DBZ: Legacy Of The Future (Ended)

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Jan 6, 2016
On earth :))))

All seemed peaceful for the Z-fighters, after facing off with Frieza and having all the time to train for the androids prophesied arrival, which would occur in three years! But will they be able to stop another future threat before its able to ruin their plans to face off with the original androids or any other future event? Find out soon on Dragon Ball Z!

(If you are in a different timeline than the main, it is fine if you choose to begin, but please remain in that timeline until the conflict progresses in the RP. )

His eyes slowly opened to a bright blue sky. His vision didn't seem use to this new light, so he raised an arm above his face. He let his eyes adjust to the light before grimacing from the headache that mysteriously occurred.​
"Ugh... my head..." The young male sat up as he sleepily gazed around the vibrant wasteland. Nothing seemed familiar to him, but he continued looking around. "where am I...?"​
He then slowly rose to his feet, hearing a small thud. The man looked down first at his clothing, seeing that what he had on resembled that of armor. He decided to pay it no mind and then looked to the source of the thud, which had been a very strange looking pack on the ground. there was no one else here so it must have been his. So, picking up the pack he had opened it to see a lot of small capsules and a small looking gadget.​

What is all this? So weird... The young man took hold of the strange contraption and examined it. He hesitantly pushed a button on it and jumped as a beam of light emitted from a bulb.​

"Targets found." The machine said simply as the light showed projections of various men and a map with a red dot at their location, where the place was. The male was confused and scratched the back of his head as the profiles of the men were replaced by an arrow and the map showing his current location.​

"I.... guess I'll follow this thing... Maybe these people have some answers for me." He said before closing the pack and throwing it over his shoulders, then holding the device staring at the arrow as he started off in the direction it showed.​


"Come on, Gohan! Give us your all!" Goku shouted as he threw a projectile ki blast at his son.​

Gohan flipped out of the way of the blast before being ambushed by Piccolo. The namekian's arm shot out and grabbed the boy by his gi before pulling him close and slamming a blast into his chest. This forced the small saiyan into a bolder, causing a tremor.​
the boy rose sitting on his butt as he rubbed his head.​

"ow..." He muttered before rising to his feet.​

"Well you're getting there son." Goku smiled. "But you still have a lot of work ahead of you."

"Your reaction time is still too slow." Piccolo said bluntly.

Gohan frowned at this, before getting to his feet. "I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry! just get better!" Piccolo snapped. "We're doing it again!'
Mystic Saiyan Timeline


Vegetto rested his palms on the edge of the metal railing, staring up at the clear night sky while hunched slightly over. The bustling night life below was in full swing in the Big Apple, yet muffled from the distance the sound had to travel up to the fusion's patio. He perked his ears slightly, turning towards the light patter of bare feet on the wood behind him.

Leiji lazily rubbed her right eye with a balled up fist, her short blonde hair wildly undercombed as she let out a deep audibly yawn. Clad only in a small blue bathrobe, she made her way up to Vegetto's left side, dropping her head on the fusion's shoulder while batting her eyes sleepily.

"So...who's the big guy sleeping on our sofa?"

Vegetto smirked slightly.

"Just a friend of ours, he needs a place to stay until we can set him up with a home somewhere."

Leiji rolled her head on the fusion's exposed arm, her smooth blonde hair causing Vegetto to twitch slightly.

"Mmmmm....but Gogeta moved into our bedroom now. He's taking up the whole mattress...where are we going to sleep?"

Vegetto pulled his arm back, allowing Leiji to fall a bit towards his chest before tightly wrapping his arm around her shoulders.

"Isn't Junior having a sleepover tonight? We can use his bed."

Leiji shook her head.

"No...I only have this bathrobe on and his bed isn't big enough for what you're thinking of."

Vegetto chuckled, nuzzling down at Leiji's neck.

"We don't have to use the bed for that..."

Leiji squeaked, her legs kicking up and laying across Vegetto's arms as the fusion carried her back inside from the patio, shutting the glass door behind him.
Brachi's Timeline

Brachi smiled as she was currently training with her children, teaching them some new tricks along with her husband Xenest once the three were beginning to grow in power, wanting them to use their powers responsibly.
"Not even close." Goku smiled, "He still has a ways to go before he can even think about ascension."

"Goku are you sure we should be telling him about Gohan's progress? We barely know him." Piccolo muttered to the saiyan.

"Well I mean he's been watching for a while now, so there's not harm in him learning from observing." Goku replied, placing his fists on his hips.
Mystic saiyan timeline

A bright portal opened up, allowing Vocado to pass through. 
The saiyan glanced around at the dark silence around him. He looked down the hill at a small village. A slight smile spread across his face, as he masked his power level. 

"There's nothing I enjoy more than the night silence." He sighed before taking his tracking device in his hand and turning it on.

"Targets found." the device mused as it displayed the profiles of Gogeta, Broly, and Leiji. 

"Hmmm, I wouldn't want to disturb their peace at such a beautiful time of night. There will be plenty of time for that in the morning." Vocado continued, turning off the device and turning to a tree atop the hill he currently resided. He then sat under the tree, putting the device in his pack, before resting his arms on his chest and falling into a light sleep.
"Whatever you are preparing for, you could probably use me as another one of the few remaining Saiyans. Not like there's a lot of us left." Solaris said removing his helmet.

"Glad to get that thing off."
"See, Piccolo! He's on our side!" Goku chuckled.

Piccolo's gaze remained unchanged as he glanced to the saiyan. "Fine. I don't have the time to be wondering if you're lying or not, so I'll just have to take your word for it."
Mystic Saiyan Timeline


The next morning...

"Relax, it's really not that bad."

Leiji dropped her head down at Vegetto's words, rubbing her forehead and tightly shutting her eyes. The two stood awkwardly next to each other, standing in the middle of the aisle of a large department store. Broly glanced around with narrowed eyes, while Gogeta scratched the back of his head.

"So how did Junior's bed break again?"

Leiji's cheeks grew red, keeping her head bow as Vegetto stuttered.

"Well...the frame was already a little old and it apparently couldn't handle the weight of more than a small child. So...it broke."

Gogeta narrowed his eyes.

"But we got all of the furniture from this same store a couple of years ago when we moved out here. It looked pretty new to me then."

Vegetto scoffed.

"Alright, I don't really know how it broke, ok? All that matters is that it's broken, and the sooner we can get it fixed, the sooner we can get back to training."
Piccolo remained quiet as Solaris said this. His head then turned away.

"Heheh! Well it's getting dark out, so why don't you join us for dinner Solaris?" Goku offered before turning to Piccolo. "Something the matter, Piccolo?"

The namekian didn't respond and continued to observe the direction of the bolder, seeing a young man with what looked like a GPS in hand walk around it. The man looked up from the device's projection with a blank stare at the four. Goku and Gohan returned the stare with nervous smiles.

"Targets found." The device rang.

Mystic Saiyan timeline

Vocado glanced up, examining the tall buildings that surrounded him as he now roamed the Big Apple.

"Ah, so this is how this place looked before her reign." The Saiyan flashed a smile before narrowing his eyes. "This is a very interesting time, but too bad it won't be here very much longer."

He then raised a hand to his chin, standing in a thinking position. Others walking by gave him strange looks, wondering why he was holding up traffic on the sidewalk. One man standing behind Vocado could not take the traffic jam any longer, so he shoved him out of the way.

"Move it, weirdo! Some people have places to go!" 

Vocado was caught off guard by the shove and was thrown out into the street. Many watched in horror at the sight of Vocado being pushed out into ongoing traffic, but then in the blink of an eye all that could be seen was the unharmed saiyan standing with the wrecked car nearly wrapped around his body. The man who had pushed him was now on his behind after watching the scene unfold in front of him.

"...That was rude." Vocado said, glaring down at the man, "now you've gone and drew attention to me."

Vocado then opened his palm toward the cowering human in front of him, letting the energy flow to the end of his palm.

"Do you have anything to say before I execute you and continue on my way?" He asked, watching as the man's face turned white with fear.
Brachi's Timeline

"So, are you ready for a visit to the past?" Brachi asked.
"Sure, just be careful that we don't get stuck there." Xenest said.
"Don't worry, the Martians are keeping a close watch." Brachi said with a smile.
Mystic Saiyan Timeline


"Are you sure?"

The young cashier at the end of the counter blinked, watching Broly effortlessly hoist the box housing a new bed inside onto his shoulder. Vegetto nodded, keeping a large smile.

"Yep! We can handle it from here."

Leiji sighed, dropping her head again and avoiding the stares from the onlookers as the group casually strolled to the exit. The automatic doors slid open, Vegetto's eyes immediately narrowing at the pedestrains panicking to get away. His head turned towards the intersection, waving at Leiji with his right hand.

"Get out of here, now!"

Leiji frowned, turning on her heel and dashing with the other pedestrians as Broly dropped the large box onto the pavement, nearly onto a group of civilians. Vegetto launched his right arm forward, sending out a small blast of yellow energy towards Vocado, striking his back with a loud explosion.
The young man shuffled to turn off the device, then looked back at the four.

"Uh... Hi..!" He said nervously. 

"Who are you?" Piccolo said without hesitation.

The man stopped and glanced around. It looked like he had been focusing intently on something. He then looked back at the four and scratched the back of his head before answering with a chuckle.

"I... Don't really know! I was hoping someone here could help me with that."


Mystic Saiyan Timeline

The energy ball disappeared as Vocado was consumed in the cloud of dust that came after he was forced to one knee by the blast to his back. The saiyan turned to where the blast had come from as the smoke cleared.

That hurt. He thought before shifting his eyes to the other saiyan figures. This isn't good... I wasn't planning on letting them see me so soon... I have to think of something...

Vocado kept a cold gaze as he rose to his feet, eyeing both Vegetto and Broly, and tried to think his way out of this mess.
Mystic Saiyan Timeline


Vegetto kept his eyes narrowed, lowering his arm slowly yet keeping his muscles tense. The other warriors remained silent, the fusion speaking with a flat tone.

"Care to explain why you're threatening innocent lives in my city?"
"I'm not lying I promise!" the man lowered his head and put his hands up to show his surrender. 

Piccolo watched as Goku walked over to the man and examined his armor.

"Well if it is a trick then its a bad one cause this guy's still got his armor on." The Saiyan said before noticing a fluffy blet around his waist. He then grabbed it, unraveling it to see that it was the man's tail.

The man was rendered helpless as Goku grabbed hold of his tail.

"What is that!?" the man shouted after feeling weak from the grab, "some sort of growth!?"

"You could say that." Goku chuckled nervously.

"You mean you didnt know you had a tail?" Gohan asked.

"No... I told you already, I have no idea who I am or where I came from..." Thle man replied with a weak expression. "Or even why I'm here."


Mystic Saiyan Timeline

"Innocent?" Vocado snorted slightly with a smirk. "why I was minding my own business when this disrespectful simpleton shoved me in front of a moving vehicle." 

Vocado glared down at the man who had pushed him into traffic, who had been backing away from the scene before noticing the glare from the saiyan.

"It wasn't my intention to cause such a scene but..." Vocado continued, "He showed no regard for my life, so I was just returing the feeling."
"If a Saiyan doesn't know they didn't have a tail, on their own body... I think you might just be dealing with a heavy case of amnesia. A shame I never learned mind magic." Solaris said. "With that, I could've easily gotten to the bottom of this."
Mystic Saiyan Timeline


Vegetto scoffed lightly in response, while the other two Saiyans remained silent.

"Looked more like you were actually trying to kill him from where I'm standing than a disregard for his life."

He remained tense, not breaking into a long enough pause to allow Vocado an immediate response.

"Who are you?"
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