Disgraced beginnings: A.U DBZ ( potato/hairball)


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Apr 20, 2017

Set in an A.U where either Cooler or Frieza has taken over the universe due to the nonexistence of the Z- fighters, Earth is a dying planet due to centuries of drought and rampant disease, all of which had left it nothing more than a barren, rocky surface with little life to show. The few humans that have survived these dangers have managed to take shelter underground and rarely venture to the surface for reasons other than hunting what little life is left for subsidence. Of course, there is always the exception in groups of those ruled by fear, a human named Maren (Or Mira, if you prefer female) being rather brave and stupidly naive and not believing there is any true danger on the surface, routinely slipping away to hunt on his/her own rather than the customary group.

Being disconnected from the concept of a 'wide universe', Maren is thus unaware that there is a lucrative market among bounty hunters for 'rare species', humans being among the desired quarry of 'pet' among the elite that simply sees having one as a status symbol. A live human being able to fetch an incredibly high price, Maren has little chance of defending himself when a group of rogue bounty hunters manages to successfully capture him on one of his solo hunting adventures, the rest of Earth being destroyed in the process for the sake of a bit more money on Maren's head.

Eventually being sold off to Cooler/Frieza, the rebellious Maren isn't exactly willing to just sit back and be an outspoken punching bag by any means, using any chance he can to hone what little fighting technique he has in the hopes of an eventual escape. Of course, though, Cooler/ Frieza isn't the type to exactly 'own' pets just for show though, seeing a much greater use in using Maren for the entertaining destruction of various planets and other minor tasks than just having him be an ongoing pest.

Being rather gullible and not being in the best state for thinking situations out too clearly, Maren is given the 'deal' of taking part in the willing destruction of unneeded planets in exchange for training and the potential to someday have his old home restored with the power of the mysterious 'Dragon Balls'. Maren knowing little about the Dragon Balls and what they are capable of, he willingly accepts the deal but soon realizes he has gotten himself into a situation more dangerous than he ever thought he would be entwined in.
Perhaps it was the rather dusty brown, but bright sky that caused Maren to decide to take a casual walk on the surface for an early morning hunt, or perhaps it was the fact that there had been relatively few earthquakes and cave-ins in the past few days that had caused many humans to become compliant in less-than-well conditions underground, but whatever it was, it had caused at least a few intrepid 'explorers' like him to see it as a perfect opportunity to explore the rocky outcrops and sandy dunes that had once been forests and deep lakes above ground for prime hunting spots. Sure, it likely was terribly primitive for anyone looking in to see groups and individuals alike wandering about in a desperate search for subsidence like cavemen, but it was easy to forget that Maren's species had once been relatively advanced, the thought for most human's a hundred or so years ago being set on future technology and even time travel rather than if they would be able to find a rabbit or not to hunt down today for an easy meal.

No one really seemed to remember exactly how their once 'special' planet had come to be the way it was today, only the oldest remaining among them remembering vague stories from their grandparents about how it had been a relatively sudden decline, no further talks of what had exactly happened even being discussed for unknown reasons. It was a question that Maren sometimes thought about but often put to the back of his mind just as quickly, more pressing matters almost always being at hand, whether it was the sharpening of blades or the reinforcements of the underground tunnels practically every remaining human survived in. Of course, that wasn't to say Maren didn't think of anything besides work, him sometimes wondering at night just what might lay beyond his planet's dusty atmosphere.

His trustworthy, sharpened spear at his side as he carefully crept along the smooth rocks of what had once likely been a lake or sea of some sort, Maren didn't bother with the crusty, opaque material that sometimes accumulated in large spots as he stepped right over most of it, the substance known as 'salt' only really being useful for preserving the rare catch of a deer or mangy wolf that once came across once in a blue moon. His dark eyes being focused on a short mountain range a mile or so from his current location, Maren was unaware that his best spear wasn't going to be nearly enough to defend him from a group of rogue hunters that had centered in on Earth as an easy target, no matter how well-honed he assumed he was at defending himself thus far.

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A jeep-like vehicle moved fast along the dry land, leaving a trail of flying dirt behind. Yet, unlike ancient technologies, it had no wheels and emitted no sound. Instead, it hovered above ground, moving swiftly and efficiently whenever it needed to turn. On the vehicle, two unusual looking creatures sat, chilling. Both appeared to have a rough, thick texture on their skin, with several spikes on their heads. They seemed like an alien race evolved for desert survival. One of them was gulping down a bottle of purple liquid.
”Are you sure we’ll find anything around here?” The alien said in their own language, settling the bottle down.
“Trust me. My drones are never wrong. I got a glimpse of one the other day.” The driving one replied with a smirk.
“Better be. I’m running low.”
The monitor in the jeep beeped and a notice appeared.
“Oh?” The driver asked, slowing down. He glanced at the screen. “Exotic life form detected. The drone sent a photo. The proportion seems right. Five fingers, walking on two legs, a young one too it seem… “
“Seems to be the type we’re looking for. “ The other one said, now checking on the gun he had by his side. He brought the weapon to his eye level to examine it, then did some adjustments on the setting. “Say, what level of shock can they handle? I don’t want to accidentally kill ‘em.”
“They’re pretty weak. Power level below 20 or so. I’d say the lowest.”
“Alright. Lemme call the rest of the team.” The second alien nodded and started talking into the transmitter.
The vehicle turned, heading toward the location of the find.
Always having assumed that he was fully capable of fending off most that would dare to threaten him, Maren was honestly a bit cocky and naive for his age, there simply not being many large life forms left on Earth that could stand up to even a mere human like him. Sure, sometimes he came across an old wolf or even a rabbit that had caught the dreaded 'foul-mouthed' disease, but those were pretty easy to fend off as long as one kept a good distance. Perhaps it was the fact that some humans had become too arrogant for their own good that they thought they were invincible, the threat of alien life from some far off planet being nothing but a myth told among old timers that most just pushed off as a sign of age setting in.

"I bet that idiot Tarek scared off everything. Couldn't keep quiet even if he tried..." Muttering to himself annoyed as it was soon becoming quite clear that he wasn't going to be able to find anything as he trampled over the rocks and dusty sands of what had once been a basin full of water, Maren sighed as he decided to take a spot on a nearby boulder to rest, his trusty spear at his side as he carefully placed it down. The eerie silence for what felt miles around indicating that there probably there even a rabbit to be found nearby, Maren should have known better than to believe he could find anything these days. With creatures like deer rapidly declining in number, it would only be a matter of time until humanity went down the same path until they reached an inevitable tipping point.

Just when would that happens though?...100 years, 300?...would it happen a decade from now? The thought of his species becoming completely extinct was a terrifying one to the proud Maren, but it was a possibility that had to be accepted, the rather short teen yawning tiredly as he plopped on his back and watched the sky bored. There wasn't much to see in it except for brown dust and a dim, yellow light that was clearly the sun, but that didn't stop Maren from dreaming of what was beyond that veil. Surely the dust and light didn't just go on for infinity, right? Well, it seemed the humans wish to see just what was beyond that point was going to be answered soon enough as it seemed someone had finally taken an interest in Maren's dying meteor of a planet for less than well purposes.

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As Maren was drifted off, day-dreaming about the past and the future, the hunters had all gathered nearby. There were four of them in total, all seemingly from the same species of alien. It was probably because these aliens managed well in desolated lands and deserts that they were the dominant group of hunter in the area. Two of them carried Taser-guns, one other held a seemingly heavier gun with a much larger barrel.  The driver from the first vehicle grabbed a handheld monitor and began to instruct the rest of the group on the location. They discussed a few things and eventually nodded to each other before spreading out.
The idea was to surround the ‘creature’. They should first form a circle around it before attacking to bring it down. As they came closer to the group of large boulders, they spotted their prey. It was a lone human as expected. The alien with the bottle of liquid grinned in excitement. Such an exotic find would make a fortune, even more than the creatures called ‘dinosaur’ or ‘tiger’ they once managed to catch. While rarer to find, the mentioned animals had no real uses beside their good looks. But these humans could be used for many things, most commonly as slaves.
The leader of the group signaled at the man with the heavy weapon. He nodded in return, raising the gun up high to aim. With a loud bang, a round object flew out of the large barrel. The ball exploded in mid-air and became a heavy metal net flying toward Maren.
Perhaps if he had been wiser Maren would have realized that there was danger approaching as he continued to daydream about various thing from his rocky outcrop, the cocky teen never really having experienced much that could be considered life-threatening in the barren landscape before him. There simply wasn't enough life around anymore to warrant keeping your guard up on a hunt or on a simple walk, the only real threat to his kind anymore being cave-ins in the underground tunnels they took shelter in and the occasional outbreak of various diseases. Maybe that was what led Maren to slightly disregard the fact that he could sense something uneasy in the air as he sat up after a few minutes, him deciding to take his trusty spear into his hands despite not really feeling he needed it at the moment.

'Why is is so quiet? I mean, usually, there is at least a bird or something out there....'

His uneasiness increasing as he knew that something was up when he heard the faint sound of what appeared to be multiple footsteps nearby, Maren only thought a minute that it must have been a group of other hunters who were simply wandering about as he had been doing, the teen knowing damned well how to fight off others when it was needed as he soon caught sight of a quartet of rather odd looking beings with even stranger looking weapons in their hands "w-who the hell are you?" trying his best to be intimidating despite instinctively backing off as anyone would have done in his situation, Maren stood tall for the time being....until it became clear just what the invader's intentions were as a steel mesh was fire at him.

Not having much time to react to the quick acting gun despite trying to somehow duck out of its way, Maren was only half successful as he managed to avoid becoming completely tangled in the steel net, his legs on the other half being hopelessly tangled as he continued to grip his spear like his life depended on it "I said, who the hell are you!?" yelling angrily as he pointed his spear at the nearest being to him, Maren wasn't going to go down like some whimpering pansy if that's what his captors were assuming, his will to fight being just as strong as any capture tigers or dinosaurs would be.
The hunters got closer to Maren. Despite a bit cautious about the spear, they still didn't seem heaitant. They looked each other and talked to each other, none of their words could be understood by the human. They didn't seem to understand nor care about what he was saying to them either.

"Quite resistant eh?" One chuckled.

"D'you think there's more of them?"

"Most likely. But let's secure this catch first."

The two with the Taser gun raised their weapon and shot an electric filled needle at Maren.
Maren glaring angrily at the creature's before him as he was determined to off at least one if they got close enough to his spear, the young human felt no will to run as much as he did to defend himself due to his legs being tangled in the net that had been fired at him. Having never run from a fight in his life, Maren was naively optimistic that he would be able to show the intruder's that he was 'stronger' than they were, even if they seemed to completely ignore his demands of just who they were and what they were here for.

"Let me go now and I won't kill y-you" The first signs of hesitation raising in his voice despite his threat to his captors, Maren didn't seem to be completely aware that the guns the creatures were carrying had the potential to do more than just fire annoying nets at him like some animal, "I mean it, I don't-" Not having time to finish his sentence as an electrically charged needle pierced his side, Maren let out a pained cry as the energy rushed through his body, the feeling reminding him of a thousand spears being thrust into his body over and over again as his muscles tensed up unwillingly.
When the electric shock had subsided, the hunters gathered around the trembling human. They snatched the spear, throwing it away and took out some kind of rope. They tied his hands and legs up. The bulkiest hoisted Maren up and they carried him to the jeep. They threw him carelessly onto the back of the vehicle first then climbed inside.
The electric shock that had pierced his skin having nearly knocked Maren out as he was left immobile on the ground for the time being, the teen's mind was a fuzzy blur despite vaguely being able to make sense of what was going on around him, the feeling of his much-loved spear being tugged away making the human's heart race as it was his only true line of defense. Maren had never dared to go to the surface without its protection, but now...it seemed the sharpened rock wasn't going to do much against his captors as his limbs were bound and he was thrown into what seemed to the human to be something often called a 'vehicle', wrecks of the long gone machines occasionally being found hidden among the sand dunes out towards the West.

'I am going t-to get out of here...I will!! These freaks won't know w-what's coming...'
One hunter climbed into the driver seat, leaving the rest sitting at the back, guarding their catch. The car started. The aliens begun chatting and making strange laughing sounds as the jeep began heading farther and father away from the area.

The trip seemed to take forever and by the time the vehicle stopped moving, it was twilight.They had arrived somewhere with a lot of different, some even weirder looking, aliens. It looked like the ruins of a city. However, the aliens seemed to have made it into a place to live. There were spaceships, tents and trailers around. The abandoned houses were also recycled into what looked like shops and bar.

The hunters got out, then put a meal bar in between his tied up limbs to carry him like an animal. They took him to a broken down building, now redecorated with a wooden sign written in some kind of space language. A fat alien with a fish like feature came out to greet them.

"You say you found a 'hooman'?" Despite her language being different from Maren's, she seemed eager and excited. "Is this it?"

"Yes. Found it wandering the Dead-Seafloor." The leader replied.

"Aw, it doesn't look that remarkable. I expected something better."
The alien woman chuckled.

"Same here. They said humans are intelligent creatures. But this one's not even hard to catch really, it was basically sitting around waiting for us. It did try to put up a fight, with a rock-stick." The hunters laughed.

They chatted for awhile then the lady paid the hunters a large amount of money. They took him inside and threw him into a large, dirty room before leaving. The room was dark, and also full of aliens. Only they all looked beaten up and tied up like him. Some humanoid aliens seemed to be crying.
Maren only being vaguely aware of what was going on around him as the shock he had been given had packed quite a punch to his system, the human was likely going to be out for the next few hours while his body tried to adjust to its normal functions, his mind wandering here and there as it seemed forever for his captor's to arrive at their destination. There simply wasn't much the knocked out teen could do other than occasionally shift and give a pained groan, his usual will to survive having been put on halt because of his freakish attackers. Of course, Maren 'knew' he would eventually be able to get back at them one way or another, him not willing to put up with the unfair advantage of 4-1 they had taken against him.

His sense of self slowly beginning to return by the time he felt himself being carried in a seriously uncomfortable position, Maren could hear the sound of voices nearby as he opened his eyes a bit to reveal the sight of the same beings who had captured him earlier along with an unfamiliar face; a woman who seemed to be more fish than...alien? Not having had much time to think about his situation earlier when he had been netted, it was quite clear now that the beings who had abducted Maren were less than human, hearing them speak of his 'rock-stick' making the angry teen's blood boil.

'My spear...t-they took it! I know they did!!' 

Only having 'full control' of his body when he was thrown into a cold, dark room that seemed to be filled with other shadowy looking beings that were clearly not his species, Maren growled annoyed as he soon managed to shift himself up and take a good look at his new surroundings, the darkness being hard for his eyes to adjust to for now. That didn't stop the sound of muffled crying from reaching the human's ears though, Maren cringing at the noise as it indicated he and everyone else in this room were probably in the same, unknown position as he tried to regain his voice "what is this?...just what is going on!? Somebody, tell me what all of this is!!".

The sound of a few whispers around him showing that at least some of the alien beings were listening in on just who this newcomer was, none of them really appeared to be willing to talk as some simply looked down at the ground or turned away, one or two individuals with personalities once similiar to Maren giving an annoyed laugh as by the bruises on their faces and bodies, it appeared they had felt the full brunt of trying to escape from this room.
One of the aliens looked up at him. "They don't really understand you, only a few of us speak the universal language." His voice was hoarse, he coughed a bit as if it was painful for him to speak.

The alien was cat-like. His body was covered in bright green fur and gray spots, like a leopard. His hair was black and messy. He was one of the aliens with bruises and scars all over his body. He sat leaning on the cold wall, the tip of his tail tapping calmly on the floor. His hands were cuffed together and his legs chained to the wall like all the resistant people in the room.

“This is a Trading Post. They capture rogue aliens and gather them here for sale. Powerful rulers from around the galaxy come to places like this to buy new slaves.” He said indifferently as if he had done so many times before. He lifted his hands and licked the wounds around the wrist. Probably he had tried squeezing them out of the cuff many times.
"Universal language?...." Maren tilting his head to the side a bit confused as he had never really thought of 'English' being the language that brought the universe together, the human had other things to be worrying about regardless as he heard the hoarseness in the nearby alien's voice. From the sound of it, it appeared that the cat-like creature likely hadn't had any food or water in a long time, the thought of being starved purposely being a terrifying one to Maren...perhaps even more so than having been captured and set to this dark, crowded room.

Glancing around at the other shadowy figures against the cold walls of the room, it was hard to make out most of them despite Maren being curious about the occasional horn or tail he could see. By comparison to most of them, the teen looked rather bare and undecorated, having nothing in the way of scales or sharpened teeth or even his once beloved spear that was likely still at the location where he had been captured. Listening to the stranger before him explain that this was a 'trading post' though, Maren felt his heart dropping into his stomach and his last bit of calmness fading as he glared at the cat humanoid angrily "I am Not an Alien, I'm human! Do I look like I am some green skinned, bulb-headed freak??'".

(Forgive me for Maren's rude nature. I just felt it might fit someone who comes from his position is all.)
The cat like alien laughed, though it sounded rather painful. Some others also snickered. They seemed to find his concept of aliens too amusing to ignore, even if they were trapped in such a place.

"Stop.. Stop. You're going to kill me." He finally said between laughs then winced in pain

The alien next to him turned to look. "They ****ed you up good."

"A human? " Someone else said. "I thought they all died long ago?"

"No surprise." The cat alien shifted his pose to get more  comfortable. "It doesn't seem to have any defense mechanism, save for a loud mouth."

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Maren glaring angrily at the unnamed cat creature before him as what he was saying was more than enough to provoke a fight, the young human would have willingly fought him too if not for his arms still being tightly bound along with his still wobbly legs not exactly being willing to work just yet. The fact that this alien looking freak was making fun of by claiming he had no defense mechanisms was only adding more to the insult of laughing at his assumption of what 'aliens' were.

"Just wait till we get out of here. I'll shut up that face for good!" His fast temper having been triggered more easily than usual due to the already stressful conditions he was surrounded by, Maren didn't have much of a chance of getting out of his binds despite doing his best to break them, him getting out an angry growl as they continued to bite deeper into his wrists the more he squirmed "I don't know what all your talk of slaves is, but I guarantee i-if anyone even thinks ill be one like the rest of you, they have another thing coming!".
The aliens looked at each other, some amused, some concerned.

"That's what they all say." Said one alien with a long head.

Just then, there was a rattling sound of someone inserting the key. The door swung open and the fat lady came inside with 2 bulky henchmen. She said something in her alien language. Many prisoners in the room gasped in terror when they heard she mentioned the word ‘Frieza’.

“Oh ho, lucky you.” The cat alien chuckled to Maren. “There’s your chance to prove yourself.”

The bulky aliens went over and chained all the prisoners’ hand-cuffs together. Once that was done, they forced all of them up and pushed them to the door. “Hurry up. Lord Frieza don’t like to wait.”
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 if you likexD That just doesn't seem right to stick you with everyone.)

Maren knowing damned well how to fight when he was on an even level, the human could never really have been considered a pushover with his constant drive to live the way he wanted on Earth. Sure, he was beyond cocky and probably seemed a bit unintelligent because of it, but Maren knew his way out of a bad situation when it was needed. The teen, along with what was left of humanity, having lost most of their natural fears due to the lack of life on Earth's surface, Maren didn't seem to be very concerned when the same fat lady from before entered the room alongside a pair of strong looking henchmen, the name of 'Frieza' not ringing a bell in the teen's mind despite the other prisoner's seeming fear of it when it was brought up.

"Who is this Frieza guy? Sounds kinda like a pansy to me" Maren trying to put on a bit of a tough guy boast despite only being a good 5'0 tall or so, the teen  wasn't expecting that as they were being chained together there would inevitably be one or two prisoner's that would freak out at the thought of bear anywhere near the apparently well-known figure, a taller alien with what appeared to be feature's similar to the fat fish lady dropping to his knees to prevent being herded out the door like the rest "Do you really think I will go out there to die like some fool? I would rather rot in here for the rest o-of my life!".
(Well there're only two of us xD Well you can just use anyone you like to move the plot forward. As long as I have my Raditz I'm cool lol)

“You don’t have much of a choice.” One of the henchmen grunted angrily. “Now get up.”

“Geez. Don’t watse time persuading.” The other henchman raised a hand. Energy gathered around his palm, forming into an energy blast. It shot toward the resisting alien as everyone stared wide-eyed.

(That's what I met :p We can just use side characters as needed.)

The most violence Maren having even seen being a collapse in one of the underground tunnels human's traveled around in back on Earth, the teen didn't seem to have any real fear that the aliens before him could do much despite him already having seen the result of what could happen when an enemy was underestimated. Perhaps it was because he was naive and cocky or maybe it was simply because he saw himself as being 'different' from the aliens  around him, but Maren couldn't help but snicker a little when he saw the brutish looking creature towards the back of the chain gang panicking at the thought of potentially being sold off, the sight of the alien falling to his knees seeing oddly pathetic...Of course, that was until the fish looking alien had a hole blasted through his chest by one of the impatient henchmen leading them out the room door.

The smile on Maren's face fading as the alien crumbled into a heap on the ground from the fatal wound, the human seemed to be more than just a little shocked by the act as he couldn't seem to take his eyes off the steaming corpse, his thoughts that these aliens were just harmless if not intimidating annoyances quickly being swept aside as he glanced at the other equally nervous creature's ahead of him.

'T-this place...this isn't.....'
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