawn and lower the crane so the hook attaches to the front of the truck
  5. Drive the Tow Truck with the Patriot attached to the Doherty Garage and park it in the open garage by reversing into it and releasing the Patriot inside. Let the garage door close while keeping the Patriot in sight/on-screen.
  6. Save the game.
  7. Now go back to the garage. The Patriot is now unlocked with its BP/EP/FP/MP properties intact and available for you to use.
Option 2:
  1. Make sure you are present at the Grove Street cul-de-sac where the Johnson House is located before the call from Cesar comes! This is where the Patriot begins its drive to San Fierro.
  2. Try the same method as described above using a Tow Truck, or hit the Patriot in a way so it will tip over and land on its roof, at which it will catch fire and blow up, completing the mission regardless of the cash collected, or if you skip the mission it will continue its drive to San Fierro, intercept it as previously described.
  3. When the Patriot is destroyed, push the wreck back to the Johnson House Garage, either by just running up against it or by using the Sawn-off Shotgun. Beware if you use the latter as it can attract attention of either the Ballas and/or any police officers nearby.
  4. Push the wreck into the Garage of the Johnson House, use a bike to keep the door open, just in case, but make sure the wreck does NOT despawn!
  5. Close the Garage door while keeping the wreck in sight.
  6. Open the Garage door again. If done right, the Patriot is now completely restored with its special properties intact.
  7. Save the game.
  8. You are now free to use this special Patriot at your leisure.


Green Jacket
This post details the steps as to how to obtain an All-Proof Merit from the mission '555 We Tip'. This is the car driven by the DA officer whom you're supposed to frame for possession of marihuana under orders of Tenpenny.

All-Proof means that the car is Bullet/Damage/Explosion/Fire AND Melee-proof, the only ways it can be destroyed is by e.g. hitting the bike while wearing a parachute or dump it in the water.

How to obtain this car:

What is needed:
  • Storage space in the Hashbury Safehouse (recommended)
  • Parachute
  • Assault or Sniper Rifle
The steps:
  1. Play the mission '555 We Tip' as normal, up until you've driven the Merit back to the Hotel's parking lot undamaged after planting the mary in the trunk.
  2. Step out of the car after putting it in the marked spot, but do not return to the valet spot outside! Wait instead until the other valet comes to pick up the car.
  3. Let the valet get into the car. This will activate the All-Proof property!
  4. Stand in front of the car and shoot the other valet through the head to make him fall out of the car.
  5. Get into the car, drive it to the Hashbury Safehouse and park it in the garage.
  6. Get out of the car, equip the Parachute and punch/kick the car until flames come out.
  7. Move to the other side of the garage, but do NOT exit it yet! Wait until the car blows up which fails the mission!
  8. Exit the garage so the door closes, and then approach it again to open it.
  9. The All-Proof Merit is now restored and ready for you to drive in.
  10. Save the game.


Green Jacket
This post details the steps as to how to obtain an Unique Brown-colored Camper from the mission 'Jizzy'.

There are at least two variants of this Camper, with a Brown-Red and a Brown-White coloring, as seen below, stored with two other cars.
You can only obtain one variation of the brown campers at the time as only one will appear during the mission. To obtain any other, you must fail the mission and attempt it again to see if it will spawn then.

How to obtain this Camper:

What is needed:
  • Storage space at the Doherty Garage (recommended)
The steps:
  1. Play the mission 'Jizzy' as normal, until you're tasked to head for the bottom of a highway intersection at Foster Valley, to rescue one of Jizzy's 'hos' there whom is being attacked by abusive clients. The brown camper is parked there beside the attacker.
  2. Step into the Camper and drive to the Doherty Garage. During that time the mission will fail as it will fail to rescue the woman, but will allow you to retain the Camper by storing it in the Garage, and attempt the mission again for another variety.