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DBZ: The Fallen Empire (Chapter 5: Asylum)

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Green Jacket

DBZ: The Fallen Empire

Breaking news today as Zakuul faces its first domestic attack on the anniversary of the Empire and Republic's ceasefire treaties.

Reports coming in of a dragon apparently striking from the planet's surface, catching the Eternal Fleet completely offguard and destroying several ships. Hundreds of cities loose power in the wake of the explosion contained by Emperor Arcann.

"A man was seen charging the High Justice in the middle of space, that's not a theory. How can you possibly deny the dragon turning around from the Fleet and still believe the official report that it was targetting those ships?"

Speculation still unconfirmed on the former Emperor's apprentice, Gogeta, as the sole fighter to attack High Justice Vaylin. Zakuul officals deny allegations of riots  across controlled Imperial worlds.

"For the first time, the Eternal Empire has been shaken. There is blood in the water now, it's only a matter of time before war is declared across the universe."


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Chapter 1: The Hunt
Chapter 2: A Dream of Empire
Chapter 3: The Outlanders
Chapter 4: The Gravestone


"How is she?"

Arcann had his arms crossed, standing with a man in a white lab coat to his left while he looked over the small silver pod before him. The man pushed up his glasses on his nose bridge, his tone flat.

"Her condition is still critical, the burns from reentering the atmosphere having done the most damage. Given that she was able to even survive that blast above in space, it's a miracle she's still in one piece."

The Emperor turned his one eye down towards the man.

"And the other warrior? Did you locate his body?"

The man shook his head once.

"No sir, we found no trace of his physical remains. He was the closest to the blast when it cascaded out, and seeing as the ships were vaporized, I wouldn't be surprised if nothing was left of him either."

Arcann nodded once, turning his gaze back to the pod at once.

"We'll need to make sure it stays that way. Without a body, we can deny the involvement of this Gogeta and claim it was Firebrand using facial reconstruction technology. The Empire getting bold would be a nuisance, I'd rather not waste more resources putting them down again."

The man had raised an eyebrow.

"And what of the remaining Outlanders? Do you know their location."

Arcann nodded to the pod.

"No, but she can find the trail when she regains consciousness. See to it that she makes a faster recovery; I have a few more questions for her."


In an instant, the massive hull of the Gravestone crashed onto the open field of grass on an unfamiliar world. Vegetto lowered his arm, huffing lightly and dropping his arm down. He descended back down into his base form, glancing over his shoulder.

"Alright, we're on the other side of this galaxy now. She shouldn't be able to track us here."


Red Jacket
Brachi has remained awfully distant and quiet throughout the entire trip, leaning against the wall, looking down. She did regress into her base form, but one could clearly see the frustration on her face. She was currently ignoring her aching muscles, managing to cross her arms regardless, contemplating things, as if still trying to comprehend as to what has happened, while at the same time mourning the loss of Gogeta. 

If there was one thing that Brachi hated, was that she was being forced to play the waiting game, or unable to do anything against a foe of this magnitude. She was mentally cursing her Saiyan side, but at the same time she couldn't blame it either. She was at least happy that there was some damage inflicted as of now, but why now? Why on a single individual, while there could be also damage done on a foe in numbers logistically? Crippling resources to deprive them of power for their defenses, their ships? Wouldn't that damage the morale of the enemy if there were fleets invading and occupying their planets, liberating the population and cutting off supply lines to the enemy as a whole? And there was STILL no way to reach out to those most dear to them, her family and friends, save for her husband. The only comfort she had with that was that her Future counterparts have been watching over them to keep their presence intact somewhat, but she wanted to see them again one way or the other. And there is still the matter of the twenty-seven years she technically lost due to what she believes to be involuntary timeskipping. The whole situation was making her head hurt, but she remained in her current position, silent and motionless, ignoring the rest for now as if she wasn't there. She didn't even faze as a silent tear ran from her right eye, if only to amplify the frustration she was feeling. 

Xenest on the other hand sat in close proximity of the multi-fusion woman, enough to be close as he was allowed to, as Brachi was currently not in the mood to talk. While she did understand that he was worried about her, there were still moments she wanted to herself, allowing him only in close proximity when absolutely necessary.

Grey Star

Red Jacket
Solaris looked over to Kira. "You know. When she recovers. She'll probably be able to vaporize an entire galaxy with a blink." He said. Kira sighed.

"No kidding... I hate these Saiyans. Hate them hate them hate them!" She replied.

"That's not very Jedi-like." Solaris said. Kira didn't reply. He stood up preparing to leave.

"It's what happens when the Sith are lead by a Saiyan for all of your life, and then that Saiyan's brother destroys everything you work for... Doc. T-47. Master." She said. Solaris nodded going to the fusion.

"I need this Dread Energy of your's." He said simply.

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
Kire let out a sigh of relief knowing that the danger was finally gone, for the meanwhile at least. He glanced down at Jaz and shook her slightly, trying to end her trance into the unknown. His entire body tensed at Jaz's silence and how dead she appeared to be. He shook her a little more but got no response.

"C'mon Jaz..." Kire said gently. "You can't be sad over some guy who wasn't even there for you. He ain't worth gettin' sad over y'know. You're a Rebbel and we Rebbels don't get sad over stupid things like boys. I know you're a lot tougher than that, Cupcake."

"I just..." Jaz's voice was very faint, only heard by Kire. 

The father leaned closer to Jaz's mouth, trying to get a better hearing of what she said. He listened to her whispered mumbles and he seems to have caught something that instantly sprung him up in disbelief. His body trembled out of anger as he slowly moved to a wall and placed Jaz gently on the floor. Jaz's body leaned against the wall and remained lifeless. Straightening his back, Kire turned to glare directly at Junior, and, without skipping a beat, rushed directly at the boy. 

Kire knew he wasn't physically stronger than Junior but the least he can do is pin the boy against the wall by his throat. He shook Junior, attempting to strangle him.

"You..! YOU!" Kire screamed. "You've been gettin' on my final nerve, boy! You not only ratted out your team but you fucked up my daughter! I knew you were a joke! I knew you were around Jaz to sleep with her! I knew you were nothing but trouble, you bastard!" One of Kire's hand started to shift into that of a hand gun (lol pun) and he pressed it right up against Junior's head. His intentions were clear. "And I'll be damned if I let another boy hurt one of my precious girls again!"


Green Jacket
Vegetto narrowed his eyes at Kira during her outburst, remaining silent before turning his attention to Solaris once he made his demand. The fusion glanced over the Saiyan for a moment, his tone flat after studying Solaris for a few seconds.

"You already have it, from what I can sense. You're just going to have to learn how to bring it out now, like the rest of us."

His head then quickly turned, moving up behind Kire and pulling on his arm with the gun pointed at Junior.

"Enough. He wasn't trying to hurt her, he only wanted to free us and did what was necessary."

Vegetto Jr, however, had remained silent during Kire's attack. He offered no resistance against the move, having kept his solemn gaze down towards the floor, Koth and Gogeta Jr. both looked on with narrowed eyes, turning their heads away once Vegetto intervened.

"Let them sort it out on their own."


Red Jacket
Xenest watched the display going on with silence as he sat there in a crouching position, waiting for the moment when it was time to move out, yet also keeping an eye on his wife, who still remained in her place, not moving a muscle.


Black Jacket
Mioi sat off to the side crouched on the floor, watching the scene play out without a word. Her gaze shifted over to Jaz briefly before watching the tension unfold. It almost felt palpable to her.

I really don't understand it... All Mioi could gather was that they were sold out, but she didn't really seem to pick up on any of the words during the exchange just then given she wasn't close in proximity. She pressed her hands into either side of her face before letting out an exhale of breath through her nose. 

Mioi didn't feel like doing anything besides watching for now. She was physically and mentally exhausted, so she simply crossed one leg over the other and let her face heal up while she just observed.

Grey Star

Red Jacket
"So what's the key to this form of power?" Solaris asked trying to be subservient, looking at Kire's arm.

~ Z ~

Black Jacket
There was a loud fire from Kire's handgun which meant he was willing to finish the boy off at any given notice. He listened to Vegetto and swiped his arm away from the man before snarling at him in pure fury. He knew that killing Junior would never happen with his father nearby so he decided to back down. He turned his back to Junior and Vegetto.

"You're right Vegetto, he should sort things out and make things right..." He paused. "...With Gogeta Jr. and Koth." 

He glanced at Jaz who was moving up to her feet. She seemed to have gotten over her gloomy state and return to her usual confident self but it was obvious that it was just a way to hide her sorrow. She crossed her arms and began to walk away from the scene, heading to her father's lab. Kire returned his glare to both father and son.

"Let me make myself very clear to the both of you..." He pointed at Junior, his tone getting a little darker. "I don't want you near my daughter ever again. If I see you near her, I will attempt to kill you every single time. Don't try my patience and don't test your luck. I better make myself damn clear to you, child, because your little daddy isn't gonna be there to protect you every time. You're lucky I don't deliver you to Vaylin myself." 

He turned to Vegetto with the same dark voice. 

"You may not care what happens to my daughter but I do. You better keep your mutt on a leash because I promise you, if he doesn't shape up and heed my damn warning, you won't have a son when this stupid war ends."

With that said, Kire turned on his heel and followed off after Jaz.

"C'mon Mioi, I got some plans for you." Kire said, still annoyed. "I need to run some tests on you."


Green Jacket
Koth crossed his arms in the midst of the arguing, having kept his narrowed eyes throughout the outburst on Junior, who merely crumpled to the ground once he was free of Kire's grasp. The Saiyan hybrid dropped his head into his arms, having buried his face in his knees as he sat upright against the wall. Gogeta Jr. sighed in response, his stern expression having disappeared before he turned his attention towards the approaching power levels from within the ship.

Vegetto's eyes narrowed into a strong glare at Kire's scolding, watching the man turn heel with clenched fists. The muscles in his arms bulged a little bit, the agitation clear in his expression.

"And if you keep threatening me like that, you won't get the chance to be a father to the girl I raised."
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