Cowboys and Dragons


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Sep 3, 2015
Cowboys and Dragons

Premise: Dragons, mankind’s natural predator. They’ve waged war against humanity for centuries, hoping to lay waste of the lands and occupy their territory. Despite the constant threat of destruction by powerful winged beasts, humanity eventually found the Dragon’s weakness. Known as Ignis, if a Dragon hit by it will have their blood turned into pure flames, burning them from the inside. Thus, armed with special Ignis weapons, a group of warriors came to defend humanity against these wretched Dragons. They are known as Cowboys. Brave people who take the risk into venturing outside their home and hunt Dragons.

Novissime is the last remaining land where humans occupied as the world is controlled by Dragons. While there are Dragon stragglers who often come to attack the land, it was left untouched for unknown reasons, thus allowing humanity to prosper. They have a Guild that allows people to venture out into the unknown and hunt Dragons that come close to their territory.

Story: Silence, the leader of the Cowboys, had an important mission. There were reports that Dragons are seen near the borders of Novissime. He wishes for it to be terminated immediately and bring back its remains for study.

  • You can only play as 1 character.
  • You can only pick 1 weapon (that includes grenades, bombs, etc.)
  • Your characters cannot use magic.
  • Your characters are 100% human.
  • All your characters are age 21+
  • Be courteous to other players; do not metagame, make your characters have extensive knowledge, etc.
In the Cowboys Guild, Silence was sitting on his chair with one hand a whiskey bottle and the other an approval stamp. He was large man, dark skin, and stoic face. He is hardly the speaking type despite his position as leader of the Cowboys.

He just received a report of Dragon sightings near Novissime. Taking a large sip of whiskey, the man nodded and pressed a button near him. “Attention: We have sightings near Novissime to the East. Report to my office immediately if you’re interested.” His voice was soft but raspy at the same time. “Of course, you’ll be awarded handsomely if you take on this mission.”
"More dragons? Ugh, quite unpleasant."

A woman said to herself as she twirled her elegant and expensive parasol. She wore a graceful dress, just barely above her ankles. This woman held herself properly, almost like a noble, and she definitely was quite... pompous. The vibe she gave off was that of the 1930s, even partially how she spoke.

"But that reward does sound desirable. Perhaps I can use it to buy a new pearl necklace..."

The woman knocked on the door to Silence's office with a black lace glove, clearing her throat.

"Excuse me, sir? I would like to acquire the information to slay these detestable lizards."
“Ms. Morrison,” Silence recognized her voice. “You may come on.” Placing the bottle of whiskey on the desk, the old man cleared his throat. Despite his status, his office was a cluttered mess. Paperwork everywhere and filing cabinets so full that drawers are unable to close all the way. The only saving grace was that it did not smell foul. At the very least, he kept the place to smell decent.

“You know… I’m still surprised that you are employed with the guild. Not many people stick around after encountering a dragon or two. Especially someone from a background like yourself.” Silence shifts through the paper to find the exact mission. “Take a seat.”

In the room, there was another person sitting on the chair. In contrast to Morrison’s elegant style, this man was dirty. He was wrapped up in bandages—only his eyes exposed. He wore a torn-up cowboy hat and dirty boots. “Heya,” the man waved to Morrison. “My name is Excalik! You look rich! You’re lost or something?”
There were a pair of clunky footsteps crossing the floorboards that grew closer to Silence's office, each step with a resounding clink of boot spurs. Appearing in the doorway was a person of rather... short stature compared to the others. Like Excalik, he also sported rather raggedy clothing that contrasted Ms. Morrison's attire. Even his wide-brim hat had bullet holes and scorch marks on the brim of it. It cast a shadow across his face so he tilted it upwards to show his face. It was a man with long scruffy black hair and prickly stubble peppering his otherwise babyfaced features. His left eye seemed bandaged up and obscured by an overgrown hank of hair from his shaggy fringe.

"Howdy howdy. Heard y'all are fixin to go out on a hunt soon, thought I'd join in," he said, dusting off his poncho and scattering desert sand on the floor. "I don't think I seen y'all before since I took a break from huntin' for a hot minute. Name's Nevada." He looked at Ms. Morrison's outfit with a confused expression. He never saw ladies that fancy very often. "You like gunslingin'? Ain't you worried about gettin' all that dirty?"
Emilia sat down and placed her large parasol on her lap. She did not seem to pay too much attention to Excalik or Nevada. In her hand, she had a small hand purse that she opened and dug around for a moment before pulling out two dainty handkerchiefs, each one having her initials on them. With a coy gesture, she handed the handkerchiefs to Excalik and Nevada.

“I can assure you two, I am not lost. Getting dirty, however, is something I much dislike if it’s from the filthy hands of… those I suspect that have not bathed.” Emilia did not look at the two men. “Here, if you are to touch me, use my handkerchief, I’ve plenty more.”

Emilia then turned back to Silence.

“Continue, sir.”
A woman thinks "I gest I can earn a bit of cash." The woman clothing is ruff and around her neck are dog tags(Name" Hunter Amy") but there is a since about her that indicates EX-military of some kind.

Amy simply enters the office with the measured steps. She looks at both Emilia and Nevada with an apprizing eye. She thinks "so some rich girl and some one that loves sand too much."
“I resent that statement!” Excalik rejected Emilia’s offering. “I’ll have you know that I’ve bathe 3 times this month.” He crossed his arms in annoyance.

Nevada and Amy entering the room drew the man’s attention. “Who let this pipsqueak in here? I didn’t know they lowered the age requirement for Dragon hunting.” The dog tag around Amy caught his interest the most, but simply showed Excalik’s contempt.

“Nevada is an adult despite his appearance. He’d done several missions when he’s active. I’ve trusted his skills as genuine.” Silence was surprised to see a former military person joining the guild, since the nation’s military was largely diminished. They barely had enough to even be considered a sizable force.

Clearing his throat, Silence pulled up paperwork that enclosed everything about the mission. “Looks like we got a sizable group. I’ll go over the contents of the mission, let me know if you have any questions.”

[There are several sightings of Dragons lurking around the border of Novissime on the east side. About 3 Rookie Dragons and 1 Mature Dragon as their leader. Please exterminate them because there’s a local pond that’s home to great vegetation and animals. If we’re unable to access them, it’ll put a dent to our supply.]
"Well I guess that makes sense for a lady..." Nevada conceded, though Emilia's implied comment seemed to go over his head that she also referred to him as one of the dirty types. He took hold of her handkerchief with a curious eye at the initials. Em? Ee Em? Either way he figured it was nice to have something soft to get the sweat off him. Better than that old rag he used to clean guns with.

"Hey! Who are you callin' pipsqueak, Mummy?" He retorted with a raised eyebrow. "Toilet paper's expensive 'round here for you to be wrapped up in it like that, stinky!"

The ranger quieted at the sound of footsteps, peering up to see Hunter Amy towering nearby. Nevada felt a bit intimidated by her piercing gaze, scooting a bit closer to Emilia as though Amy might gut him like a fish for looking at him funny. "W-well I suppose we can lure out the rookies out from the pond and pick them off first."
May thinks looking at Excalik "Hear I was thinking that we were not bring the wounded to a hunt." Not caring how Excalik was looking at her or how Nevada reacted to her.

May asks "do we have specifics besides that we have 3 Rookie Dragons and 1 Mature Dragon? Do we have a map of the area were to hunt?"
Emilia seemed disgusted at Excalik’s remark of taking a shower only three times, but she shook her head to ignore him and focus on the mission at hand. Her hazel eyes closed as she listened to Silence explain the mission, however, she occasionally glanced at Amy and Nevada out of curiosity.

“Three rookies and one mature dragon? Hm. I agree with Ms. Amy; is there a map or some sort of layout of the area? Exterminating the rookie dragons should be easy enough, however, mature dragons are no pushover.” Emilia sighed before crossing one leg over the other. “We will need to work together to stop the mature dragon and ensure that the pond, vegetation, and animals remain unharmed.”
“Unfortunately, they did not specify where the Dragons are roaming around other than being spotted near the ponds. Hence the sizable reward for this mission.” Silence answered Emilia and Amy’s questions. “Of course, I’ll provide you with a map of the area, but you’ll have to venture out and find those Dragons. As you all are aware, Dragons are crafty creatures and ctonains many unknown abilities that none of us are even aware of. So, if you’re not up to task—”

“Now, hold on. I feel like I’ve been disrespect here!” Excalik pointed at Nevada. “I ain’t stinky, squirt! We ain’t got no time babysittin’! There are no donkeys for you to ride on either.”
As Silence explained the last parts of their mission, Emilia wondered about the abilities of the dragons. Some were common, while some were still new or undiscovered. To her, all dragons were worth money. As she was about to as Silence to give them permission to start the mission, her eyes darted to Excalik. A long and annoyed sigh escaped her lips.

"It's like listening to two toddlers argue about which cartoon is better..." She said under her breath. Emilia groaned slightly, realizing this mission won't be a walk in the park. "Good heavens..."
Amy thinks "that better than nothing. I gest we will find out on the job the finer details of those dragons."

Amy thinks "the only one that seems sensible is the rich girl of the three them. As long wend on the job they do the job I fine with those two." Amy smees to nods along with Emilia's statement.
"Ya bathed only three times this month! That is stinky by definition, with or without changin those bandages." Nevada clicked his tongue indignantly, scowling. "Shoot, like you can tell a donkey from a mule! I don't need no babysitter, and I won't need a steed to do my job!" He gruffly adjusted his hat with a curt twist to mean business. "Just you watch, Mummy Man. You worry more about tripping on your toilet paper trail when the lizards start getting rowdy."

"Show us th' map Silence. We'll figure the rest out," he asked Silence as he hooked his thumb under the strap of something he seemed to be carrying underneath the poncho.
“Ahem…” Silence cleared his throat after Nevada and Excalik had their little banter, the latter scoffing off and crossed his arms in annoyance. “Any who… here’s the map of the area. No need for horses since I don’t think you travel that far.”

He handed the map to Nevada when he asked first. “Need I remind you that this is a team-effort job. Regardless of your skills, the Dragons are powerful creatures that prey on weaknesses. Don’t give them that opportunity to exploit it.” Silence’s tone became quite grim. “I don’t want to have to bury another handful of bodies.”

Excalik furrowed his brows after Silence’s warning. “Uh, yeah. Right. Sorry for my comments…” He apologized to Nevada. Last thing he needs is to start off wrong that’ll affect the mission.

“Right. If you’re ready to go, then follow me. I’ll take you to the east entrance. From there, it’s all on you.” Silence took a large gulp of whiskey before tossing it in the bin. “Let’s go.”
Emilia let out an annoyed sigh, already imagine what it will be like working with Nevada and Excalik on the same team. The Lady rose from her seat and, to everyone's surprise, she was very tall. In fact, she was the tallest one in the group. Her long dress fluttered behind her, able to easily hide a child or two if they crawled under it.

Emilia dusted her dress slightly and held herself with poise and confidence. She held on to her parasol, swinging it daintily around as she followed Silence. However, she had a neutral look on her face...

Lord, why am I stuck with these ruffians...?
Amy thinks as she starts to move with the group "Lest hope that first impressions are wrong." Amy face shows no emotions.

Amy asks the group "So should we look over the map before we head to where the dragons are sighted?"
Nevada closed his eye briefly, pursing his lips for a moment and sighing quietly. "Yeah... you're right Boss. Sorry."

"I apologize for my outburst too... how's about we make up over some drinks afterward? Beer and food always goes good together after a long day's work," he offers Excalik. "You ladies are welcome to tag along too if y'feel like it. Speakin' of which... I still can't read maps too good. I'm more of a landmarks person..." he gingerly held up the map into view for Amy and anyone else to look at as they followed Silence. "Maybe we should mark our trail here and there to make sure we don't stray too far out. Not enough for them to follow us back but I'd hate to get caught out there at nightfall because we got lost."
Hoping to squash any beef, Excalik accepted Nevada’s offer. “I’ll take you up on that. Having a cold beer and meal will feel great after a mission.” Just as he stood up from the chair, he’d practically fallen back to it when he saw Emilia’s height. He knew she wasn’t a shorty when she arrived here, but to think there was such a difference in height is what shocked him. She practically towers over everyone here. “Holy moly,” He thought to himself. “That’s a big woman!”

Trying to collect himself, the mummy cowboy admits to his weakness upon reading maps. “I can’t read in general, so I’ll be of no help on that front. I just listen and go wherever the loudest.” He felt no shame in admitting his poor education. “Maybe the goliath can read the maps. You got those rare old age fancy books at your place, right?” He stared at Amy. “Or the ex-military over here. You’re good with maps, right?”

Arriving at the east entrance, Silence stops by the gatekeeper’s booth. “Mornin’, these fellas are going on the mission to terminate Dragons that were spotted out there.”

The gate is abnormally large and radiates an orange-like aura. This is because the gate was infused with Ignis to prevent Dragons from ever attacking. Every single gate across Novissime had Ignis-infused gates. It is their first line of defense against a potential Dragon invasion.

After they exchanged few words, Silence returned to the group. “Alright, I’ve spoken with the gatekeeper. Per policy, I’ve added your emergency contacts and approved to them be notified if you were to perish. As I said before, with every mission, tread with caution. Retreat will always be your first option; We will not send out reinforcements if you chose to bite more than you can chew.”

The gatekeeper pressed a button, which caused the gate to open. Silence pulled out his blade once the outside was fully visible. He swings once and several nearby trees had a gigantic marking on them. “I made markings big enough to guide you home if things go south.” Showcasing that he was listening to Nevada’s suggestion to make some markings here and there. “Beyond that, I wish ya’ll the best of luck. May Amanirenas guide you on this mission.”

Excalik did some light stretches and seemingly pumped. He was the first person to step out from the city and to the “outside world”. It was a very thick forest. Tons of wildlife and vegetation, so it hard to make out anything from a distance. “Been a hot minute since I get to go outside of the walls. We just gotta find this pond and go from there, right?” He asked.
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