Demon Fantasia


Black Jacket
Sep 3, 2015
cyberia cafe
This game is for Drago and I only!

Summary: After being reunited in the Underworld (the land of Tartaros), Cernia the Ice Demon and Atlas the Earth Demon look to spend the rest of their eternity together. Be it causing trouble in the Overworld or cuddling in the fields of bloody flowers, these demons will never part without meeting again.


"Atly, I wanna go to the flower fields and play." o3o Cernia said, cuddling Atlas in their icy cave.
"Sure! Anub will probably be there, so we can hang out with him today." ouo Atlas responds, nuzzling her head.
Atlas rubs Cernia's stomach. "You're really sweet." nun
"You're my SnowGlobe. And I love you~" Atlas responds, nuzzling her. nun
"Okay." Atlas says, carrying her out. o3o

He makes his way to the flower fields.
"Like SnowGlobe's dress." ouo Atlas points out as he lands and nuzzles her cheek.
"I always wondered how these survived here. It's a nice phenomenon though." Atlas says, cuddling Cernia. nun "I wonder if Anub is here." ouo
"Well, that sounds like some evil, torturous stuff Hades would actually create. It's just nice to actually see something beautiful around this place. My Cernia does a great job of that by herself though." Atlas explains. nun

He starts walking around the fields, searching. ouo
Atlas trips and falls on his face. XuX

"Careful now..."
"I tripped over something." XuX Atlas says, hugging her.

"Someone." Anub corrects, laying down.
"Yeah. Guarding the gate is some other poor sap's job today. I'm just gonna relax for now." he confirms.

Atlas gets up.

"You got your job as Guardian back?" he asks. ouo
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