Green Jacket
Sep 7, 2015
You make a wish and the next person that posts has to corrupt it and make a new wish.It continues to go like that.

Person A:I wish I had 1 trillion dollars.
Person B:Granted, but you sacrifice 1 million angels in order to do that.I wish I had 1 trillion angels.
Person C:Granted, but you lose all your money and have to restart all over again. I wish…

And it goes like that…

So to start...

I wish I had a forum...
Granted, But his name is 'Tommy Gump' and he only plays cod on X-box

I wish I had a group of real friends.

I was hoping for that to be twisted into AnimeForum
Luppy, You have to make a wish after you corrupt the last one

I wish this forum was more active...
Granted, but its only because of RP Characters.

I wish television was actually interesting.
Granted, but its in the middle of about 100 CoD fanboys playing Halo... Ill leave you to understand that.

I wish that the world wasn't so terrible.
Granted. You've been turned into mana for mages to use.

I wish I had a planet named after me.
Granted, But only if you start from space, and you cant land safely.

I wish DBZ was shorter so I could actually watch the whole thing.
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