DBZ: The Tournament of Skills

Snow, who was still near the group, said "Huh, so this is Gervene. Why does she look familiar though?" He just shrugged it off.
"What's with his clothing?" Vent asks, looking at Beerus.

"A walking cat man just passed us and that's your question?" Nova questions.

"Perhaps he's royalty." Giro suggests. "Looks ceremonial. Religious even."

"Sweet! We're all together again." Vent cheers. "It's strange though. I can't read any energy off that guy."

"We may need to update our systems for this place. We don't wanna be caught off guard." Giro states.

Nova looks up and shrugs.

"No one here seems worth the effort. A bunch of weaklings and civilians."

"You never know. It wouldn't be our first time meeting people who can hide their power from our scanners." Vent brings up. "By the way, since we're here, you wanna have a sparring match?"

"Here? We would need a lot more space and this is filled with people." Nova denies with an eyebrow up.

"I'm sure we can find somewhere."

He runs past Brachi and taps Beerus on the shoulder.

"Yo! You know a good open area to fight around here?" he asks with a giant grin.
Beerus raised his eyebrow when he felt the tapping on his shoulder.

He lowered the hot dog in his hand and turned around staring at Vent.

“I beg your pardon. Normally interrupting a deity while he is in the midst of eating would anger me but I’m sure it was mistake...” the God of Destruction smiled in a polite manner, “... that won’t happen again.”
"Hey, Giro! You were right!" Vent calls back. "The clothes did have religious origin!"

"Vent..." the blonde man sighs. "Please more respectful to others."

"And he manages to make a spectacle of himself again." Nova groans. "Oy! Get back here before you wind up starting a war or something!"

"We'll be fine! What's the worst that could happen?"

"I don't know! Maybe some wannabe god thinks everyone deserves to die because they were disrespected?" Nova lectures. "You know, something we've only had to deal with at least three times!"

The camo clad fighter found himself standing before he knew it in order to yell at his friend. Giro pats him on the shoulder and shakes his head.

"He's not going to listen. Let's try to maintain damage control." he suggests.

Nova just sighs and they chase after him. Vent runs until he finds two very similar looking fighters.

"Hey, you look strong! Wanna spar?!" he asks Vegetto and Gogeta.

"Vent." Nova starts as he and Giro reach him. "These two are at a martial arts tournament. I would assume they have some skill. Do you know anything about martial arts?"

"Yeah! You're pretty good at it." Vent replies with a giant smile.

Fire starts to rise around Nova before he manages to calm himself down.

"I apologize for my friend's behavior."
Vegetto and Gogeta both perked their eyebrows slightly once Vent approached them, each watching on silently as Vent finished his conversation. Vegetto kept his arms crossed, glancing back toward the ring before sighing lightly.

"I don't know...do you want to fight him, Gogeta?"

Gogeta frowned slightly, glancing down and looking over Vent with furrowed eyebrows.

"Hmm...he doesn't look like much of a fighter to me. Doesn't look too strong either."

Vegetto glanced over his shoulder, smirking slightly.

"How about you Kass? Wanna fight him?"

Kassava scoffed lightly, glancing away with her arms crossed.

Beerus smiled.

"Now that's what I like to hear." he chuckled as he ate one of the floating hot dogs. "The work of a Hakaishin is so under appreciated."

The God of Destruction turned around to face the voice that spoke to Vent.


"We were too late!" Future Gotenks smacked both Troten and Gotenks upside the head. "How did you guys not get up earlier? Don't you wake up for school at 6 am?"

"Ouch!" the younger fusions yelped.

"Yeah, but I thought we could sleep in." Troten rubbed the back of his head.

"Didn't you sleep in when you were our age?" Gotenks huffed.

"Didn't go to school. Spend my all my teen years fighting Junior. It was kinda hard to find schools to go to." the older fusion sighed.

"Sucks to suck." the younger fusions scoffed.

"Why you..." Future Gotenks looked over to his side. "Hey, it's dad and Uncle Gito. Let's go by and say hi."

The three fusions all started heading towards the other fusions and Vent's group.
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