Digimon: Network Crash

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Sep 3, 2015
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Planning thread!

The digital world has had a major change due to an outside force. Its normal system has been overidden by a virus network system which reprograms all digimon coding in their digivolution lines, causing misconstrued digivolutions, giving digimon like Agumon the ability to digivolve into Flarerizamon.

Tamers can somewhat control this through the use of their digivices. Depending on how you train your digimon, you'll be given a barcode to scan and use with your digivice. Some codes give boosts in battle, while special codes determine what evolution you'll receive.

Crash digivolution:
1. Barcodes will be accessible through training. Your digivice will alert you when you've earned a digivolution.
2. What digivolution you receive will not be known until you use the code. Main line codes will be saved into your device.
3. If your digimon has been treated or trained poorly, the code will be for a dark digivolution.
4. Codes can be exchanged between tamers for further digivolution options. This is called Datastream Digivolution.
5. Not all codes will be compatible for all digimon.
6. Earning a code for a warp evolution is possible, but you will be unable to use said code until you reach the level before it.
7. Datastream Digivolution will also lead to DNA digivolving if two gamers find their codes are perfect matches.

While original digimon are not shunned, using already established digimon will make this a lot less confusing for both parties involved. If you've played Digimon World, you'll have an easier time getting use to this.

1. Your partner is not a Royal Knight, Demon Lord, etc. They can be the same type of digimon (Gallantmon, Beelzemon, etc), but they are not THE member of the group.
2. You cannot skip training and still digivolve. If you wanna do a montage, I'm okay with, but day what kind of training you did (strength, speed, etc).
3. You are not a Canon character. You are not Taichi. You are not Takato. You are not Kail. Deal with it.
4. Rules may just adjust to the game. Stay loose.
5. If you have any questions or wish to add a plot point, let me know. Do not just add something without asking.

Have fun!

Forte is sitting at a table in the food court, enjoying his lunch.

"Got one more class, then I'm done for the day. My idiotic self just had to get all morning classes..." he says, scratching his head.

He pulls out his phone and starts smiling while he pokes it.

"You're enjoying your lunch too, huh?"
Risa stood in line to pick up her order that she made in-app during class. "I can't wait to have that gyro pita..." her stomach growled just thinking about it, since she finally was able to quit having to eat salad and soup for once. "It's so crowded..." usually she was holed up in her dorm room taking online when she wasn't at the fine arts part of campus.
Seth, meanwhile, was in the kitchen in the food court. With oven mitts on both hands, he carefully pulled out a tray of cooking chicken from a baking oven.

Setting them onto the top of the oven, he carefully flipped over each individual piece on the tray, before moving the tray back into the oven for the chicken to cook for the remaining six minutes.

'Must be a high demand for chicken sandwiches today.' Seth thought to himself, as he looked outside for a brief moment to see how many people were lined up, ready to enjoy lunch.
"Hmph. There's quite a lot of folks around here." Judo said as he stood behind Risa. "If that person didn't asked a billion questions right before class ended, I would have gotten here sooner.." He sigh. He heard strange noises from the person in front of him. "Yikes, you must be really hungry?" Judo jokingly said.
"Hey, no worries. I ain't judging. Considering the how massive the line is, it's no surprise that you're hungry." Judo chuckled. He looks up ahead to see if the line was moving any faster. "Jeez, the hell is going on up there?"
"Yo!" Forte yelled to the two. "I came early and got extra! Come on and sit down!"

He motioned them over and his phone received a message.

"A text? I'll check it in a second."
Risa pointed to herself. "He... means us, right?" She needed reassurance that the guy over across the food court meant them and not the people nearby. "Hm... I would hate to be waiting here any longer. I guess I'll sit with him..."
"It beats standing in line for god knows how long.." Judo replied, making his way over there and took a seat when he arrived. "Hey man, thanks. You're a real life saver here."
As Seth's shift ended, Seth set aside and stored his working clothing and was back into his usual sweater and hoodie. 

Taking a carefully wrapped bag with a chicken sandwich in it with him, Seth walked out to the food court and noticed Forte's group.

"Glad to see the cooks had extras for those who came early." Seth said to Forte, before rather sheepishly asking, "Mind if I sit here with you guys?"
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Colton got out of class and decided to go into the food court. He sat at a table alone since he was an exchange student and figured nobody would want to sit with him. He got himself a few different foods like a burger, a slice of veggie pizza, and a strawberry cookie with some lemonade. He just enjoyed his snacks and hummed a tune to himself.
"My name is Forte. I recognize Judo, though I don't believe we've ever spoken. What's your name?" Forte asks.

At that moment, everyone in the union received a text message. When they answered their phones, their devices fry. The union monitor showing off music videos suddenly goes to static and a red dinosaur shows up on the screen before going away and returning to the videos.

"What just happened...?"
"Hmph, seems that we don't have to do the names. Nice to officially mee-" Judo noticed his phone going out of control. " What the hell..? I just got this phone yesterday..!"
Seth noticed everything going haywire as well, and noticed his own phone going nuts for a while all the while a purple, Dragon-like mammal was briefly shown on the screen before the phone had suddenly shut off in terms of the display.

"Odd... I don't recall installing any apps like this. Must be some kind of virus..." Seth said with a groan, more agitated than panicked at the moment.

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Colton saw a little blue dragon on his phone before his screen became static... "What in blue blazes was that?!" He said in an Irish accent.
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The union monitor goes completely black and suddenly, a giant tree log comes out of it into the room. The students look towards it in confusion before it...stands up?!

"Arr, filthy humans! I cannot forgive you!" it yells before vines grow around the room, blocking the exits.

"...Woodmon?!" Forte yells out in confusion.

"Twig Tap!"

He starts hitting electrical device after device in the room and draining their power.
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Judo looked up, seeing the monster coming out of the monitor and attacking the electric lines. Sweat formed around the side of his head, dripping down from his cheeks then onto the floor. "Is .. is that a Digimon!?" Judo shouted, gripping onto his phone. He turns his head towards any form of exit, but they're no possible escapes. "D-damn!"
Risa yelped in blatant fear, paling as she watched what was going on. "A what-mon!?" She was thrown into a panic, not sure what they were going to do. "That thing is gonna kill us!"
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