DBZ: The Fallen Empire (Chapter 1: The Hunt)

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Sep 4, 2015

DBZ: The Fallen Empire

"We grow closer every moment. Our former Emperor is out there."

"Why travel so far? Why consume every living thing on Ziost, then turn and flee into the depths of wild space?"

"Could this all just be a game to him?"

"We'll soon find out."


Prelude of The Fallen Empire (Click here!!)

Character Registration (Click here!!)


::Authenticating Authorization Codes, Vessel 'Fuliginous' Docked::

::All non essential fleet shuttles are advised to clear the area and await further instruction::


Interlude: The Fuliginous


Aboard the Fuliginous, the heroes find a small respite after defeating the Republic's greatest war hero, Revan, in an attempt to stop the revival of the feared Sith Emperor. Despite their success in subduing Revan, the heroes soon learned of Vitiate's feasting of the energy having radiated from their conflict, bringing about the return of the universe's deadliest threat.

It is a time of chaos.  A mysterious army led by twin conquerors  has carved a path of destruction across the warring worlds of the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, dealing significant damage to homeworlds of Mars and Earth before disappearing into uncharted space.

Meanwhile, the immediate threat of the Sith Emperor still looms: Vitiate, having been revitalized completely with the annihilation of all life on the planet of Ziost, has also seemingly vanished into uncharted space.

Determined to hunt down these dangerous foes at any cost, Imperial leader DARTH MARR gathers allies from across the universe to join his incursion into the far reaches of Wild Space.


Four hours after the defeat of Revan


Leading the band of warriors that had not left to gather their forces or aid in the recovery of other worlds, Darth Marr soon came to a halt in front of an open room. He kept his arms crossed behind his back, nodding to the room.


"I've outfitted my medical bay to accommodate you while we await word from the Martian fleet, as well as the Republic. Use this time to recuperate."

The Sith turned his attention to Vegetto and Gogeta, bowing slightly before them before walking forward.

"Should you need me, I will be on the bridge."

He soon disappeared around the corner of a nearby hallway, leaving the group behind. Vegetto and Gogeta were the first to step into the open space, glancing around while Beerus and Whis followed after them.

"State of the art healing pods, comfortable cots. This will serve nicely."

Beerus kept a frown, glancing around.

"Where is the delectable feast prepared in honor of our arrival?"
At the same time, a portal opened in the depths of space, and a large fleet of spaceships of Martian Origin slipped into the universe, before the portal closed behind them. Led by the Tenochi-01, the fleet of warships activated their cloaking devices to move towards Earth undetected to assess the damage there.

While having taken their share of losses, the Martians were relentless in repelling the invaders from their own homeworld. The Bombarding Machines proved very effective in striking the enemy ground troops from a very long range, while the dreaded Scout Machines, Flying Machines, Fighting Machines and Tempests incinerated what came closer with their powerful Heat-Rays, or smothered the hidden troops with their Black Smoke. When enemy units came too close to their vital structures, they were dealt with by the Martian Heat-Ray Turrets, Rapid Heat-Rays and Canister Launchers, or were otherwise caught into a chemical foam from the Constrictors and subsequently electrocuted by the Electric Machines, or had been zapped into telepathic oblivion by the Xeno-Telepaths. Their vehicles were dealt significant damage by the Drones, the machines detonating themselves among large groups of vehicles and destroying everything within the direct blast radius. Both the Flying Machines and the Martian Space Fleet were providing air support, eventually driving the invaders back.

Now the Martians had gathered their own fleet and arrived in Vegetto's universe in a measure of a counter-offensive, with the Tenochi-01 being occupied by not just the Martians, but also Brachi, Xenest, their Future Counterparts, Busa and Majin Bara. But this time they were not alone; feeling that their aid could be used for this, and in turn to prove their allegiance to them, the demon siblings Abaddon and Malia had come along for the ride, while Brachi was checking on her children and her other friends as the Martian Fleet were gathering supplies. The Martians whom remained behind were instructed to keep a close watch on Earth, Mars, Lunei, New Namek and Planet Frieza 68 to see if any more invaders would try anything funny, and to evacuate Brachi's remaining friends whenever things would get too dangerous. Thankfully Brachi herself had left one clone behind, which in turn allowed her to keep a close watch on her children and her remaining friends, just in case.
Mioi looked around the medical bay with intrigue. This pod area will be useful for my arm...

She held her arm a bit and lightly pressed her fingers around the area. The cauterizing of her wound would be healed fine with the healing pod. Though she wasn't sure if she felt pain and fatigue or hunger and fatique. Stepping towards one of the cots, she laid Satele's deactivated saber on the top of it before looking back up. "I will be taking this cot." Not awaiting a response, Mioi immediately sat down and began removing the boots she walked with, a hand on her head. She looked restless but also incredibly tired.
A few Republic warships dropped out of hyper space, alongside a Defender Class Light Corvette carrying Kira Carsen, Solaris, and Lily Prescott.

"There. The Fuliginous, that's the ship our forces are supposed to link up with." Kira said into the coms of the Republic ships, before switching to attempt communications with the Sith.

"This is Kira Carsen, Jedi Master. Requesting permission to board, I've brought the Republic forces you asked for." After she said that, Solaris glanced around, almost nervously.
Red Mist remained by Vegetto's side but thought that talking with Mioi for a while might be a good thing. She slipped by her side and stood before her. She was rather small, even when Mioi was sitting down. She bowed her head to Mioi.

"Forgive me for now answering your question earlier... I am Red Mist." She then bowed the upper half of her body, one arm over her chest, the other behind her back. "The other being that occupies this body is known as Jaz."


A robed man walked in the area humming a little tune. He had a first aid kit to any who needed help but generally seemed more interested in fixing a little device he was working on. He didn't seem to be listening to anyone until he heard a specific name come from a specific voice. He quickly turned to face Red Mist and slowly walk up to her. He stared at her and spoke to her. His entire face was hidden under his robe, so no one know who he is.

"Red Mist..? Jaz?" He finally spoke out. "Hey! Long time no see! I thought you were dead back on Earth or something! Holy crap, you're actually alive!"

Red Mist turned to face the man and seemed confused. She didn't seem to take any sort of defensive stance. The face she had was one of annoyance.

"I'm sorry, I do not know you, sir."

"What?" The man seemed a little shocked. "C'mon now! 'Course you know me!" The man removed his robe to show off the attire he had under it. He crossed his arms over his chest, tapping his foot, seemingly annoyed. 

"I'm your father."

( Here's a drawing I made of him so you guys more-or-less have an idea of what he looks like. Ignore the stuff behind him. lol)

(*forensic files theme plays*)

"It is fine. Consider this our introductions then." Mioi stated. "At least now I can distinguish... I think."

Once the robed man showed up, Mioi glanced back and forth between Red Mist and the one claiming to be her, rather, their, father. "So you are an Earthling family." If Mioi had a bette understanding of social cues, it would have been easy to excuse herself, but she felt no need to leave her chosen cot. "At least there are survivors from there. I assumed by now there was no life there. Never been to Earth."
In response to Kira's request, a strong feminine accent rang out from the intercom aboard the Defender ship.

::One moment, detecting docking sequence now....::

::Alright...everything appears to be in order. Darth Marr awaits your immediate crew on the bridge. Welcome to the incursion, Master Jedi.::

Instructions rang out on the holocomputer of the ship with a loud bing, directing Kira to dock her vessel on a nearby side hangar while ordering her following frigates to hold in a steady pattern towards the western edge of the gathering of ships, opposite to the Martian Fleet.


Darth Marr stood alone, gazing out into space with his arms crossed behind his back as he waited on the bridge. The immediate crew aboard the bridge worked dutifully in silence, leaving the Sith to brood alone.


Beerus rubbed his chin, watching on with narrowed eyes as he studied Kire.

"Ah...interesting. So you're the one responsible for this abomination named Jaz, then?"

Vegetto kept his arms crossed, his narrowed eyes sizing up Kire yet remaining silent in Beerus' prodding.
Kira ordered her forces to follow the instructions to the letter before flying the Corvette into the ship.

"Relax, this is going to be fun." Solaris called out to Lily. The young woman just held her Quickfix medigun closer, almost rocking.

"I, I don't know... I'm useless compared to someone like the both of you... What if I die? Who will mourn for me?" She said scared.

"If there's one thing I know, good characters never stay dead. The bad ones stay dead, or get ret goned in more family friendly manners." Solaris said light heartley. Kira sighed before speaking in a almost depressed manner.

"Death is never permanent. Yeah, yeah... Sure."
Red Mist seemed to harden her stare at Kire, obviously not remembering who he is because of how lost in thought she is. Obviously, she only had one thing in her mind and that was blood. She turned back to face Mioi, casually ignoring Kire. She finally spoke out.

"I have no father." She said in a cold tone. 

Kire, being preoccupied with Beerus, laughed at his statement but took it lightheartedly. 

"Abomination?" He chuckled. "More like a miracl--" As soon as Red Mist finished her words, Kire cut himself mid sentence and slowly turned his head to his daughter, his eyes wide with anger. He gritted his teeth and completely turned his full attention to Red Mist. His tone was now darker and much more serious. "Mind running that by me again, soldier?"

"I said I have no fath--" The girl didn't finish her sentence. Kire had back handed her in the face with his fist. The girl didn't even have a moment to react before father gripped her shirt and continued his assault on his daughter. It obviously didn't take not a second longer for Red Mist to retaliate and push Kire to the floor. Both began rolling around, punching and beating at each other. Kire, having made Red Mist, knows almost every move she does. He pinned his daughter between his legs and continued to beat on her. He also took blows from Red Mist but it was obvious who was the victor in this fist fight. Red Mist could easily destroy him but it was obvious she was holding back.

"I created you and this is the thanks I get?!" Kire stated. "You will obey me, Red Mist! You will!"

"I obey no one! I am free to slaughter everyone!" Red Mist spat. "You don't control me anymore!"

"Not while I'm alive!" Kire continued to pound at Red Mist's face but the girl refused to give up. "Damnit, looks like I haf'ta pull the cord on you, Red Mist. You are out of control!" 

Kire struggled against his daughter but managed to place his hands around her head and what followed was a sickening snap. Red Mist stopped moving and fell to her knees and made a sloppy drop to the floor. Kire had snapped her neck and dusted his hands off like he was finished taking out the trash. He let out a sigh and gripped the shirt collar of Red Mist, dragging and dropping her on top of one of the cots, specifically the one next to Mioi. He didn't seem at all alarmed about the fact that he snakked the neck of his own daughter and only whispered something in her ear, unable to be heard by the others. He casually made his way back to Beerus, continuing where he left off, as if nothing happened.

"Sorry 'bout that lil' scuffle." He chuckled. "But as I was saying, Jaz is more of a miracle than an abomination."
"Uhh, ok. I'll just step out and--- wait, where's Lucifer?" Oriko looked around, noticing that Lucifer was gone.

"Tch, of course that bastard would leave now...." He muttered to himself as he sat down.
"Are all systems online and functional?" Brachi asked a nearby Martian.

"All systems nominal, no damages detected. Weapons are at full capacity, shields are at full strength and the Sickbay is fully operational." The Martian replied.

"Good. Keep in mind that we will expect heavy resistance and are definitely going to lose comrades during this conflict. I want to be sure that if the enemy wins, you make their victory taste as bitter as defeat." Xenest said.

"Message understood." The Martian replied, as the fleet went to where the fleet containing Vegetto and his group were holding to meet up with them under cloak.
Beerus kept a somewhat surprised expression, peering over Kire's shoulder.

"Well, our debate will have to wait. For obvious reasons-"

The white gloved hand rapidly seized onto the back of Kire's neck, Vegetto's strong glare trained on the man as he suddenly spun him around. The fusion grunted in slamming the man back first into the cold metal ground, his grip tightly constricting around Kire's throat.

"What have you done?!"
Brachi could sense the commotion going on, feeling Vegetto's actions as well as Jaz/Red Mist's energy apparently fading, but decided to stay put, her arms crossed, being more concerned about her friends and family.
Kira sighed as she opened the back of the ship, with Solaris and Lily starting to walk out.

"How can you be so happy about this, Solaris?" Kira asked. The Half breed chuckled in reply.

"Quite simple, the gravity of the situation hasn't hit me yet. There are plenty more reasons but, I'd rather not waste time." He said. The three then made their way to the bridge.
Kire slammed to the floor and seemed dazed. When he hit the ground, it sounded like metal slamming the floor and he did seem a bit heavier than a normal man. He didn't seem to struggle against Vegetto. Regardless, he gave a smile to the man.

"Well..." He managed to say with all the weight on his neck. "If you kill me you'll never know, huh?" Kire gently tapped at Vegetto's hand, almost hinting him to let him go. "And I promise you that you'll have more problems if you kill me. Just calm down and lemmie s'plain everything, okay?" He chuckled.
Mioi was preoccupied watching Red Mist's body laid on the neighboring cot for a moment.

"I would spare him if I were you. Killing him outright poses a liability on us." She commented. "Mist already mentioned before that it's unlikely any of us know how to handle her if there is a loss of self-control by her words. Which, this man has proven it's doable by his hand. It would be stupid to kill him." Mioi recalled what Red Mist had previously rambled about back when they were finished fighting Revan. "I assume that was not outright murder since there are two in that body and this man claims to be the father. I do not know anything about how Earthlings raise offspring, however. Marclops do not display aggression in such a manner."

Hopefully he does not choke me for saying that either... she thought sarcastically.
Darth Marr turned to face towards the three newcomers once they had arrived on the bridge. His tone was prying, dark and ominous in premonition.

"Is this all the Republic sent us? A couple of frigates and a small team of Jedi?"


Vegetto snarled.

"Doable? By outright snapping her neck?!"

Gogeta kept a frown, tugging lightly on the other fusion's shoulder.

"Let's just relax for now...he's obviously hiding something. Let's find out what it is."

Vegetto shrugged off Gogeta's hand, yet released his constricting grip from around Kire's throat. He scoffed in response, quickly turning on his heel.

"Fine, you can deal with him. I'm not wasting anymore time with you people."

Gogeta blinked hard once as he watched Vegetto quickly depart the room, leaving behind the others while Beerus kept a slightly more optimistic tone, his hands still clasped behind his back.

"Now, you were explaining something about the abomination?"
"These were the Jedi and reserve troops I could get together in as little time as possible. More are being prepared, though it will take time." Kira replied to Darth Marr. She had only respect in her voice, no signs of hatred or antagonism. Solaris began to pace nervously.

"I swore, I know that smell yet I can't quite place it. What is it, what is it?" He muttered to himself, obviously confused. He then raised his head up.

"Saiyans. For the first time in thousands of years, I smell a Saiyan."
"Man oh man, Emperor Vegetto's temper is high." Kire lifted himself to his feet, dusting himself off. He turned to Red Mist's lifeless body and snapped his fingers. "Red Mist, to my side, now."

As quickly as Kire said his words, a snap was heard coming from Red Mist's neck. It began to snap itself back into place like magic and her body shifted to its feet. In nearly a fraction of a second, Red Mist was by Kire's side, her neck making the final snap in place. Her gaze was a dead emotionless stare and something was obviously different about her. Whatever Kire did to her changed her entirely. Kire crossed his arms before looking at his daughter.

"Address yourself to Lord Beerus." Kire commanded. "As well as your Commander."

"I am Red Mist, soldier of Kire Rebbel." Red Mist bowed respectfully to Beerus, a contrast to her attitude before. "I am at your service until further notice by Commander Ki--"

"I didn't tell you to be at anyone's service but my own! Follow your orders!" Kire yelled as he backhanded Red Mist on her face. It caused the girl to stumble back and quickly return to Kire's side with a bloody nose. Her expression remain unchanged. "Sheesh, I need to patch you up... Anyways, Red Mist isn't an abomination, Lord Beerus, she's my greatest creation! She just needs some patching and a reconfiguration. Easy stuff!"

Kire placed a hand on top of Red Mist's head, giving Beerus a smile. Despite his harsh treatment on Red Mist, he does seem to generally care about his daughter, he just doesn't want Red Mist out of control as she is prone to do. He turned serious before turning to the others.

"Well, you all must know Jaz if you know Red Mist." He started. "Red Mist is my ultimate weapon and designed to take down any target, regardless of how strong or smart it is. She is also designed to protect me at all costs. I am a mere replica of her original father who died a long time ago back on Earth. How I ended here is even beyond me. I am no threat to any of you but I am no fool to the powers you all possess. I know who you most of you are without the need of introductions." He stared at each person as he called their name. "Lord Beerus, Whis, Gogeta, and Vegetto who stormed off. There are some new faces here but I will have my information on you within a matter of minutes."

Kire's serious tone turned cheerful once again and he let out a warm chuckle. "I won't spoil everythin' 'bout myself 'cause what fun will that be? Anywho, I think Red Mist has been giving you all some problems and I miss my lil' girl anyways." Kire clapped his hand once. "At ease."

With his last words said, Red Mist's expression changed and the emerald green eyes brighten, widening and became much more full of life. At long last, Jaz as returned to her original state. The girl looked around in confusion but saw the familiar faces of her friends. Once she turned to see her father standing next to her, it was almost as if time froze for her and tears suddenly rolled down her cheeks. She didn't move but stare blankly at her father, in disbelief. A familiar voice came out from her mouth, one that was full of joy and enthusiasm. She quickly hugged her father and squealed in pure bliss, jumping in place with her father.

"Daddy!" Her voice quivered slightly. "It's you! It's really you daddy! I thought I'd never see you again!"

"The one and only, cupcake!" Kire petted Jaz's head. "I was just traveling around! How's my lil' girl doing?"

"Oh, I made a ton of friends over the time! I just got a ton of stuff to tell you! Well... some of it is bad news but I met a lot good people too! I made friends with a cyclops, a giant purple cat who claims to be God, tons of flying humans that get yellow hair..." Jaz continued to babble on but this was one side of Jaz that the others have yet to see, one that was more human.
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