DBZ: The Tournament of Skills

Snow heard Anne as she shouted and smirked "Still able to project your voice very well I see, Anne." 932 said to Brachi "Can I talk to you in private for a moment? I just need to explain myself, and why exactly I froze up when I saw you."
"You can talk with one of my clones down the stairs for that," Brachi said with a smile, "I'll receive her memories whenever I dispel her regardless."
"A weapon specialist, huh?" Giro asks, intrigued.

"Even weaponized vehicles. Gozaboro would love them." Vent sighs.

"I'd love to meet them, but for now, this fight seems to be taking a one sided turn."

"Lot of strong combatants. And more just keep popping up."

Vent looks around the stands.

"I won't know how strong until I armor up, but there are a lot." Vent sighs again. "Nova would love it here..."
932 nodded then went downstairs to talk to one of the clones. Snow meanwhile heard the conversation and said "I hope you know that just because the version of you in his world was one way, it doesn't mean you will be that way. That being said, he wouldn't try to talk to you without a reason."
The Brachi Clone was waiting downstairs, her eyes narrowed as she waited for 932 to speak.

"I see." Brachi herself said, narrowing her eyes as she had a vague feeling it didn't end well. 

Anne smiled at Giro and Vent. 

"Sheila and Lea are nearby in the audience, so it's likely you'll get to meet them as well." She said, giggling.
932 looked at the clones and said "What I'm going to say, might shock you. Here goes nothing: Brachi and I from my universe had been as close as siblings. One day we fought an enemy that could manipulate the desires of others. He manipulated Brachi and forced her to fight 932. I tried everything to free her from his control. Finally, when I realized that I couldn't break the control, I killed her to free her. And my universe was one in which there were no dragon balls. I couldn't take it and broke down. I never left her grave ever since really."
"We would love to." Giro states with a smile.

"Since this fight will be over quickly, we'll probably get called down for our matches soon. Let's meet up with them before then." Vent points out. "What do they look like?"
"I'm sure Brachi would want to meet you lot soon, so chances are that you'll get to see them very soon, as they're among the audience right now." Anne said, smiling cheerfully.

The Brachi Clone remained serious.

"That is... quite a shock... did you manage to defeat the enemy however?" She asked.
932 nodded "I did, though not till the second encounter, as I had to see to a funeral. After I saw them again, i was shocked at who it was. It only fueled my rage more and I only feel satisfaction as I watched the Life drain from his eyes."
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