Demon Fantasia

"We're here to relax too! Want a flower wreath?" Cernia asks. ouo
"Sure, why not?" Anub replies.

Atlas is poking a hell butterfly sitting on a flower. "Pretty." ouo
"It still amazes me that you two are demons." Anub says, being lazy.

"Hmm?" Atlas pokes his head up in curiosity, butterfly on his Afro. ouo
"Why, because we aren't as grumpy like the others?" Cernia asks before laughing. "We still go and wreak havoc every once in a while in the OverWorld. But Lord Hades already warned me about taking souls to eat." ono "So I just tear the fleshies limb from limb instead." ouo
"And then they're my problem. Well, not today." Anub says, smiling.

"I thought the reapers dealt with them? I'm really confused." ono
"The reapers bring the souls to me if they come our direction. I'm glad I don't have their job. Yeesh." Anub says, shuddering at the thought.

"Hmm?" Atlas asks, not paying much attention. ouo He's too busy hugging Cernia.
"Your head looks like a basketball." Anub saysz

"I think it's cute too. SnowGlobe wanna take a nap?" ouo Atlas snuggles her.
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