Escaping The Blind

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Sep 3, 2015
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Current Location: Jacksonville, Florida. ​

The streets have been covered with moss, weeds, and creeping roots of the thriving plants. Everything is humid and sticky, water from overflowing rivers have left some of the city underwater. The swamp has taken back its former land. Buildings are the only escape from the heat and a safe place to sleep for the night. The Blind roam the swampy area and seem to often fall prey to alligators and mountain lions; however, some rumors say that there are Blinds that can swim but the proper reports have yet to be found. Find the reports and be one step ahead of the Blind or find yourself as their next target.


Ezra roamed the swampy area with freshly caught fish over his shoulder. The hot and humid area made him sweat more than he normally did but he was lucky to not see any Blinders nearby. He casually began to walk in the direction of an apartment complex just a couple blocks from a fishing hole he found. Few Blinders were seen roaming the streets but Ezra didn't seem at all worried about them. He seemed experienced enough to take on a few by himself. He rolled his eyes.​

"They seem to get dumber everyday." Ezra whispered. "Or maybe I've just caught on to their tactics."​


Boris had finished beating a nearby Blinder with his lucky brass knuckles and made sure to make the floor that he and Ezra were staying on safe. The fifth floor of an apartment complex remained Blinder-free. Boris tossed the dead Blinder over a railing of the apartment and deep into a swamp. The noise caused nearby Blinders to wobble in that direction, making the area a little less dangerous to anyone nearby. He let out a hearty laugh and opened the door to an apartment that was ransacked and stripped of all valuable belongings. There was still dry foods left like cereal and crackers and whoever trashed the place didn't seem to take any of the truly valuable items like matches and medical utensils. ​

"Ha! The Blinders are still no match for the great Boris!" Boris cheered to himself, flexing. "I have secured the floor with my strength!"​
“Damn, there’s a few of them over there. I can’t a break today huh?” Jason thought to himself when he saw a few Blinders roaming the street. He was holding a bag, with the bottom coated with blood. He managed to captured and kill a rabbit. 

“Shit, I hope the smell don’t alert these fuckers.” Sweat began to form on the tip of his forehead as it dripped downward on his left cheek as it hit the floor. 

He heard a voice—although faint—from afar. “Blinders don’t speak I believe. Could be another person around here?” Jason thought to himself, carefully going to the direction of the voices he heard.
"Remind me again why we're in this shithole of a wasteland?" Violet mutters to her companion. "There's nothing but plants, mud, and bugs."

"We're running out of food, and you've got 2 fresh amputation sites that are particularly sensitive to gangrene anywhere else as it is. You can't tell me you liked being in the same city as the people who cut them off for you, do you?" Molly returned in a low voice. "Either way, I need medical supplies. I see a couple long-sided buildings up ahead, so we can just go door to door checking them. We just need to make sure we don't come across those freaks any more than we need to. Your hand's stitches will reopen if you aren't careful." They stopped when they came across a dumpster near the back of one of the buildings close to the complex, with a rusted ladder close to it.

"I got it, fine. Just find away to get to the roof and I'll take care of it for you. You forgot I have 3 fingers on my bad hand. Five on my lucky left." Violet wiggled them and leaned her baseball bad over her left shoulder. "Just signal me for 'em and I keep my eyes peeled." She whispered.

Molly nodded and climbed her way up the ladder, but carefully so it wouldn't break under her dainty weight. Luckily she made it to the rooftop safely, and it seemed empty. I hear someone out over there... She took out a small compact mirror and angled it in Violet's direction to alert her of a presence besides them.

So now I just gotta watch my footing and find a good way to get in without making much noise. Violet peeked around the building to see what was down the street by the complex. They're moving elsewhere, so now's my chance to clean house. May as well try the apartments before whoever's there notices me.
Ezra, finally reaching the complex he was walking to, noticed some Blinders slowly making their way to the complex. He sighed figuring that Boris had to open his mouth again but luckily it wasn't many. Most of the Blinders seem to follow the noise of the splash that Boris caused. Ezra made sure to keep his footsteps light and slowly creep his way past some Blinders that weren't even a yard away from him. He seemed to hold his breath while he carefully slipped by.


Boris flung open the door to the apartment he was staying in and stretched his arms. He waited patiently for Ezra to send him a sort of signal from the nearby staircase emergency exit. He leaned against the wall, flicking some dirt from between his fingers. He looked bored and slightly impatient. 

"Man, I vas hoping that Ezra wouldn't take so long." He spoke in his thick German accent. "I vant some dinner and some nice beer. How hard is it to catch some fish?"
Jason took precaution on walking slowly away from the Blinders. It seems that they were interested in something in another direction.

“I did hear a splash a moment ago. Whatever it was, it caught their attention.” Jason continued to walking away from the Blinders.

“Damn, it’s so hot and the humidity is not making things any better.” Jason mumbled to himself. He passed the swampy area and noticed an apartment complex in plain sight. “Ah, an apartment complex. Perhaps this one has some supplies?” 

Jason did narrowed his eyes and noticed someone was on the rooftop for a split second. “What was that? Someone was on there for a second. Perhaps it’s my imagination. Nah, I need to focus and get to the apartment right away or I’ll get caught for sure.” Jason slowly made his way to the complex by hiding in between cars.
C'mon, get to the apartments already.... they're coming closer.... Molly bit her thumbnail watching Violet move around her building and closer towards the complex, moving to the corner of one building and getting ready to jump to the neighboring rooftop. 

Violet experimentally set foot on the mossy areas of the street, deciding it would dampen the sound of her boots against the concrete better. The grip on her bat tightened as she glanced towards any surrounding objects that would let her easily get onto a second floor of the apartment building. She preferred not entering a building on the first floor with Blinders roaming about if she could help it.
Ezra managed to slip away from the Blinders and noticed Violet from the corner of his eye. He double checked to see if his eyes weren't playing tricks on him but he still had to make sure she isn't a Blinder. He seemed to growl under his breath but remained out of view and tried to get closer to her but the Blinders started to lift their heads in the air, sniffing.

"Oh shit.." He said to himself. 

However, the Blinders seem to be rushing over in the direction of Jason, the blood from the rabbit he killed having caught the attention of the blinders. The Blinders didn't move very fast, about as fast as an average jogger, but there was just an overwhelming number of them. Luckily, there weren't that many that trailed after the smell of Jason's rabbit.


Boris started to grow very impatient of Ezra and started to head to the lower floors. He put on his brass knuckles and started to head down to the lower floors. He appeared in the back exit of the apartment complex and began to make his way around to the front where Ezra would most likely be. He noticed Blinders heading to the parked cars ahead and spotted a man hiding between them. Boris looked a bit worried and thought that there weren't that many Blinders to fight off. He jumped on top of a car and whistled to Jason.

"I vould run if I were you, buddy!" Boris called out, getting the attentions of the Blinders on him. "Head to the back, I'll take these guys on!"
Jason narrowed his eyes when he seen the Blinders rushing toward to his location. 

“Thanks…” Jason muttered. He did not want to leave him behind to fend for himself; however, he did not know the man nor his history. His body naturally react to move on its own. Following Boris’ advice, Jason ran behind the complex. He placed his back on the wall, exhaling heavily. 

“Getting too old for this shit…”
Violet continued her pace on the moss carpeted concrete, not wanting to suddenly move and draw any attention in her direction. Defensively, she held up her bat with both hands as she advanced for the apartments ready to bash their heads in if she needed to. With all these Blinders around, she couldn't get on a car quietly enough and hoist herself up to a second floor. Instinctively she held her breath, if not breathing very shallowly. Maybe if I can draw them further away from me and the apartment front, this'll be easier.... I need a big rock or something.

Damnit Violet. You better not screw this up for us both. Molly could see where the Blinders were headed and wondered if there was a way to attract the horde elsewhere away from the man on the car. "It's too dangerous for me to try and get down now. And there are more people here than I expected. Hopefully they aren't territorial... Maybe I can find something up here and attract them.... something that makes a loud enough clang when I throw it..."
Ezra heard Borris's hearty yell and started to rush to the back. While he ran, he noticed Violet and instantly stopped in his place. He wasn't scared about the very few Blinders nearby when he called out to Violet. He noticed her movements were different from that of a Blinder.

"Are you a Blinder?" He said loudly, alerting two nearby Blinders. "Answer me or I'll blast your head off."


Borris watched Jason run off to the back where it was safe. While the Blinders got closer to him, he let out a laugh of joy. He jumped off the car and on top of a Blinder, grabbing it and swinging it across the area. The others nearby were swiftly punched in the face.

"Is that the best you can do?!"
"That guy seems to be enjoying this way too much." Jason thought as he heard Boris' laughter. He still managed to held onto the bag which contained the dead rabbit. 

"Looks like this doesn't have to be a waste of time after all. Just nee-" Jason overheard more voices. A man and another that sounds like a young woman. "Did I just ran into a group?"  Jason thought to himself.
Violet opened her mouth, about to retort with a snarky response before closing it and looking around her. Is he bluffing? A gunshot here would attract every one of these freaks in the whole damn county. So is just talking. But I guess this ain't his territory yet if he hasn't tried to kill me for just being here.

Instead, Violet resorted to raising her bat high above her head and pointing it behind her in Molly's direction.

"Guess she wants me to make some noise and do the talking for her!" Molly yelled and kicked off one of the wind turbine vents on the roof and picked it up, lifting it high over her head. "Alright, kiddo, where should I throw it!?"

Violet looked back from the rooftop towards Ezra expectantly. 

'How's that?' she mouthed.
Ezra didn't reply to the woman and pointed to a door leading near the back. 

"Keep quiet and follow me..." He grunted while keeping a tight grip on his caught fish. "And if you alert any more Blinders, you're on your own."

He didn't seem to wait for a reply or a reaction from the female. He began to casually make his way to the place he pointed and left through the back door.


Boris punched several of the Blinders away from him and he didn't seem to break a sweat. With the few Blinders around the area, Boris finished his little fight in a short amount of time. He tossed the dead beings as far as he could, mostly near the swampy area to get Blinders roaming in the wrong direction. He rushed to the back of the complex, slowly catching up with Jason.

"Haha! Those Blinders proved little match for me!" He laughed.  "I hope you're alright, sir--" He cut himself off, noticing Ezra coming out from the door. "Ezra! Vhat took you so long, eh?! I'm starving!"

"Huh? Boris? What are you doing down here?" Ezra looked at Jason and didn't give Boris a moment to answer. "And who's this..? Ugh, just explain everything later, there's a back of crazy girls behind me."

Ezra eyed Jason suspiciously and slipped around the corner of the complex, going up an emergency exit route in the complex.
Jason raised a brow when Erza eyed on him. He did not appreciated being given the stink eye; however, it made sense considering the situation. Upon seeing Boris joining in and Erza slipping through the corner of the complex, Jason  instinctively followed this man.

"I'm really doing this..." He thought to himself.
Violet rolled here eyes and turned back to give Molly the signal to follow her once she threw the object before following Ezra. "I take offense to that..." She muttered under her breath.

Molly heard splashing from Boris's throwing, so she figured it would make the most sense to add additional noise in that spot. "I'm way too out of shape for this." She grunted before hurling the vent out to splash into the water. The only way to get the was to hop through the roofs of neighboring buildings, which is what she did for her next course of action. "If this is a trap, I swear, Violet..." Molly grumbled as she climbed down a building's ladder and followed through the exit.
While Ezra ignored Violet and went up the stairs to the fifth floor, Boris made sure to be the last person through the door. He made sure that no other Blinders follow them despite that most have been distracted thanks to the splashes he made. When Ezra arrived to the fifth floor, it was Blinder-free and safely barricaded from anyone who wanted to sneak in. He looked back to see if the females and the male were following him at his pace. Regardless if they did, he entered one of the free apartments and tossed the freshly caught fish on the sink.

"The last thing we need is a bigger crowd..." He sighed to himself. He looked worried about the group they found. "Why does Boris befriend everyone he meets..?"

As Boris trailed behind the group, he made sure to barricade the doors leading to the emergency stairs with the exception of the fifth floor one. He seemed very jolly for a man who had his hands covered in blood from the Blinders. He spoke out to the group, being a bit friendlier than Ezra.

"I hope you are villing to share your catch, yes?" He nudged Jason playfully. "We have a couple more mouths to feed."
"Uh.." Jason responded when Boris nudged him. It was not the fact that Jason did not wished to share, but he did not planned to provide food with others. Upon entering the room, Jason looked around. As expected, it seems to be a safe haven for a moment before going on a move again.
"Hold up, man, we didn't say anything about staying with any of you." Violet interrupted crassly.

"What she means to say is we just planned to check this place out for any supplies left over and maybe find an empty room to break into if it was all-clear. It didn't seemed to have anyone occupying it." Molly said, in a comparatively gentle tone. "It's not exactly typical to hear people just willing to take anyone in anymore. Especially after just finding a safe place to hunker down in. I mean... we don't even know any of your names."
Ezra remained quiet about the situation and glanced at Boris when he spoke out to the group.

"Vell, I'm Boris! My quiet friend over there is Ezra! We have been on the run since this entire thing started! I helped you out because a group is stronger in numbers, ya? Besides, the young man there has food to feed us, yes?" Boris turned to Jason and gave him a large smile. "If Helga vas here, she would create a large feast that only a real man would enjoy! Ah yes, Much beer and plenty meat!"

Ezra allowed the man to finish before turning to the group. He seemed much harder than Boris and he wasn't all in favor of more people helping them out. Regardless, Boris did have a point when he said that strength is in numbers. He closed the door to keep their conversation between each other. He seemed a little more hesitant about the recent additions but he still had to allow the people a right to stay.

"Well, Boris is right about a stronger group." Ezra sighed. "But don't expect me to trust you guys anytime soon. You can stay here the night but don't think that you won't have to work. If you're in this group, you'll have to put all your skills on the line to help save each other. I won't allow mistakes in this group. I hope I'm clear on this. So you'll have to share your catch, sir. If you refuse, you can always walk out and fight the Blinders by yourself. The same apply to you, ladies."
Jason observed each individual. "Is this the group worth sticking around? I need to weigh in my options." Jason thought to himself. When questioned on joining their group, brought forward by Boris, Jason's expression changed from nervousness to serious.

"For starters, I have to declined giving out my name. Mainly because I merely just met all of you. Although I'm certainly grateful of you, Boris, for saving my hide from the Blinders. However, I'll let the record show that I have no interest of becoming a part of whatever you two are doing." Jason took a breath. "As this man, Erza, himself said, I do not have the coincidence of lending any form of trust, as all of you should definitely understand by this point."

Jason gripped onto the bag with the food. After Erza stated about his choice of leaving, he thought about the Blinders roaming outside. Considering that they were trailing him on the stench of the dead rabbit, he let out another sigh.

"But. I'm not an idiot. I can see that I'm in a bind." Jason said. "If you can lead me out of this dreaded place, then it would be into my favor to remained here. However, once we reached a certain point, I'm parting my ways." Jason looked for an chair, sitting down as he placed the bag onto the table. 

"I won't be telling any of you my first name. Don't take it personally. You can referred to me as Mr. Wayne." Jason said.
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