DBZ: The Tournament of Skills

"I see." The Brachi clone said, nodding.

At the same moment, Brachi was watching the tournament going on, with Gina easily winning her match, showing her opponent he underestimated her.

"I think I have an idea in regards to the tournament, in regards to its setup." Brachi said.

"You said you were wanting it to be a tournament of skills, correct?" Celicia asked.

"Yes, but I am more talking about the actual ideas of the tournament. Personally I am thinking of a tournament for those who can use weapons, where transformations are forbidden, where only melee attacks are allowed, flying is forbidden and all that stuff." Brachi said.

"What? Why are you planning to add those restrictions?" Majin Bara asked, sitting next to Celicia.

"I want all participants to have an honest fighting chance, even against opponents who are beyond their level. It is more to see how far someone can use their own skills to their advantage and see if they can find a way to best any superior opponents. The experience from this can come in use for any future battles as I want to prove and show that strength isn't everything in combat. This goes for everyone, myself included. That and I don't want any of us to rely on specific abilities as a crutch." Brachi replied.

"Well, sounds like you have quite the ambitious plan in mind, Brachi." A female voice then said in their minds.

"L - Lady Gervene?!" Brachi asked, blinking at this.

"Come and see me at Capsule Corp. once this tournament is over, I'm intrigued by your plan for this tournament of skills you wish to execute." Gervene then said.
Vent touches the white earpiece and a screen that says "AUDIO ONLY" pops up in front of his face.

"Yo! Speak of the orange devil! You're here too?" Vent says out loud.

"Let's go meet up with him. We may run into your friend on the way, so I'll send them your regards." Giro says, bowing to Anne before realizing they never got her name. "...miss?"

Vent climbs to the top of the wall and hops over, still talking.

Right outside the main gates, a man in a camo jacket and orange shirt pokes his white earpiece and a screen disappears. He looks around to see regular humans, but also green, white and pink human like creatures. Even anthromorphic humans.

"A lot of strange characters around here..." he points out. "And somehow, Vent would still stick out."

He groans in annoyance and looks around a second time.

"Mostly just regulars, but there are some very distinct powers in the mix too. Makes it a little harder to find who I'm look-"

"Nova! There you are!" yells Vent from on top of the main gate.
"I'm Anne, pleased to meet you." The android said, smiling brightly at Vent as she watched him go.

Meanwhile, as she was seeing some regular competitors moving in for their bouts, Brachi mentally contacted her friends, telling them to gather at Capsule Corp. after the tournament was over.

Celicia smiled at this.

"Well, looks like we got a new guest as well." She said, "Should we invite others over as well?" 

Brachi nodded.

"Good idea. the more the merrier." She said as she scouted the stands, moving to see if she could find some strong energies, detecting a group of three Saiyans not too far from her, deciding to pay them a visit.
Snow and 932 nodded, having a link to be able to hear the thought message.
"Miss Anne then. A pleasure to meet you." Giro officially greets. "I'll be off then."

He makes his way downstairs, taking the scenic route and going down the stairs.

"Why are you up there?" Nova asks.

"To get a better view. Don't need you getting lost again." Vent replies with a giant smile before hopping down. "Wanna check out this tournament going on inside? I know you love this martial arts stuff."

He points his thumb over his shoulder at the gates behind him. Nova looks past and reads the banner.

"I see. Have you seen Eve?" asks the man with the fiery hair.

"Not yet. I was surprised to hear from you, so I don't think anyone else is here."

"If Blud isn't here, then I doubt there's a fighter worthy of my time. I'll be going into town."

"To get lost? No way. You're staying here until Boss gets back."

"Giro is with you? Regardless, there was already a group who got into it over here. It'd probably be better to not make a scene like them. I'll wait a few minutes."

Nova sits on a nearby bench and crosses his arms. Vent laughs and looks around.
Snow and 932 teleported to Capsule corp and looked around, Snow is nostalgia and 932 in curiosity as he has never seen this place before.
A young man with spiky black and purple hair alongside two young boys with similar hair were walking towards the main entrance.

"See I knew we were late!" Future Gotenks yelled. "What was taking you two so long?"

"We're not late! They've probably only started the first match." Troten said.

"Yeah, big me, we probably still have time to sign up." Gotenks grinned. "It's gonna be great when I end up winning the whole thing."

"Hey, I think you forgot about someone." Troten laughed. "You're gonna have to get through me first if you wanna get that prize money."

"I don't know, Trottie. I think today's my day." 

Future Gotenks rolled his eyes and chuckled.

"Let's just hurry up."


Sitting in the stands was a purple anthropomorphic cat. In his hand was a hot dog and he was starting at it intently.

"A strange shaped piece of meat on two pieces of bread." Beerus said. "And this strange sauce, what did that man at the concession stand call it?" he thought for a moment. "Ah, yes, ketchup! Well, the earthlings haven't disappointed with their dishes yet. Let's see what this is about."

Beerus took a bite out of the hot dog. Instantly his eyes widened and a huge smile popped up on his face.

"THIS IS MAGNIFICENT!" Beerus yelled as he devoured his hot dog. "I must get more of those... er, what did they call it again?"

"They're called hot dogs." A man sitting next to Beerus said chuckling. "What have you never had one before?"

"Unfortunately not until now." Beerus responded with narrowed eyes. "Hmph, it's a shame Bulma didn't inform me of this delicious meal. I must get more!"

Beerus floated up and instantly dashed towards the exit to go find another concession stand leaving the man and some other spectators speechless.

"Did that cat guy just float up in the air?"
"There's someone else making a scene now, though it's not as rough as the last group." Nova says, looking at the three Saiyans by the main entrance.

"Seems to be a common thing around here." Vent says with a smile.

"You're part of the problem. It wouldn't kill you to slow down sometimes."

Nova faced him with an irritated look. Vent gives him a thumbs up and a giant grin.

"It's so much more interesting this way though! I know you're having fun!"

Nova sighs and chuckles a bit.

"Oh, excuse me." Giro says, walking out the main entrance and past the very similar looking trio. "If you're looking to enter, I'm not sure they're still taking applicants. You may wish to hurry."
Future Gotenks' eyes widened.

"You heard him guys, we gotta hurry!" 

The older fusion grabbed the boys by their arms and started running towards the registration stand.

"Hey!" The fusion boys cried.


Beerus was holding more hot dogs in his hands and was scoffing them down.

"So yummy. Earth really does have some of the best food I've had. I'm always surprised each time I visit." he continued to walk before laying his eyes on the fusion trio. 

"Funny looking hair. They look awfully familiar. Can't seem to put my finger on it."

The destroyer shrugged and continued to walk back towards the stands. He passed by Vent and the others.
As Brachi was in the meantime looking for anyone wanting to join her tournament, her friends were already gathering up at Capsule Corp.

"I wonder what the fuzz is about." Gina said.

"She told us to gather here," Abaddon said, being a demon with gray skin, golden yellow eyes, light gray hair and wearing a purple and black track pants with fitting shoes, while his sister Malia was looking around a bit nervously.

"It appears your friend Brachi has had an idea for a tournament of her own, which has piqued my interest." A voice said behind them.

Turning behind them, the group would see Gervene, the Goddess of Destruction of Universe 912 standing there, with Vocat and Jize at her side.

"Where is Brachi?" Shonfu, an Appule-like soldier asked.

"She's looking for others within the stands, while Tempest and Xeno are participating in the tournament going on now." Gervene replied.
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