DBZ: The Tournament of Skills

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Sep 4, 2015
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It's been a lovely day on Earth, but this time, it was a special day! It was the day of the 32nd World Martial Arts Tournament, and it had some special guests competing. While Mr. Buu and Hercule were two of the main competitors, there were some familiar faces joining up today, coupled with some additional guests watching from a private booth in the audience. 

"Welcome to the 32nd World Martial Arts Tournament, Ladies and Gentlemen!" The announcer shouted as usual through the microphone, "And we have some fresh new competitors joining today. Let's give it up for the first match, with on the first to enter the ring, a return from a previous competition, Idasa."

Idasa smirked as he entered the stage, cracking his knuckles as he eagerly awaited his opponent.

"And his opponent is a mystery warrior, referring to himself as Tempest." The announcer shouted.

Tempest entered the ring, a serious expression on his face as his gray gi fluttered in the wind, held on the waist by a brown belt. 

"Hey, green-eyes, prepare to get your butt kicked." Idasa taunted, but Tempest remained serious.

"Come at me." Tempest as he got into his causal Ansatsuken fighting stance, ready to take him on.
Snow 932 and the original both walked in, smirking and looking at the fight "He hasn't changed that much, which is a relief."
Idasa got cocky and charged at Tempest, moving in with a set of numerous punches and kicks, only for Tempest to see through his attacks, casually blocking and parrying where needed, before breaking through Idasa's guard with a left hook, catching him off-guard.

"Is that all you can do?" Idasa then asked as he recovered.

"Please, I haven't warmed up yet." Tempest replied.

Getting angry, Idasa charged again, only for Tempest to step aside and trip him, making him land on the ground.

"Wow, it appears that Idasa is having a whole lot of trouble against the newcomer Tempest, who looks as if he isn't even trying." The announcer said. 

"Pathetic," Tempest said, crossing his arms as he looked at Idasa, "I thought you were made of sterner stuff. You're not a challenge to me; you're just a brawler who knows how to punch. And your arrogance and overconfidence is going to cost you."
The original Snow saw Brachi and waved "Hey Brachi!" He also saw Xeno and waved to (Correct me if I am wrong here please.) Him.
(Thanks. Also Snow from universe 932 will be referred as 932 in my posts) Snow smiles and waved back "You as well, Brachi. How have you been?" 932 looked like he had seen a ghost.
"I'm good, I'm good. Things are a bit easier now at Capsule Corp., so I decided to head for the tournament once I learned that Tempest and Xeno are participating." Brachi replied, before frowning at 932's look...
932 snapped out of it "Sorry. Had a flashback to a bad memory. I'm Snow from universe 932, or the Nippon universe. And I'm also the Avatar of Amaterasu." Snow sighed as he shook his head "His universe and yours have similar people in it. His universe has no dragon balls at all."
"Oh, I see." Brachi said, nodding, before turning back to the match.

Idasa was getting frustrated, as Tempest continued to block and parry his moves, with the grace of a martial artist.

"You darn cheater!" Idasa said, agitated. 

"How am I cheating? Clearly you don't seem to understand that there are people who are stronger, more skilled or better than you are." Tempest said, his tone serious.

"No way, man." Idasa said.

Tempest has had enough however, straightening up.

"Hit me." He said.

"What?!" Idasa asked.

"Go on, show me your best move. You claim to be on the top of your game, then you should be able to show it. So come on, give it your best shot." Tempest said.
Brachi nodded, smiling.

Idasa in the meantime charged at Tempest and stood still, with Idasa throwing a fierce punch in his face. The punch made contact, indicated by Tempest's head being rocked to the side, making Idasa grin... however, his grin faded as Tempest stood still as he skidded only slightly, regaining his balance rather quickly.

"Was that your best?" Tempest asked, wiping his mouth.
Snow saw the hit and tried to keep his laughter in check "I can tell that either the person Tempest is fighting is hiding their true potential or Tempest got an easy opponent."
"I think it's the latter." Brachi said, before Tempest retaliated by kicking Idasa in the gut, before twisting about and delivering a backwards kick upward, which knocked Idasa out of the ring and onto the grass below.

"And Tempest wins by ring-out!" The announcer shouted, making the audience cheer as they saw that Tempest played it completely fair and square, despite Idasa's protests.
Snow watched then said "Hey Tempest! How ya been?" 932 asked Brachi "Did he seem a little more aggressive in his fighting?"
932 nodded "Ok, I only asked cause it seemed different than usual." (is this the god of destruction's tournament, or just a regular martial arts tournament?)
(OOC: Regular martial arts)

Brachi was watching as Xeno now stepped into the ring, facing Ikose in the second round.

"Don't count me out so easily!" Ikose said.

"Should I be impressed?" Xeno asked with a frown.

"You should; I'll show you what I'm made of, then I'll avenge my brother!" Ikose said.

Xeno scoffed.

"Look, you're nowhere near my level, but if you're so adamant to prove yourself, come at me." Xeno said as she entered a fighting stance.

"We'll see. Once I'm done with you, I'll show that green-eyed freak of yours who's boss." Ikose said, being overconfident.

"Oh, he did NOT just say that!" Brachi said, facepalming, noticing Xeno's expression darkened.

"At first I was going to teach you a lesson in humility... but now that you've insulted my husband; I'm gonna kick your ass!" Xeno declared, changing her fighting stance to where she appeared to mimic Tempest's.
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