Granted, but now you cannot feel anything... period.

I wish Hunting was more eventful...
Granted, but you will be attacked by a grizzly bear as a result.

I wish for a bag of glitter
Granted, but then MyBB updates and breaks everything

I wish I had more mental capacity.
Granted, but you can no longer be exposed to other people sleeping or you will immediately fall asleep for 12hours.

I wish for a grand new year.
Granted, but as you have no certificate, you won't be able to pursue your dream job.

I wish I could influence companies into turning back bad decisions.
Granted, but now they make the same decisions with no changes whatsoever to be on the safe side.

I wish I can not be so tired all the time.
Wish granted, you will not feel tired but wou may only ever sleep for the rest of time.

I wish that I had friends who had the same work hours as me.
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